Went up and rode last Friday - Monday. Great conditions with the exception of the Wawa area, apparently there was a groomer issue there. Good powder off trail in some places but too set up in others. We were going to do the loop of Searchmont-Halfway-Timmons-Hearst-Hornepayne-Dubreville-Wawa-Halfway-Searchmont, but we got a late start on Friday so we switched it up. Left Searchmont around 1 on Friday, went up to Dubreville and rode out of there the next three days. Saturday we headed out on the newly reopened trail to Marathon and back - that was incredible with all the elevation changes. Sunday was a shorter day - we went out on the Magpie and then out to Missanabie and ate at Ernie's and talked to he and his son for a while. Monday we rode back to Halfway, shot up to Chapleau and back to Halfway, and then down to Searchmont. Overall a great trip. Probably the most traffic we've seen up there, but still not much at all. We heard some talk up there about them continuing to reopen some of the trails that will make some more of the loops open.

I don't get out as much as I'd like, but I need to figure out how to get a newer sled before next season. The old carbed sled just uses too much gas up there and makes me nervous up there with about 11K on it.