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    Default Virus word to the wise

    FYI....wearing latex gloves at the store and wherever you go only spreads the germs on to every single surface you touch once it's on your door handles...steering cart .....groceries and boxes you bring into your house....and then your actually creating infected recycling material and or throwing on the ground into environment....wearing gloves and masks do more harm than good...bare hands are 100 times cleaner...just wash...and the masks only protect other people from you....if....if you are must think of this logically and how they spread if your worried...

    1st responders and nurses only wear that crap because they are around KNOWN sick dont have to do that

    Ps....when I have change coming back from a transaction I say....keep the tip....helps them are not such a tight wads then...and keeps you safer.....carry on

    Feel free to add more tips...try to keep them logical....God ain't going to help you....since he could be a jar of peanut butter....noone knows so don't give me or anyone else none of that jazz please

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    Meh. I save my coins and buy fireworks every year with it. Usually ends up being $300.
    But I DO wash my hands after handling it.

    And you're right about the gloves. If you open your car door with them on, grab your keys and dirty phone with them, then you are off to the dirty races anyways once you grab the cart in the store.
    So then you are handling all of your items with those damn dirty gloves. Lol.

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    paper and coin money has always been a major carrier of germs and what not's
    one of the filthiest things we deal with on a regular basis
    I know many folks that wash it when they get it home
    which right now might not be bad idea or a tip?

    as for masks being worn, it can help in the spread of things and since most folks don;t know they have it till they show signs, it cannot be a bad idea to wear them when in and about others, so you DON"T possible pass it on!

    maybe the way to say things if your believe is, GOD< helps those that help themselves!
    so we all should be doing what we can to try and not keep this ball rolling!

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    If you don't have an N95 level mask then the virus can still go in and out. All a cloth or lower level mask does is keep droplets from getting in or out. You can still breath it in or out.

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    FYI. On the news this morning, a doctor stated if you make a mask for yourself and family, use cotton cloth and not a synthetic. If you can see though the cloth, don't use. Doubling the layers will help up to 57% against the virus. Better than nothing! E95 masks are 95% effective.

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