Well, I don't know if this is the correct spot to post this or not.
But This Spring (when ever it gets here for good), I am going to
Sell my beautiful 2002 Honda 1800 AFS Goldwing.
Only put about 800 miles on it the last couple of years,....
and instead of just watching her depreciate in the garage,...
She'll be up for sale. If I recall, it has just under 15K on her.
Yep,... thats it.
Honda dealer says "put her up for around 13K",.....
I just want to get a fair price for it. So as close to 12K should be
Just not enough time to ride (job)
My torso it too long (seriously,... it is)
and wife doesn't want to really ride anymore.
If ya need pictures,...
give me a shout.
bigvinmusic@yahoo.com (put Goldwing in the subject box)
Not going to "give it away",.... and plan on putting on
Craigslist when it is riding season.
But I've made so many friends here,... might as well start where
the good people are!
It is dark mettallic grey / silver


Ride On!