I have a 2013 Sportsman 500 that I was adding handwarmers to. Got them all wired in, used the power and ground connected to the 12 volt auxilary plug as my power source. Hooked the wiring up to the switch before i actually drilled the hole and mounted the switch to make sure it worked. Everything worked fine at that point, bars got warm, all was good. Then I drilled the hole in the console, disconnected the wiring to the switch, mounted the switch, plugged the wires back in, reassembled the headlight pod, went to fire it up and had absolutely no power. ATV was dead as a door knob, no lights, no nothing. Battery is fully charged, nothing. Disassembled head light pod, disconnected hand warmer wiring and still dead.

Is there a fuse or something I may have blown? And why if it worked fine at one time, what would've caused a fuse or something to go?

Thanks in advance!