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12-08-2011, 08:23 PM
We have a huge selection of 509 Helmets (http://products.firstplaceparts.com/509--_s-price-desc--_n-96) and 509 Goggles (http://products.firstplaceparts.com/509--_s-price-desc--_n-96) in stock, here is the link:

*** You also get a Free 509 Snowmobile DVD with every helmet or goggle purchase. And Free Shipping to all 50 states.

509 Helmets and Goggles (http://products.firstplaceparts.com/509--_s-price-desc--_n-96)


509 Evolution Snowmobile Helmets (http://products.firstplaceparts.com/509--department-Helmets--_s-price-desc)
As you have come to expect from 509, they spare no amount of time or expense when it comes to the visual design of their products. With the release of the 509 Evolution helmet, 509 has raised the bar of visual design even higher. The 509 Evolution helmet is the first in the industry to feature a snowmobile specific graphics theme. Every graphical element on the helmet was designed with a sledders style in mind. From the numerous snowmobile silhouettes to their famous sled evolution design, 509 designed every element specifically for sledders.

Weight: 1460 Grams (3.22 lbs.)
Materials: Crafted from durable polycarbonate
DOT Safety Rated!
10 ventilation ports (5 intake, 5 exhaust)
Removable and washable snap in liner
Built in wind guard
Tool-less adjustable visor screws
Includes 509 Breathbox
1 year Manufacturers Defect Warranty on Helmet and Lifetime Visor Replacement Warranty!

10 Ventilation Ports
Proper ventilation is more important in a snowmobile helmet, than perhaps any other motorsport. 509 helmets include 5 intake vent ports (three in the mouth piece area, two above the eye port) and 5 exhaust port (2 along the bottom, 2 in the middle, 2 along the top). This 10 piece ventilation system provides a continual flow of cool air, providing a constant comfortable temperature while riding. This system keeps you comfortable by continually exhausting any built up warm air through the rear exhaust ports. This also helps prevent goggle fogging.
Wind Guard
The 509 Evolution helmet comes standard with a built in flexible rubber wind guard. This sleek guard provides an added level of wind protection. In combination with a set of 509 goggles, this wind guard overlaps the goggle's nosemask, providing a double layer of wind stopping protection. No longer will freezing wind reach your cheeks or nose area.

Washable Liner & Cheek Pads
All 509 helmets include a removable snap liner & cheek pads. The liner is made of a triangle tricot brushed material that is hypo-allergenic. The entire liner and both cheek pads are built onto the snap in system which allows you to easily remove them for washing.

Tool-less Visor Screws
The visor is attached to the helmet using a oversized tool-less triple screw setup. These large rubber coated screws are completely adjustable without any tools. Their design allows for quick adjustment even with bulky gloves on.

509 Sinister Goggles (http://products.firstplaceparts.com/509--department-Goggles--_s-price-desc--_n-96)
If you haven't experienced a TRUE Snowmobile Goggles, now is the time. It's no accident why the industry’s leading riders choose 509 as their preferred goggle company. With the likes of Chris Burandt, Joe Parsons, Brett Turcotte, thunderstruck Films, 509 Films, Ross Martin and Judnick Racing, Leighton Motorsports, the "Krazy Canadian" Dan Davidoff, and hundreds more, 509 is THE goggle company in the snowmobile industry.

Package Contents

One pair of 509 goggles with chrome finish/yellow tint dual lens
One soft cleaning & storage pouch
One removable nosemask

Features Include:

Triple Layer Oversized Foam
Triple layer moisture wicking foam, keeps you dry and warm. The oversized and thicker foam provides a larger footprint which blocks any air gap between the goggle and helmet. Keeps you warm while preventing air from contacting your skin.
Removable Nosemask
Large rubber, removable nosemask shields your nose from cold temps and stinging roost. Nosemask is easily removable and extremely durable. Large enough to cover your entire nose and provides a seamless fit with your MX style helmet.
Dual Yellow Tint Lens with Chrome Finish
A dual pane lens with yellow tint is standard on all Sinister goggles. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coated, UV Blocking and shatter proof. Easily interchangeable with many different lens tint options.
Hinged Strap Mount
A pivoting strap mount provides a perfect fit with any MX style helmet. The hinge opens up allowing the goggle to sit further back in the helmet, providing a perfect seal against your face. Prevents air & moisture from entering inside the goggle, thus eliminating fogging issues.
Anti Slip Silicon Lined Straps
A triple layer of silicon lines the inside of the strap, ensuring your strap stays put. This is important as it provides a consistent fit by holding your goggles firmly in place.
14 Individual Vents
14 strategically placed vents exhaust warm air out of the goggle, keeping you comfortable and fog free. Lined with moisture blocking foam, ensuring no moisture can enter the goggle.
Lifetime warranty
Backed by a lifetime warranty covering the frame, hinge, strap, and nosemask. Lifetime warranty against all manufacturers defects. One year warranty on the lens, and foam.

09-23-2012, 09:35 AM
New styles for the 2013 season:

509 Helmet and Goggles (http://products.firstplaceparts.com/509--_s-price-desc--_n-96)


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Check out the new 2014 509 Helmets (http://www.firstplaceparts.com/509-snowmobile-helmets.html) and 509 Goggles (http://www.firstplaceparts.com/509-snowmobile-goggles.html)