Due to some family member living changes, my 2001 SRX triple will be leaving my hands in the next 8 months or so. Iím gonna be in the market for a new/newer sled and want to see what people think. Iím really not brand specific, although I probably would rank AC last. I ride 95% trails except for messing around in a ditch or two. I also donít need the latest and greatest, I just love to ride. Need opinions on a few models below. Probably thinking somewhere around $8,000 or less, let me know what you have been paying.

Indy 600- fuel injected, 121, basic but good ride, shocks are eh. Go SP if possible

Renegade sport 600 carb- is the 136 worth it over fuel injection? Mxz sport? Carbs donít bug me, the srx is a bear to start in the cold so electric start is nice to have

Used sled- what is good mileage to shoot for? Canít imagine some of these 2s sleds with 3-4,000 miles are worth it? I think Yamaha sleds will be too far out of price range unless mileage isnít a concern. Weight doesnít bug me either because the SRX was heavy.

Please try to keep this from being a pissing match, trying to start researching things and then keep my eyes open as deals pop up.