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    When there were 18 deaths in MN, 11 were from people in long term care facilities. Now there are 24, and the average age is 86.

    Today, one of MN’s hospitals is furloughing 15% of their staff. And now they say the peak won’t be until July?? What, we are going to keep locked down through then??

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorkHardPlayHrd View Post
    Well at least I know after an absolutely depressing week of watching the the milk, corn, and soybean markets dropping and getting in a fight with my husband ( pick you can buy 40 acres of land or a combine, but not both!) I can come on hear and read the newest responses and actually smile.

    Found out today a large 2,500 cow dairy that contracts to the twin cities school district is dumping all their milk. They will get paid through the end of May and then they will be in a world of hurt. Three small creameries in the state have told farmers to cut back production 10-25% that ship to them.

    When all the ethanol plants are shut down I don't want to know what happens to the corn price. I know someone a few years younger than me that penciled out buying his father's farm. He used 3.15 cent corn for his lowest price. I suggested he drop that number to 2.50. He said I was nuts that there was no way it would ever get that low again. That was 3 months ago. He bought the farm the end of January. We hit 2.83 here on Friday and he called me up and wanted to borrow my crystal ball. He said how did you know. I said welcome to farming. When you think it can't get worse just wait it can.

    It won't be just bars, restaurants, and tourist companies that take the hit. If this goes on for much longer an allready hurting agricultural community will start to collapse. I know 15 dairy farms personally that needed two years of $17 base milk to get on their feet. Not 6 months and then into the $12 range. I guess we will see what happens.

    Have a good morning!
    WorkHardPlayHrd, health care right now being the obvious number one essential business, the farm and farmers are number two in importance in my book, and the group that doesn't receive the credit they most certainly deserve. It is very sad not only to see but hear of farms being forced out of existence of no fault to them, weather, development, market prices and now this. without them what would we have on the shelves at the grocery store or on your table at dinner time. The next time someone goes to work not really wanting to or because they may not be feeling so well or maybe because the weather is bad, farmers rerely get a day off and still go to work regardless because they know we need food on our table to survive. Remember when you reach for something to eat, go to the grocery store, or go for that Ice cream cone. None of this would be possible without farmers and remember once they are gone they are gone. And again a profession that doesn't receive the credit that they truly deserve. Thank You!

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