JD' s  Snow Journal
October Entires (what I was able to recover)

- October 11 -
What a beautiful weekend.  Highs on Saturday came close to 70, with bright blue sunshine.  More sunshine on Sunday, but a little
cooler at about 55, still very nice indeed.  Still awaiting the first measurable snowfall.  The forecast looks promising for the end of the
week or into the weekend, with a couple of cold air intrusions indicated to drop into the region.  Being a snow addict, I will always
take snow when I can get it, but since it usually does not stick around too long until we get into the end of November, I will take the
sunny and warm weather we have been having.
The trees are past peak now, with about 20-30% of them now bare or in stages of being bare.  Next big windstorm will likely strip
many of them of their dead leafs.
Heard that the trail from Lac La Belle is done and will be rideable this season.  Questions remain as to whether it will be groomed.  I
bet so.
That's all for now, bye from the Keweenaw. - JD  -
- October 5 -
    Greetings from the Keweenaw!  This is the inagural entry into what I hope will be years of journal entires from this land of deep
    Since this is the first entry, I would like to take this time to let everybody know what A beautiful spot I have moved to.  It's kinda
funny, I sit and watch the TV and see the commercials for the SUV's and think..."Gee, I have moved to an SUV commercial.".  That
doesn't even due it true justice, but many of the roads I go down to take my dogs for a hike are as beautiful or more than anything I
have seen on TV and they are all just out by door!  Everyday brings a new exploration!  I just hope and pray that I never take the
beauty for granted.
    Not much to report thus far.  Autumn is well on its way, as the trees are in full color and the early-turners have already dropped
their leaves for the season and are bare.
    We have had our first frozen precip of the season.  Two seperate lake effect episodes.  The event on September 20th was very
marginal, with mostly rain reported, but some flakes were reported by several observers in the area, including Calumet and Lac La
Belle.  The second episode occurred last Saturday, October 2nd.  I hiked to the top of Mt. Bohemia and encountered snow pellets
and sleet.  This was also lake generated precipitation.  Later in the day at home, some heavier snow-pellet showers occurred.  One
of these pulled down enough cold from aloft that some honest-to goodness flakes were seen for about 60 seconds.
    Tonight, we have our third chance for some LES (lake effect snow).  The Keweenaw will be sitting on the southern fringe of some
pretty cold air aloft.  Another 200 miles to the south with the cold and we would likely be looking at some accumulation.  Anyway, it
looks like the conditions will support some snow showers and flurries, which could possibly dust the ground after midnight and
before sunrise, so we'll see.  Conditons look stabilize pretty quickly tomorrow am and then it looks like plain old rain for Thursday,
with the possibility of 65-70 by next Monday!
    I sure am looking forward to a real winter.  Coming from living in Chicago, there was always the chance for a real winter, but they
were few and far between.  Snows one day and then melts a few days later.  Can't wait for the end of Nov when it starts to stick for
good around here.
    Guess I'll close for now.  Thanks to all who visit here.  I hope to add a digital camera to my resources so that I can put pictures to
words once the snow starts to fly.  - JD  -