Hi Guys,

Looking at taking a trip in a few weeks, would like to snowmobile the Western end. I always just ride in the Luce County area otherwise. My question is about trying to lay out a route, not sure on distances and what to expect for trying to go town-to-town.

I was thinking of staying in Ishpeming/Negaunee area Thursday night. Get up and ride Friday to Big Bay - L'Anse - Houghton - end up in Twin Lakes possibly for the night.

Leave there Saturday morning and ride to Mass City - Bergland - Kenton/Sidnaw maybe. Stay that area Saturday night. Get up Sunday and ride back to the truck and then head for home.

Does this seem like a feasible trip for a weekend? I have no idea on the mileage, I am just making a rough guess on what I think we would end up with for the day. Any input good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks!