View Full Version : new 2018 lightning 29'

running rich
09-08-2018, 07:44 AM
sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!brand new never used fully insolated with anti mold insulation-2 led wall lights -2 led switched ceiling lights - low profile power out lets front rear opposite corners withlow profie power inlets on the out side- 2 open close directional salem vents with stock vents -front rear loading light 52,000 hour led -2 coats ppg a & b amber cure epoxy 4 coats epoxy finish heavly chipped floors will cary 5 sleds 3 side by sides 29'x 7'wide x6'8 tall (as usual cant up load pics thanks jon ) ( go to chicagos craigs list trailers type in snowmobile trailers)
alot of pictures 708 265 9227 tex for pics mint trailer price $10,700 no disapointments thanks rich sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!