Today was the last ride of the year for me and my buddy Joe and his son. Probably. LOL. And what an awesome day it was, sunny, and it was 60 degrees when we were loading up.

Joe's 900 quit on us Sunday afternoon, so he had to ride the "rental" today, my brothers M8. THANKS KIMMER!

The first few pics are of the trail right by Krupp's, pretty bad, the third one is of trail 13 heading toward Greenland.

Unloaded and ready to ride.


We were screwing around and saw a nice line up hill on the other side of a creek, so Joe dropped down in there to check it out.

My line coming up...

We got Joe's son across the creek...

And he made his first climb in the U.P.

The rest of the day was spent just riding and enjoying the awesome sunny warm day.