Rode 3rd through the 6th

Ventured north every day as the trails in land o where in need of new snow. Didn't want to venture south east or west) as some friends that were in sayner said it was 50 / 50. Watersmeet and land o didn't groom till Monday night so the moguls really set in it seemed. The main trails, 3 and the grade, only lasted so long after a groom. North of watersmeet seemed like the snow really changed. Rode 107 multiple times and it was solid 9 (out of 10) each day. New 109 / 12 was also great. All trails around LG were an 8 or betters. Cisco chain is good to go with no open water but is a hyfax burner if you stayed next to barrels. Local said 109 was still not groomed. All l in all, I had my doubt about going up. 825 miles and probably 80 of it was garbage.