Guest Shot Submission Guidelines and Tips

  • The Guest Shots are no longer updated by me. So please do not send me them! You can go to the General Discussions Board and and view them as well as submit your own.
  • The Guest Shots Gallery is for ANY KIND OF SHOT WITH SNOW IN IT.  They may be of snow-scapes, snowmobiling, snow skiing or just about anything with snow in them.  With this in mind, group shots taken inside of a building or any other shot with no snow in it should not be posted and will likely be removed. This includes snowmobile grass drags without snow, asphalt drags without snow, water skipping without snow... you get the picture. NO SNOW = NO POST.
  • Please do not submit shots showing some kind of an illegal activity, or of a snowmobiler not wearing helmets while riding their sled. This is also a "G" rated site and the photos posted should follow those guidelines.
  • If you would like to add text, feel free to add as much as you would like. Some persons might not include any text while others can write their own journal if they want. Either or something in between is fine.

Thanks for following these Guidelines!