View Full Version : Houghton 14th-19th

12-13-2010, 10:17 AM
Well just a last minite F.Y.I. if you plan on going up to houghton -handcock 14th-19th and want to tag along we are staying at super -8 we had 2 people back out this year due to lack of funds and medical problems .. WEll you can join in we always welcome new people to ride with .. we are long distance riders only stoping at watering holes to warm up and catch a bite to eat or on the side of trail to streach or catch a rest for a few min . WE are SOBER riders But if you have to indulge who are we to say no. we save it for the motel . Anyways there are going to be 2 for shure maybe 3 of us this year Bruce S. A.K.A. snowbullet -- John W. A.K.A. Johnnylightning -- and Maybe Phil K. A.K.A. Little Phil just ask the desk for us or look for 3 yamaha's apex style sleds traviling togeather 2 blue and one black with lightning on hood ..

12-15-2010, 09:35 AM
it might be hard to distinguish you guys....there will be lots of yamaha's in the area. there is a TY ride out of the same area that weekend!