April 25-
    Feels kind of strange to be sitting down to write and not have some kind of special news to share. No fancy trips out of the area and I covered the Togwotee trip last week, so I guess it is back to like in the Keweenaw and life has been much better for this guy. The new meds I got started on about 10 days ago kicked in and I have felt much better this week. No big ups and downs, just steady as she goes at around 80%. That is perfectly fine with me and I am sure that because I am feeling better and can be more active that my improvements in physical strength will come easier and quicker. I am already walking 4-5 miles a day now and can do it very briskly. The bottom line is it seems like I have been waiting forever to feel like this and am very happy to finally have made it to this point.
    One of the big news stories up here this week was the announcement that our local animal shelter, The Copper Country Humane Society, won a national online voting contest and will be receiving $10,000 to use as they see fit. I feel like kind of a bonehead because the contest started in January and I kept forgetting to mention it on the site. Fortunately the community stepped up and word spread around the country (and probably the world) and the CCHS went from something like 2000th place in January to 1st in the final week of voting. So congrats to them, they are a great organization and certainly deserve the money.
    I forgot to mention one thing in the previous entry. On the 17th the Bootjack Fire and Rescue held their "off season" chicken BBQ. Ever since I first tried the BBQ years ago, I have made it a point to get my tickets every year to enjoy this chicken. The main event is in July and I believe it is the third Sunday of the month. A few years ago I found out about the off season event, but always missed it somehow. Keep in mind that I love this chicken so much I could probably eat it every week, or for sure every month the rest of my life. So it was always a bummer for me when I missed the off season event. Anyway, to make a long story short. Nora got wind of the off season event and we were able to get some last minute tickets (as a gift from my accountant, thanks Tommy!) and headed down to chow down. Of course we brought Gracie along and while she was not able to have any of the chicken, she sure will be in the years to come. If you are a local and never had this, or are going to be up here the third week of July, you have to try this. It is not a tomato based barbeque, it is a vinegar based one. I do not know what all goes into the basting juice and am sure it is a pretty well kept secret, but man is it good! The proceeds go to the department and they were able to build a brand new firehouse last summer with the years of collecting from these events. One word of warning, you cannot just show up, you do need to get tickets in advance.
    So this week was somewhat quiet around the Dee house. I did mention that I am feeling better, which also benefits Nora and the pups. Nora, because I can finally help out more with Grace and the pups because we take regular afternoon adventures. On Tuesday they had their annual visit to the vet for their lube, oil and filter change. All went well and they wore out the vet and assistants out pretty good and I know my arms were pretty sore from trying to keep them from running around to say hi to everyone. They just love to say hi and even the vet said that he has never known a dog to be wagging their tail and kissing him while he gives them a shot. Good old Huckie, he probably would not care if you were pulling one of his teeth out, as long as you were giving him attention. It has been so dry up here that the pups get so dusty from playing, so Monday I thought I would take them to the big lake to let them swim and clean up before their visit to the vet on Tuesday. It worked pretty good, but did muddy up the lake a bit! Just kidding of course, but they did get cleaned up pretty good. Huck still loves to fetch the stick from the water and Millie loves to run down the beach to get her kong or a tennis ball.
    Yesterday was a beautiful day up here, with temps in the upper 60's and sunny skies, so Nora, Grace, the pups and I took to the woods for an afternoon walk. As I mentioned in the past entry, some of the trees up here are filling out quite a bit. We did set a new record low on Thursday with a 21 reported. The trees made it through that, so I think they will be able to make it through any more cold temps that Mother Nature throws at them the rest of this spring.
    We picked up a new stroller for Grace. Really it is a new stroller for us. She could probably care less which stroller she is in, but the one we had was for indoors or perhaps paved  roads as the wheels were very small and were solid. This new one has 12" pneumatic wheels and is way better for off-roading. We plan to upgrade to some 27" mud lites with custom chrome rims, but as long as it so dry are not in serious need for them at the moment.
    The walk was very enjoyable, with the warm sunshine and beautiful views. It's such a treat to be out in the great outdoors with my family. It's so exciting to think about all the fun times we will have with Grace and the pups in the years to come. She is REALLY starting to love them. Just this morning when she came down from waking up, she was way more interested in seeing what they were doing than saying hi to me. That can only happen with Nora or the pups, otherwise I will be jealous!
