Gallery 1

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Steve Reder
(added 11-20-00)

Miles Underwood
(added 11-17-00)

(added 11-14-00)

Jordan Flagstad
(added 11-14-00)

Scott Hewitt and Dathan Hazen
(added 11-9-00)

Bob Artwohl
(added 11-6-00)

Larry Kelso and friends
(added 11-2-00)

Shots from the New York Gang
(added 10-15-00)

Some Incredible Pics from Ed Coombs
(added 10-9-00)

Dale Lampe and Crew
(added 10-9-00)

Sent in by Matt Nitka
(added 9-20-00)

Shots from Keith Knighton
(added 9-15-00)

More from Douglas Felster
(added 9-14-00)

Douglas Felster - New Baltimore, MI
(added 9-12-00)

Shots from "SRXSRULE"
(added 9-12-00)

Shots from Mike Helberg
(added 9-11-00)

Shots from Von Lee - Middlepoint, OH
(added 9-10-00)
Dave Garland - St. Louis, MO.
(added early Sept, 2000)
More from Dave Garland
(added early Sept, 2000)
A few from John Dee 
(before I moved to the UP
(added early Sept, 2000)
Some more from John Dee before the move.
(added early Sept, 2000)

Jim Formanek - Wadena, MN.
(added early Sept, 2000)

More From Jim Formanek
(added early Sept, 2000)



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