View Full Version : Want-12V Solar Charger

09-19-2017, 05:44 AM
Hey everyone, I am going to get right to the point as I am sure you are all tired of looking through the classifieds by now. I am looking to get a simple 12V solar charger so that when we go out sledding this winter we can leave our phones, radios and what not charging when we can rip around and then come back to fully charged phones, instead of them dying in an hour from being in the cold. We don't really need something that had a battery on it, just need it it to directly charge all of our gear. Thanks for all the advice in advance.

I didn't get any response here, but I posted the same question on another forum and I was pointed towards some used 12V solar chargers that were being sold on https://www.for-sale.ie/12v-solar-battery-charger for a price that I could not resist. The guy who was selling them said he was upgrading to more power and didn't want to get rid of these but his wife was forcing him to, and that sounds like a pretty glowing recommendation to me.