I noticed most post in the Motorcycle Forum seem to be pretty outdated but I figured I'd give it a shot anyways. Going to be taken and extended family vacation with no particular place to go with no particular time frame at the end of the month Andover July 4th week. Only place I know for sure we're going to do is tunnel of the trees comma probably go up around Sue Saint Marie probably Whitefish Point maybe Grand Island picture Rock will be in there that little Lake down in the center that's got the string attached to the boat that use go out and look at all the little fishies. Up into the Keweenaw area Copper Harbor try to look for some mines. Lake of the clouds. So with all that said over the years of snowmobiling I've seen most of these areas except for the Keweenaw peninsula period only been up in there one time so I really don't know where anything is up there. So I guess what I'm asking is what are you guys recommend for Quick Stop's or sites I must see while doing this. Only thing going to do for sure is probably have the first part of the trip be across the top side h58 type stuff in case the wife doesn't like the bridge on a bike and we end up having to come home through Wisconsin. I want the kids to see Lake Superior and a couple things else up there that they haven't experienced. With all that said I'm figuring around the 4th to be at least Munising or west of that so who's got good fireworks to see while over in that area. Look forward to any responses thank you for the help shiny side up