    When we got home from the walk, we decided to hang out on the deck and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Grace figured that since she just sat in the stroller on the walk and did not get any exercise that she would do a little jazzersizing. Here she is just kicking back with her dad. Then she got very interested in Nora's ball cap, so Nora took it off her head and let Grace try it on. A little big for her, but she still liked wearing it. Ahh the memories being made.
    So I guess that about covers it for this one. Next Saturday the annual spring ATV ride is planned, so there should be some interesting stories and pictures to share from that.
    Good night from the Keweenaw..

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April 18-
    Wow, hard to believe that April is 2/3rds over already. I guess that is what happens when you spend almost all of the first two weeks in a different place than home. I sure can say that it was nice to not have to go anywhere, although the pups and I did take a trip to Marquette on Tuesday to see the cardiologist. It was sort of a regular check up with a little extra need. I am still having problems with fluid retention. It is actually a pretty ugly cycle I am in. I am on regular, daily diuretics, but they have not been able to keep up with things, so when I get so full I can't lay flat to sleep, I take another pill that sort of "boosts" the diuretic effect. Then I spend the next 24 hours having to stick close to a bathroom. I lose about 8-10 pounds in that 24 hours and usually feel pretty good for about 24-36 hours after the draining is done. Then I start accumulating fluids again and feel like I have the flu. So we talked about this situation with my cardiologist and he put me on two new meds. If these do not work, there are a couple of other options of medications we can try and if they do not work, then we will put a pacemaker in. I would just as soon get things over with and put the pacemaker in, but the Dr wanted to try the meds first before going the surgical route. 
    So we'll see, but I am really tired of feeling like junk for about 4 to 5 days out of every week. My physical endurance has improved dramatically in the past 2 months and on my "good" days I feel much better and am stronger than I was before I had the surgery, so it is really just the fluid retention that is the problem at this point.
    It has been a week of pretty wild weather up here. We started the week much like this spring has been, warmer than average and dry. Then by Thursday we were in the low 70's and even had humidity, with a dewpoint in the low 60's. A front came through Thursday night and Friday we had snow. It did not accumulate at all, but quite a change from the 70's and humid to snow in less than 24 hours. We recovered pretty nicely in time for the weekend, with 50's both yesterday and today and quite a bit of sunshine. 
    While on the topic of weather, we broke two snowfall records this season. Not ones that I particularly like, but as I said all winter, if we had to have an El Stinko winter, this was a good one. The two records we broke were for the least amount of snow in March (0.2") and the least amount of snow in the January through March period (55.7"). Pretty amazing that we had the conditions on the trails we did this year given those numbers.
    It has been such a mild spring that some of the trees are already starting to open their buds. It has me a little worried because we still can have some pretty cold temps in the next 4-5 weeks and the trees typically do not open their buds until around Memorial Day weekend. It's mostly the "scrub" trees and bushes like mountain ash, tag elder and white birch. The maples seem to be smart enough to know to keep things buttoned up and 90 percent of the hardwood trees in our woods are maples.
    The low snow totals and warm spring also combined to create the earliest Laurium Glacier meltdown since I have been keeping an eye on things. It melted this Friday the 16th. That is about a month ahead of the average. Again, another record I hope we do not break for many years!
    I don't have much else to talk about with regards to things up in this neck of the woods, so I can get onto the annual Togwotee trip recap. As you all know, I did not make the trip due to my health issues, but my camera went out and the crew (mostly Brian) took shots of their daily adventures. Usually we have two cameras out there and end up with around 70 pics to share, this year I have a little over 30. Since I was not there, my story telling will be second hand, so that will also be a little more abbreviated. 
    This year, rather than using two trucks and trailers to haul the sleds out, we used the services of Mom's Motorsports. He has a pretty unique setup, with a customized semi used to haul both the sleds and the riders. The sleds travel in the trailer and the riders ride in living quarters on the truck. There is both seating and bunks for sleeping in the living quarters, as well as TV's to keep the kids occupied.
    It was an off year for snow in the Togwotee area as well, but like the Keweenaw, a low snow year does not mean no snow and the boys were able to find some pretty good snow to play in. In fact, many of the pictures that came back with the camera were of the various stucks that happened. Here is a shot of Matt pulling his sled around after a stuck
    One of the things that can be said about our riding group is that most of the guys are pretty colorful. Not in the way they dress, but in their personalities. However, this next shot shows the helmet and goggle setup that Chuck found to match his personality
    Because of some dropouts for the trip like Al and I, a couple of new riders were able to join the gang for the trip. Here is a shot of Cody pulling a side hill. Turns out he was doing a little "look at me" for Matt. Normally not a very safe thing to do out west, but it was a small hill and the snow was pretty stable, so not much danger in bringing down a slab of snow on Matt.
