View Full Version : Mercer Thursday LAST Second

03-22-2011, 05:13 PM
Looking for someone who hasn't put the sleds away and is not on spring break like my other chums that wants to do some riding in Mercer Thursday-Saturday if they get the snow forecasted. Knowing full well the swamps are open and flowage is no longer marked....I still think the grade/roads will be rideable.

Looking to stay at Great Northern arrive early Thursday am and leave Sunday am.

See message I just got back from Chamber in Mercer.

"At this point the trails remain “officially” open however trails most of the trails are not very rideable and
have rocks and dirt showing.

We are supposed to get some decent snow in the next couple days so if you want to take a chance
and ride you can, unfortunately they won’t be groomed any more this season regardless of snowfall.

We will keep everyone alert of any new snow on our web site www.mecercc.com"

03-22-2011, 06:26 PM
I am trying to go on Friday...anywhere there's snow. Keep us posted if you find anything worth heading to. I wonder if North of Duluth is good, thinking of putting sled in back of truck and heading up that way or even better if NW WI gets buried and I don't have to pony up for a trail pass in MN!! Mercer would be good if they get a dump.