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05-30-2017, 07:04 AM
Hi everyone. I was thinking of getting some experience in night hunting. I know there are lots of night vision rifle scopes. One folk I met uphills told me that he has been using ORION H30 PREDATOR. But frankly speaking, I dont want to use any flash lights or other attachments than a night vision rifle scope (http://perfectriflescope.com/reviewing-the-best-night-vision-scopes/). I was contemplating if armasight vampire 3X night vision rifle scope will do me any good? Has anyone used this particular night vision scope? I am very much open to your suggestions and will really appreciate it if you do share your experience or ideas. Thank on time guys.

From Will Hill

05-30-2017, 09:07 AM
Here, in the United States, we can only hunt deer during the daytime.

05-30-2017, 10:22 AM
Here, in the United States, we can only hunt deer during the daytime.

WI has specific shooting times and DNR want you out of the woods with a loaded gun before or after those legal hunting hours. Any night hunting here would be lambs to the slaughter so probably why illegal.

05-30-2017, 12:59 PM
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05-30-2017, 01:50 PM
Hunt coons all night long

05-30-2017, 02:00 PM
Hunt coons all night long

He is talking about deer. Bucks specifically.

05-31-2017, 11:57 AM
He is talking about deer. Bucks specifically.

Yep with a night scope it would be a deer slaughter in WI. They come out of the woods after dark and feed on any grass area and don't know you are there and shining ices them to not move. Just would not be sporting just a slaughter.

05-31-2017, 06:43 PM
well it IS legal in MANY places to HUNT at night,JUST for only certain things, mostly predators and such!
its actually the NORM for many guys that hunt them, to do so at night and has been going one since we have had fire torches then flash lights to gun mounted lights to now night vision!
I had a gun shop for a while and played with a LOT of third gen night vision, never found any I thought was worth the price, I had scopes from the $ 700- $15,000.00 range.
I personally DO hunt at night now, but use a gun mounted light, and a hand held to scan with
I personally found way too many side effects of using night vision, that worried me about eye damage, if used a lot!
MOST don't notice it, but if you DO try and see, after using it in say a right eye(right handed shooter) and then looking away fast, you will see light differences in your vision.
to get anything decent in a PURE night vision scope(all the more so if vari powered) its BIG bucks, and that doesn't a sure you its GOOD clear viewing!

with mu set up, I can shoot clearly to about 150 yards in most conditions, some times out to 250 yards pending light and were at!, and can use my basic rifle scope's of power form 2x to 20+, don't feel they and any more weight (the lights) than what a GOOD night vision scope will add either!

But Honestly shooting that far at night can open things up to more dangers, as you cannot SEE past what your shooting at, so, safety reasons, I prefer the lights, over pure night vision!

if you want more experience, best to join a GOOD predator forum, many guys get into this and spend a TON of money playing with scopes, just take HALF of what you hear to be BS! on they WORK GREAT and such, many say that NOT knowing any better and only have the ONE they have, so NO comparison to real GOOD One's

BUt shooting at night does tend to get more phone calls to the police and such, so MAKE sure you check your reg's where ever you plan to be hunting?shooting!

08-18-2017, 12:29 AM
I had a few deer hunters that didn’t draw their licenses which leaves some rifle hunts open for elk hunting at our property in the Flat Tops that was featured in the current issue of Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine (Sept issue out now). I would appreciate it if you would share this with other hunters you know who might be interested.

The following are the hunts I have available for this year. We do not charge any additional fees. Your license is not included and is paid to the state of Colorado and there are thousands of licenses available for cow elk. As I mentioned on the phone you are allowed to get both a cow and bull elk license for the hunts in our unit. There is no meal service but you could pay for a chef and you could pay a local outfitter to pack out an animal and you could rent horses or pay an outfitter down the road to do some day guiding it you wanted. None of those services are included in your fee as detailed below. We do have a land line for telephone service and satellite Internet.

