A blind guy with his service dog inadvertently walked into a biker chick bar.

Tapping his cane and with the dog’s guidance he made it to the bar and sat down, and ordered a beer and a shot.

In the midst of the din, he piped up and asked “Anyone want to hear a dumb-blonde joke?”

The place went deathly silent as all the chicks turned to look at this guy. The owner came over and said, “Hey! I better warn you pal, this is a biker chick bar and I’m a blonde, OK? The bar tender behind the bar is blonde, and there are two pissed-off blondes sitting at the table right behind you right now. So - you still think you still wanna tell your dumb-blonde joke?”

The blind guy thought a moment, and slowly shook his head, “No, I don’t want to have to explain it 4 times…”