View Full Version : Person needed for trip to Grand Mesa end of Jan from MN

12-03-2009, 10:47 PM
Never really done this so I will see how it goes. We are planning to leave for Grand Mesa Colorado from the Twin Cities here in MN on Friday afternoon Jan 29th. Arrive in Cedaredge Colorado Jan 30th late morning is the plan. Ride Saturday-Friday. Come home early Saturday Feb 6th. So far there is only 2 of us leaving on Friday and I have done drives like this with 2 and it is difficult physically and finacially. There is a group of 4-5 that will be out there and meet up with us on Monday. But since this is my only trip I try to get as much riding as I can. Not sure about the trailer situation yet, working on that. The other guy has a 3/4 Dodge diesel. Like the off trail stuff, only like taking trails to get to get off trail. Like to climb but not very good at it, lol. And like to jump but again trying to get better at that. Have a cabin already lined up that has a kitchen. Usually will go out to eat for supper once or twice, I don't drink, we bring breakfast, lunch, supper, & snack stuff with. I am 37 married with 2 kids. Backpack, beacon, probe - ready for an overnighter if necessary. I am pretty boring actually, lol. Will have to meet for a "man-date" to make sure we get along to talk about riding and other things. Ok that is the short version of everything. Pm me or email for more information. Thanks.