View Full Version : 2002 Classic 500, 2003 Classic 700 and Sledbed 3-place Trailer for sale. $2000

11-06-2018, 06:45 PM
The Classic 500 has some kind of weird electrical problem and has hood off right now. The sled runs fine until it doesn't. At that point changing the plugs usually gets you a few more miles on down the trail. I think it is an electrical short caused by heating and cooling.
The Classic 700 has a M-10 Suspension and a new Ripsaw 1 1/4" track. I was riding one day 4-5 years ago and the engine just quit. It started again and went about 100 more yards and quit again. Engine locked up and is sitting at my buddy's house where we towed it. He seems to think it just needs a new top end.
Both sleds are electric start and manual reverse on 500, electric reverse on 700.
The 2001 SledBed is a drive on, drive off V-nosed three place trailer. I have upgraded the axle to 7000 lbs.

I will sell both sleds and the trailer, along with a bunch of goodies, like new windshields, spare parts, etc. for $1800
Pick up in Central Iowa, 1 hour NW of Des Moines.

11-21-2018, 01:58 PM
I lowered the price $200 today. Check it out!