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A few watercross shots from Bob Artwohl
(added Sept 27, 2001)
Some shots from Dan Osterkamp
(added August 30, 2001)
A shot from David Stamm
(added June 27, 2001)
Shots from Andy
(added May 25, 2001)
Shots from Travis Wavrin
(added May 25, 2001)

Some shots from Tom Thomasser
(added April 18, 2001)

Another set from Miles Underwood
(added April 11, 2001)

Some shots from Daniel "toolman" Guelig
(added April 11, 2001)

Some shots from Blake Dykstra
(added April 10, 2001)

Shots from Rob Peters
(added April 4, 2001)

Some shots from "Snowfreak"
(added April 2, 2001)

Pictures by Phil Kriesel
(added March 29, 2001)

Shots by Cathy and Troy Wescott
(added March 29, 2001)

Some more shots from Brady Hatcher
(added March 29, 2001)

Shots from Tim Shuler
(added March 29, 2001)

Shots by Bob Kuehn
(added March 4, 2001)

Some more from Jim Williamson
(added March 4, 2001)

Some shots from Scott Hennessey
(added March 14, 2001)

Shots submitted by Mark Payne
(added March 14, 2001)







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