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Polaris IQR/R 660HO with Perc Reverse, GPS, oil injection, and full gauges.
Sled was bought through the race department as a consumer sled. It was never driven with the 440, but converted to a 600HO day one. Engine and sled converted by Carl’s Cycle. I bought the sled with around 2000mi on it. It currently has around 4000mi on the chassis. Less than a thousand miles ago, I started to build the ultimate MN sled.
Carl’s Cycle 660, built on a 600HO. Rebuilt 400 miles ago by Indy Dan from Indy Specialties. The engine did not receive just a top end, but a complete crank service, all new bearings, stator, and water pump brass. Refreshed to like new. Engine has PERC reverse. Oil injected with IQRR oil tank.
At the same time, Indy Specialties balanced and refreshed all the moving parts in the clutches.
Belt has 400mi on it, brand new spare belt on in the holder on the sled
Sled has a Dynoport pipe.

2014 Assault front end. Non-powder coated parts were powder coated white at this time.
White Curve XS skis
Ice age 136” rails with an offset axle and 8” idlers were added
Camoplast Intense track, 1.5”. Not studded and looks brand new.
While apart, I replaced all the bolts with ones that have enough shoulder so that nothing is riding on threads. Some IQR’s have “egging” problems due to poorly chosen bolts. Not this one.
Shocks rebuilt by Steve Dey at Deycore. Valved to cross country specifications.
Custom w cooler and Doo thermostat bypass. Allows the engine to heat up more quickly and less restriction when the thermostat opens. Sled runs cool even with lower snow which was a problem for the IQRR.
Duraflex scratchers in case it is icy
Handwarmers have been corked and work really well
Custom painted hood with Hella Lights. Much brighter than any stock Polaris light. The sled is a joy to drive at night
Custom LED tail light
11.5 Gallon trail tank
Adjustable bar riser
Mountain Addiction Gas can rack and two gas cans
Quick release air box mod
Everything that could be unbolted and investigated was. Focus on making sure it was like new mechanically.

Edge Speedometer with working dummy lights
Koso Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge, which also shows RPM and Water temperature
Hardwired Garmin GPS
The large clutch bag
And a front nose bag solve the storage concerns on the sled. The Mountain addiction rack has an optional bag as well
New stator
12v DC system added with fuses and complete wiring diagram

I could definitely part it out and sell off the components for more money, but built it to be the ultimate MN sled and would prefer to see it go to a caring owner. There is not much you can do to these sleds that hasn’t been done to this one. I do not need help selling, not looking for anything on trade. This one has been stored inside and transported in a covered trailer. It is nice. Please PM me your contact info and I will reach out.

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How long is the parts/wish list.....that equals how deep your pockets got to be....lol....I am gonna guess he wants 21,700.00.....but blue book listed it at 7500.00....doh

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Sorry. Thought I had priced it in the title
I have it listed for $4900. PM me with any questions and I would be glad to respond.

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Wow that is a badarse sled!

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Wow that is a badarse sled!
Thanks. It can be yours for less than 5k!

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PM sent