So last friday our long time parts man Rich was really worked up about this virus business. Wanted to keep people away and keep the doors locked ect. I mean he was stressed to the max. I calmed him down and told him if he was this worked up he should consider taking some time off and gave him his options. He has been a rock solid employee for 30 plus years. Was getting close to retiring. Just wanted to give him options if he was worried about getting sick. So yesterday morning I pull in here at 7:30 and his car isn't here. Normally he gets here around 7. So I think to myself well maybe he took my advice and is gonna let this virus thing pass. I no more than get to my office and the phone rings. Its his wife. Rich was killed by a cow Sunday night. He had a small herd of cow/calves that he tended to in his spare time. Like pets to him. How quickly life can change. He was in good shape for his age and was fixing up a Shelby mustang that he has had forever. It sure made me take a step back. Look at things differently. How quickly life can change. He leaves behind a wife and two adult children. Things are sure going to be different around here. Like I said Rich was a dependable guy. For over 30 years. So just remember in these crazy times how quickly life can change. Enjoy yourselves. We are all just temporary residents. Take care everyone.