View Full Version : Iron River area

02-27-2010, 10:32 PM
Okay ....so..... I'm in the truck on my way too Lake Mille lacs Lake for Perch fest with the kids who love it !! And I get a call from one of the riders in the group I ride with. This year I went with my kids instead of riding . But ....he goes on to tell me in texts on how awesome the trails are and how they put on some serious miles on. Go figure that I miss out on some of the best trails up there in awhile. I plan on talking with him tomorrow and hear his voice on how it is there. If this holds true to be " kudos ta the trail groomers " and also mother nature for providing some of the white stuff. If anyone else is seeing or hearing of the conditions up there please chime in .......Here's a shout out too Tri Lake Timbers great place too stay !..........man am I missing out on some killer sledding........later.

02-28-2010, 06:46 PM
oh yeah it was epic conditions over the weekend. They even partied with the Snow Angels and a good time was on the menu. They put nearly 500 miles of riding the trails up in the area......I hope the conditions hold up thru the week of 30 plus temps cuz if ya swing it . Ya better get out soon and ride. Our next run will be up on Vermillion at the trout river later in march for the skips............later on.