2017 available hunts (all archery and rifle 1 and the 1st part of rifle 2 are sold out):
Rifle 2b (Oct 25-20)
Rifle 3a: 11/2-8 (9am check-out)
Rifle 3b: 11/8-13
Rifle 4: 4th Combined Limited Deer & Elk 11/15-11/19

2018 available hunts:
Archery Week 2: 9/1-8 (9am check-out)
Archery Week 3: 9/9-16 (9am check-out)
Rifle 1: 1st Separate Limited Elk 10/13-10/17
Rifle 4: 4th Combined Limited Deer & Elk 11/14-11/18 (2 hunters are booked but have spots for up to 9 more hunters)

We are about 1 hour SE of Craig, CO on the northern end of the Flat Tops. The7 day stay/6 day archery hunts and 4-5 day rifle elk hunts go for $2300 per adult hunter. If you wanted all of rifle 3 I could go as low as $2900 plus taxes if you had at least 7 hunters. If you had more than 7 I could toss in another discount based on how many more you had. Please do have anyone you know that is interested in our place visit our website www.flattopshunting.com for photos of the area, animals taken and views of what our cabin looks like or have them give me a call at 970.926.0216.

Because we have the largest elk herd in the world, the opportunity to harvest is greater than anywhere else you could hunt (high fence excluded as we are 100% fair chase and we cannot compete with high fence on stats). Most of our terrain is between 8,400-11,500 feet.

Here are the basics you’ll need to know:
1. We have a secluded 4 bed/3.5 bath cabin in the Flat Tops (easily can sleep 11 individuals in comfort or more if couple as we have 5 queen beds and 3 sets of twin bunkbeds). It is surrounded on three sides by the nat’l forest and just 2 miles from where the Flat Tops Wilderness starts. So, essentially you go right out the door to hunt on a million acres of federal land that surround three sides of the property.
2. For the rifle hunt and GMU 12 draw archery, game trails galore can be found on our property which is located in the heart of that E6/White River Elk herd. So one could stay on the deck of our cabin and potentially get an elk shot from there.
3. E6/White River Elk Herd numbers approx. 39,000 elk with a cow to bull ratio of 4:1
4. Our unit is one of the few where you can get A and B tags so you can buy both a cow and a bull elk license either for the same season or two different ones (i.e. but not limited to these combinations many more options: over the counter bull elk during rifle 3 and an OTC cow elk during archery).
5. Our cabin is the only lodging available to the general public to stay for a DIY hunt within a 12-45 mile radius of our location. Surrounded by private land to the north and only camping available in the other directions for miles.
6. For the rifle hunts and all GMU 12 archery hunts, due to the topography (we are on the NW corner at the end of a chain of mountains and have a river that cuts through our property below the first ridge along that last mountain), it makes the areas accessible through our property more difficult for the general public to access giving you access to more limited access federal land to hunt.
7. The archery hunts available for this year are in GMU 231 which starts 2.5 miles north of the cabin but the trailhead I would recommend you hunt is about 5 miles up the road. That trailhead is surrounded by private land on three sides and has a mountain on the fourth side and there is a Ĺ mile easement through private land to get to the public land to hunt. This makes it a less attractive trail to camping hunters so they tend to ignore the trail but it has been a successful area for a lot of my hunters.

Our 2016 Archery hunter had this to say:
This was my 4th time hunting with Wild Skies, but my first time heading out on a hunt with my son. All of my hunts with Wild Skies have been memorable and enjoyable but this one ranks at the very top. I have been on over 40 elk hunts in various states and the hunt this year ranks in the top 3 of all my hunts. It was textbook perfect. I patiently waited for a mature 6x6 bull elk to respond to my call and took my shot and got it done on my second day of elk hunting. I can hardly wait to come back again next year!
-Mike Brower, Monroe, Louisiana
Lisa Bennett
Wild Skies Cabin Rentals
www.wildskies.com and www.flattopshunting.com

08-18-2017, 07:35 PM
I had a few deer hunters that didnít draw their licenses which leaves some rifle hunts open for elk hunting at our property in the Flat Tops Ö

Lisa Bennett
Wild Skies Cabin Rentals
www.wildskies.com (http://www.wildskies.com) and www.flattopshunting.com (http://www.flattopshunting.com)
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