I'm just looking for pointers on things to do/see/stop at, roads to try to run for a bike trip I'm planning for 3-4 couples. Several of us have snowmobiled in the area and are pretty familiar with the Gogebic area, as that has always been our home base for sled trips. I have ridden sled to copper harbor and back once. Looking to head up from the Mpls area to bayfield 1st day, check out Tom's Burned down Café on Madeline Island, and probably will have to stay in Ashland for 1st night as everything in Bayfield is looking full. After that just a loose plan to head into the UP, swing by the Konteka (one of our regular sled stops), and on up until we decide we've had enough, would like to make it to Houghton for sure, but Copper harbor would really be cool to get to. We've got a total of 4 days to get from Mpls, UP, and back home. Harley riders, I'd ride all day if they let me, but we'll be taking it easy and enjoying the trip and the sights, etc. Don't want to do much riding in the evening, I'd guess the deer are thick up there--

Is there much night life in Houghton in the summer?

I did see the recent post titled "kinda favorite roads", and I am looking into those, that's pretty much exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for.