    We've gotten to be pretty good friends with "Lefty", a local who guides in the wintertime out there. He was nice enough and able to spend most of the week with the guys and show them to the good snow. Here he is taking a break with Chuck, Matt and another fella (one of the guys that also hired out Mom's Motorsports to bring him out west). Here is another shot of Lefty in a bit of a pickle with Dave. Before I show this next shot I have to say that Lefty really is a very good rider and very knowledgeable guide and I would trust him with my life. It just so happens that Brian caught him in another unflattering position. This time coming to Nick's rescue, but getting a little too close for comfort.
    In keeping with the stuck theme, here is a shot of Dave G stuck and Dave D stuck. Not sure if Dave D actually stuck going down hill or if that is a shot after he got the sled turned around, but I do see a shovel out, so it was a stuck. Otherwise I would have guessed that he was just giving a mountain man pose for the camera.
    We gave the name of our riding group "The Lumberjacks" because we are so fond of riding in places like this. Most folks like to stay out of the trees, so there are usually not too many tracks in there and the snow stays nice and powdery a lot longer in there too because the sun cannot get to it as well. They did manage to get a little bit of fresh snow while they were out there. Here is a shot of of the sleds coated in an inch of new snow one morning. The thing to keep in mind when watching the snow conditions via the web cam at Togwotee is that the lodge can pick up an inch of snow and just a mile or two away and up another thousand feet as much as 6-8" of new snow could have fallen. The lodge is high enough that it catches snow and also hangs onto it so that you can ride right from the lodge during the entire season, but there is also a lot more snow to be found a little higher up than at the lodge.
    Sometimes some wildlife can be seen at the lodge. I know a year or two ago Brian and Dave had a little fox visiting their cabin every night and this year there they had a raven. Some folks that are not familiar with our gang might mistake some of them for the local wildlife as well- especially after dark. That was (left to right) Dave G, Luke and Dave D. Here is Matt and Nick getting ready to ride. Here is a shot of the lodge all decked out with the Pink Ribbon Riders banners.
    As I mentioned a bit earlier, the snow amounts will vary considerably out there- especially at different elevations. Just about 30 minutes and a few miles away from where the shot of the lodge was taken with the sun shining, this shot of falling snow was taken. Here is another and another. Boy that last one looked to have some fun play spots in it!
    In addition to the still camera shots, we had two video cameras and two helmet cameras capturing the events of the trip. This past Friday some of the guys came over and we watched the couple of hours of regular video cam footage and I plan to watch the couple of hours of helmet cam footage that was shot. Here is a shot of Dave taking some video.
    Now, Matt riding ability is far above that of mine. So I really should not be giving pointers to him, but someone should tell him that he really does not need to fling that leg out until he actually gets onto the hill. Here is a shot of Luke demonstrating how NOT to come down a hill through the trees.
    Dave does not get stuck all that often, but you can bet that when he does, there is some kind of story behind it. I was not there to witness this stuck, but I am sure something about a stick or something was muddled.
    The guys did say that despite the off year the area had, they did get into some very deep snow and this shot of Chuck standing next to his sled that was all but buried in the snow is pretty good proof of that. I do believe that he was even pointed down hill in that one.
    As mentioned, the annual charity event for the Pink Ribbon Riders was held just as the gang was arriving. I was suppose to get there a day early and take part in the event. Hopefully things will work out next year so that I can be part of things. Brian did meet up with Jody, who is one of the main organizers of the event. They talked for a bit and Brian snapped this shot of her in front of their trailer.
    One of the things that sets the Togwotee area apart from some other riding areas out west is the breathtaking views you get and one of the more popular and scenic views is that of the Teton Range across the Jackson Valley. Here is a shot of the gang all decked out for racing with the Tetons in the background.
    One one of the last days of riding, the gang really got into some thick stuff. Dave said he got stuck and had a couple of riders go past him only 10 feet away and they did not even see him. Here is a shot of Brian's sled with his ski up against a dead pine. Rather than just move his sled over a bit, Brian figured it would be easier to move the tree. Wonder how that worked out for him!
