View Full Version : Dec 8th-13th 09 houghton super 8

10-13-2009, 09:11 AM
Hey you looking to have a great time touring the trails in the U.P.seeing stuff you wizzed by normaley well come join us providing there is snow !! Bring a camera your sled lots of back pain meds and what have you and lets all have fun been going up for the last 5 plus years now and my groupe gets bigger each year . looking at 5 to 7 responsible people this year.Trying for 10 pluss people.. tail gate cooking ,, bar food, steak at local steak restraunts ect. a super great time you are welcome to join in ask for Bruce S.-snowbullet or John W --Johnnylightning they know us real well at super8 houghton. We plan on hitting some new area east of houghton this year usual milage a day is 150 pluss a day depending how we feel and there is no ties if you want to go somplace other than what we have planned go for it we are going to enjoy what U.P. Mich. has to offer each day is a adventure !! also you might end up with a nick name just so you are aware ! hope to see you there .. Y.T. Snowbullet,,Johnnylightning,,wrongway,,little Phil,,rickityrick and newbees