My son, his buddy(CJ) and I rode the pass for 1/2 a day on Sunday. We made it up to 11,850'. My daughter is one of the park rangers and rode with us to collect trail fee envelopes from an on-trail lock box before she headed back down to the registration station. What a dream job - riding the mountains in White River National Forest. She's a pretty/beautiful, 110# women riding a 600# sled for 2-6 hours per day. We rode hard to Red Cliff (Mango's for lunch) over a washboard system like I've never ridden before. Thankfully I had a 165" track that handled the bumps like a champ. The 160HP, fuel injected machine made the "high mark" of the day. I ain't that old yet. The boys (32 and 33) were in awe at the way the old man Midwest trail rider handled the mountain powder. What a blast - though the altitude did a number on me. I have great pictures, but for some reason the photos will not upload. If anybody is thinking of going to the Breckenridge area to ride or ski let me know as my kids would happily give suggestions on what to do and what to avoid. My wife and I watched our 6 month grandson Leo for a day while the kids conquered A-Basin on snowboards.