    As luck would have it, the snow started to fly with a little more spunk the last day the gang was there and just a few days after they left, the lodge got 44 inches of snow in 5 days. Timing is everything I guess, but the honest truth is that getting that much snow also presents some negative issues along with the positive. First is that it is very hard to ride in that heavy of a snowfall. The flat light can make it very difficult to try and figure out what the terrain is doing. Secondly, there is a big risk of avalanche and third, you cannot even get to some of the places because of the deep snow and steep terrain. Still, fresh powder is always fun!
   But all good trips must come to an end and the gang loaded their sleds into the semi and made the trip back to the Keweenaw. Of course there is already talk of things to do for next year! My thanks to Togwotee Mountain Lodge for taking great care of the gang. A first class operation for sure.
Good night from the Keweenaw..
April 11-
    Well, it was another week of travels for the Dee family. At least Grace, Nora and I. This time we jetted down to Texas to finalize the adoption. It's funny, I was wondering if I was going to feel any different about my relationship with Grace once the adoption was finalized and I can honestly say that I do. Not that I love her any more than I did before. That just keeps on growing day after day at a pretty standard pace. I really do not know how to explain it other than to use the word final. Prior to the finalization, I was never worried that she was going to be taken away from us. About the only way that could have happened was if Nora and I were to be found unfit to be her parents. However, I guess just knowing that by the letter of the law, she was not quite yet fully ours, there was that little something missing. Nothing is missing now and she is all ours and we have the picture with the judge who signed the papers to prove it (as well as all the papers!).
    The actual courtroom proceedings for the finalization process too all of about 5 minutes, we did have to wait a bit longer to get our copies of the papers, but then it was off to have some fun in San Antonio. I did have to do my midday work, but right after I was done with that we headed out to see the city. The first stop was actually at the adoption agency to say hi. Most of them were out to lunch, so we only got to say hi to one of the staff that helped us with the adoption, but Grace dropped off some Yooper Bars and then we headed to the Alamo. There was some kind of an official event going on right as we arrived and then once that finished the place was packed with people, so we did not go in, but the grounds surrounding the buildings are very beautiful, so we spent some time walking around them. Here is a shot of Gracie sitting on the side of Davie Crockett's fountain. Here is a shot of her and I near a cactus plant. Here she is taking a break on the official park bench of TX.
    It was a pretty busy day, so we decided to head back to the motel to relax a bit before heading out to dinner for some good old Texas barbeque. The barbeque was OK, but nothing to write home about. I got the sampler plate and liked the brisket the best. We all got a good night's sleep. I got up before the rest to do my work and then it was down for breakfast of Texas shaped waffles to fuel up for the busy day we had planned.
    I did the rest of my work and then we were able to spend the entire afternoon at Sea World. Grace definitely notices all that is going on around here, but I was interested to see how she would react to all that was going on at Sea World- especially since she does not see any of that sort of stuff at home. We walked around a bit and got our bearings and saw everyone filtering into the auditorium for the dolphin and beluga whale show, so we followed the crowd and found our seats and watched the show. It was a very good show, with about half of it being the animals doing tricks and the other half being cirque du sole type performers doing high dive and other tricks. Grace loved the show, but I think it was just as much fun for her to watch the show as it was to watch the audience's reaction to the show.
    After the dolphin show we headed over to some of the other exhibits. The first was the penguin house. I had to stay in a different section with the stroller, but Grace and Nora were able to get a good close look at them. We took a short nap and then found our way to the shark exhibit. The first tank had some rays and a few other types of tropical fish swimming around in it, but the next tank was full of sharks. We also took in the otter house and the sea lion exhibit and then it was on to see the star of Sea World. Shamu. It was interesting to note that none of the trainers got into the water with any of the killer whales during the show. Little doubt it is in response to the tragic incident that happened a few months ago, but I wonder if it will be a permanent thing they do, or just temporary. In any case the show was still very entertaining and Grace had fun watching the whales perform their tricks. We did make sure to stay out of the splash zone when we picked our seats and were glad for it as the water in the tank is 52 degrees and the whales are not shy about splashing the heck out of the audience. I think a lot of them thought that they would not get too wet, but once the splashing started, there was a mad scramble to higher ground!
