Reaching out to you guys to see what information can be provided as I know nothing about these units. My father is looking to purchase a used side by side (preferably have a small dump box on the unit) to keep up at the cabin. The unit will be used to work around the yard (toss a shovel, chain saw and what not in the back when he is working around the property), nothing extensive at all. He will want a plow on it to clean the driveway (not a large driveway about 20x50). He will use it to go out ice fishing and pull his small (think it is about 6x10) fish house out. Run down the road to the local resort to have a burger. Honestly I would be surprised if this unit would get 100 miles on it an entire year. He will keep this unit for the next 10 years. Realistically would a 500 be enough for him, or will he want larger? He is the type of guy that will spend a little money to get something good, but no way will he spend $10,000. He could care less about what brand or color it is. When looking at used units ya you can get a pretty good understanding of the units life by looking it over good but anything specific to look for? What is considered high mileage or mileage to stay away from? Thanks All