    Once the Shamu show was over we had been at the park for about 5 hours and that is really pushing the endurance of Grace, so we packed it in and headed back to the hotel, but not before one more stop for some BBQ. This time I stuck to the brisket that was very good and had a piece of fried chicken that was also very good. The place we stopped at this time was a chain and while most of them are more formal dinning, this one was actually more of a fast food style. Either way it was pretty good. The funny thing is we got back in the car to go home, but stopped for gas at a place across the street from the restaurant and there attached to the gas station was a little hole in the wall BBQ place that was not only packed to the hilt, but it also smelled so good that even though I was totally stuffed, my mouth watered. That was actually the kind of BBQ place I was looking for when we were down there, but all of my results via an internet search kept bringing up the same dozen or so and the reviews on them were a total mix of good, bad and indifferent, so not much help. Oh well, if we are ever in the San Antonio area again, we know where to stop for BBQ.
   While the trip down was a total nightmare- thanks to a little inclement weather and Chicago O'Hare's airport being incapable of handling a little rain and limited visibility without going into a 3-4 hour delay, the trip back could not have been smoother. All flights ran right on time and we had enough of a layover in Chicago for Nora to experience a gyro and me to enjoy a good old Chicago style Italian beef sandwich. Then it on to our gate to watch for our plane to come in so we could head back to the good old Keweenaw.
    We arrived home at around 2:30 and Grace pretty much crashed out while Nora and I got unpacked and relaxed a bit. Today has been a beautiful day up here, with temps in the upper 50's and tons of sunshine. We took a morning walk around the neighborhood and then an afternoon one in the woods. The pups loved hitting the woods again, wasting no time finding some puddles to go racing through at full steam.
    So it looks like our jet setting days are over for a while which suits me fine. I love the speed at which you get somewhere once on the plane and it is actually flying, but everything else about air travel is just plain tortuous. I guess the answer is to get your own. Perhaps Gulf Stream, Lear or Cessna are interested in a little advertising swap?
    I did sneak down to Laurium today and snapped a picture of the glacier for those of you that have been losing sleep wondering if it had melted yet. Not yet, but looks to only have about 10 days left in it. Maybe more if it got cold. The Allouez Township Glacier is also still around, but looks to have even less time before it is gone. Probably tomorrow.
    I guess that about does it for this one. Remember, the next entry(s) should be the annual Togwotee trip. I am pretty sure that the gang and I will be getting together to view the pics  and footage this week and I will be able to write just like I was there! Until then...
Good night from the Keweenaw..
April 4-
    Well, I think I promised this entry would be full of pics and stories from the gangs trip to Togwotee, but plans have changed. They did go and had a blast. They also took tons of pics and video, but we have decided that we would all like to get together and watch the video and view the pics and let the stories fly. I can take some notes and really get a good idea of what happened and then write the journal almost as if I was there. I was out of town until yesterday (more on that in just a minute) and there was not enough time to have the preview get together. This week looks tough too, as I have a busy second half of the week and a few of the guys are out of town and will not be back until later Monday or Tuesday, so looks like we will have to shoot for two weeks from now to write the annual Togwotee entry. I have been told that there are some good pics and funny stories. The guys all had a ton of fun and found some great snow- despite what some of the reports were from the area. They said the base was not as ample as in years past, but they found plenty of powder to play in, so I am excided to see the pics and watch the video. Figures the week after they left the lodge got 40+ inches of snow, but that can actually present as many challenges and problems as fun. Anyway, Togwotee journal in two weeks.
    As mentioned, I just got back into town yesterday. I really should say WE just got back into town yesterday. Grace, Nora and I flew south for the week and sunned our buns in Florida! After all that Nora and I went through this autumn and winter, I figured it would be nice to treat us all to a relaxing vacation in the Florida warmth. The way the Florida winter and early spring went, I was getting a little worried about the warmth part. 60 degrees is warm for the Keweenaw in April, but not Florida. As luck would have it, the pattern changed just in time. We arrived on Saturday the 27th and it was the hottest day that the area we went to (Ft Myers area) had seen in over 4 months. It was about 86 when we landed.
    When planning our trip, I did not want to stay in a hotel, or really even a condo, I really wanted the privacy of a house. I also did not want to be in an area that was all built up and busy- especially during the busy spring break time. So I researched things for several days and found this little island called North Captiva Island. It is only accessible via boat and there are no cars on the island. I guess you could think of it a little like Mackinaw Island, but WAY less touristy. There are only homes on the island, plus a little club house, gift shop, general store and a few small places to eat. You have to buy all your groceries on the mainland and bring them with you on the boat. If you forget something you either go without or can have it brought to you from the mainland, but there is a deliver fee. Our only item forgotten (and also requested to be brought over the next day) was a bottle of rum. Otherwise we did very well in our grocery shopping.
    The island is really a neat place to be on. Very laid back, very quiet and very private. No crazy spring breakers, really not too many tourists as the only persons on the island are those staying on it, plus no cars. So you occasionally hear a golf cart go whizzing by, or the voices of someone walking down the sandy lanes, but that is about it.
    As mentioned, the weather cooperated pretty well with us. We arrived Saturday night to the tropical heat type weather. Sunday was overcast, but still warmed to 80. That was warm enough to hit the beach and even wet our feet in the Gulf. The gulf was still a chilly 67 degrees, so we did not go any further than our ankles. However, Grace learned that beach sand does not have all that much flavor. She did decide to bring some home as a reminder of her first trip to Florida though.
    One of Grace's favorite things to do was to buzz around the island in the golf cart. There were really no roads on the island, just sandy paths through the tropical growth. Here is a shot looking down the "road" that our cottage was on. Most of the homes on the island are set back a bit from the roads, which really adds to the remote feel of the island. The southern 2/3rds of the island is also a wildlife preserve. You can go in there and explore via some of the footpaths, but no buildings exist and there are some very remote stretches of beach the further south you went. I think we have a little dare-devil on our hands too, as the faster we went in the golf cart, the more fun Grace had. Plus, she and I loved the turbulence on the plane ride- which was not something Nora share our sentiment in.
    The home we rented was a neat two bedroom, two bath place. All of the homes are built on pilings to get them above the dangers of storm surge during a tropical cyclone. So I got my exercise and even got into a little better shape by having to climb a flight and a quarter of stairs each time we wanted to come and go from the house. The house also came with it's own heated swimming pool and rooftop hot tub. The house and pool area were well protected by the tropical growth on the island, which also provided for some nice privacy.
    The home also had wireless internet, so Grace and I were able to be on vacation, but still get our work done. Wireless meant that I could also bring my laptop down to the pool area and here is a shot of me getting my midday weather update done down by the pool. I could get pretty used to that!
    My favorite part about the place was the pool. Grace is looking like she is going to be a water baby too. As soon as it gets warm enough up here, this will probably be the scene at the Dee house all summer long. We took a couple of walks on the beach too and I am sure that this too will be a scene repeated in the UP this summer.
    Nora really did come along and enjoy all the fun, but is not as enthused to share pictures of herself on the internet as Grace and I are, but I am going to sneak this one in of Nora and I enjoying a sunset from the rooftop deck of our rented home. Grace's bedtime actually came before the sunset time did, so we were not able to go to the beach to watch the sun set, but those from the roof were almost just as good.
    There was some wildlife on the island as well. Just about every day, this little fellow would come moseying through the yard in search of something- a meal I guess. We also spotted some bunnies, perhaps there were some tortoise vs. the hair races going on somewhere that we missed! The waters around the island also had their fair share of creatures. We spotted this porpoise swimming just off shore and then on one of our walks along the beach, some guys fishing caught something. We slowed our walk just enough so that we could watch them land what ever it was that they had  caught. Turns out it was a little hammer head shark! Glad the water was 67 degrees! Where there are small hammer heads, there has to be the bigger ones!
    Of course like any good vacation, the time to leave comes way too fast and that is what happened on this one. Seems like we were just getting settled in and used to the warm Florida sun and we had to pack things up and head home. However, not before one last spin around the island on the golf cart! Plus we have such a beautiful spot to come back to, it is never really a sad day to be leaving a vacation spot to be heading home. I am sure we will return to the island again. It was really a fun experience and I would like to take Grace there when she is old enough to really appreciate how unique it is from most of the rest of Florida.
    The trip back went well. We did hit a little turbulence just before landing, but that is standard operating procedure in the little prop jobs that fly into the UP airports. We had Nora's cousin Amy staying at the house to watch the pups and they were very happy to see us, although they love Amy and had tons of fun with her all week as well. Today being Easter Sunday, of course mommy had a special outfit all ready for Grace. Actually I think there were six that she wanted me to pick from. So the last shot of this entry is of Grace in her Easter outfit and Easter basket.
Happy Easter everyone and...  
Good night from the Keweenaw..


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