September 26-
    Another week done and another month almost done. Time sure is flying by. I have been keeping pretty busy with chores and I have probably 2 more weeks that I will be kept busy with stuff to do before winter sets in and then I will be able to kick off the shoes, sit back and watch the snow pile up. A bit of wishful thinking there, but I can say that all of my summer projects are now done, with the finishing of the lean to this week. I also have move of my "have-to" autumn jobs done. The only remaining job there is to order up and then replace the winch on the ATV. Any other jobs that I want to get done before winter sets in are in the "want-to" category. 
    In addition to the finishing of the lean-to, we had the first annual wood cutting party up here yesterday and things really could not have gone more smoothly with that operation. Four helpers showed up and the 5 of us got through all 6 cord in around 2 hours. Actually two of the helpers came on Friday and cut about a cord and then I forced them to stop because I could not stand to watch them work in the pouring rain, and I was not about to join them!
   The weather on Saturday was much better for cutting wood, in fact I would have to say it was darn near perfect. We had temps in the upper 40's with cloudy skies, but the rains had stopped. So we all worked like beavers and did not get overheated and even managed to take a break and enjoy the world famous Krupp's Mini Mart strudels. From left to right in that photo are Lenny, Zach, Steve and Mark. Lenny stopped by Krupp's on his way up and brought the strudels with him. A nice mid-morning snack. We got back to work and were done before lunch. When we finished, I really could not believe we had just cut and stacked all of the upcoming winter's firewood in around 2 hours. I guess the previous years wood making jobs took weeks to complete, so it was a little surreal to go from needing to make all of the wood to having it all done in a morning. It still has not completely settled in that it is all done, even when I look out and seen the spot where all the wood sat the day before now completely free from logs. My huge thanks to the guys for showing up and working so hard and quickly to get it all done. We sort of joked about making it the "first annual", but I am kind of hoping that it really will be. Perhaps in future years we can plan an ATV ride for afterwards or something. At any rate, here is one more shot of the gang in front of the fruits of our labor.
    Not a whole lot else went on this week. The weather was pretty nasty Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Friday we had YooperStorm Helmi come through with winds of 35 mph, gusting to 45. Nothing like Eino three weeks earlier, but still a respectable autumn storm. I don't see any storms that will give us Lempi on the horizon. In fact, I see just the opposite for the next 10 to maybe 14 days. Lots of sunshine, pretty calm winds and temps in the upper 50's to low 60's. To me that is the perfect autumn weather and it will be interesting to see if I actually get sick of it if we really have 2 weeks straight of it. I doubt it, but you never know.
    So the foul weather kept the pups and I from taking our afternoon adventures for 3 of the days this past week. We did take the morning walks as it was never raining too hard in the mornings. 
    Today was day one of our stretch of very nice weather. After a heavy frost, we have had sunny skies and the temps are climbing their way into the upper 50's and may top out around 60 before the evening cool off sets in. It was a perfect afternoon for a walk in the woods and with the color show really starting to ramp up, the whole family took to the woods to explore the back 40. Here is Gracie all decked out at the end of the walk. She sure loves the woods and I was almost brought to tears after the walk, just thinking about all the fun we are going to have with her as she gets older and can do more things like hike, ski, snowmobile, snowshoe, ATV, boat...etc. I am just bursting with excitement to be able to show her what a magical place she lives in. 
    I did bring the camera on the walk in the woods, but just never got around to taking any pics. I did take a shot as we were returning to the compound. The colors near the wood boiler and wood shed are almost at peak, but I'd say in general, we are still at least a week away from peak colors up here. Next weekend should be a real good show and I think that even the weekend after that should be pretty good, although the weekend of the 8th and 9th will probably be past peak for most areas.
    It was such a nice afternoon and Grace was not showing any signs of wanting to take her afternoon nap once we finished the walk that Nora and I decided we would take a short car ride and see some of the colors in the area. We headed down Cliff Drive and again, some spots were near peak, but most others still at least a week off. We decided to head to the top of Phoenix Farms Road to check things out there and on the way back down stopped to take a pic of the big lake with Isle Royal off in the background. Nora also snapped a shot of Elmo's tower perched on top of the Cliff Range. On the way back we stopped to take one last color shot and that being the road we live on.
    It looks like it will be a very good color show this year. The trees all look healthy and with no big blows seen for the next 10 days at least, the trees should hang onto their leaves. Plus with the weather looking to be nearly perfect for leaf peeping, I would strongly recommend you come up to take it all in. I know I am sounding a little like the chamber of commerce here, but you really will not see a more beautiful autumn color show that you can see here. I have been to many spots in the autumn and nothing compares to what we can have in a good year (like this one will be). We have even had folks come from New England and comment that our colors are more impressive than they have there. So I am telling you as a friend and as someone that would just love to see the expressions on your faces as you see what happens up here at this time of the year, not as someone that wants you to come up and spend your money. For those that cannot make it, I will be taking lots of pictures as it really looks to be a good one this year, but nothing like taking it all in in person.
    With all the rains we have had (over three inches this week alone), everything is really green. We got lucky and escaped the obscene rainfall totals that fell in areas of MN and WI, but it sure has been a wet September. I am not really complaining too much. I was able to get all of my outdoor chores done and my grass has never looked better.
    Well, I guess that covers things for this week and month. Talk to you all in October!
Good night from the Keweenaw..

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September 19-
    Wow, only one more entry left after this for September. The month sure seems to be flying by. Wish July would go by so fast! I suppose I have been pretty busy lately and that is helping to cause the time fly by. It does not look like the next week to ten days will be any less busy, so I guess it will be October before I know it. No problem there, October is one of my more favorite months and last year's October is pretty much a nightmare for me. So I am looking quite forward to this years and all it has to offer.
    I must have been feeling guilty for the lack of pictures in last week's entry, because as I sat down to go through them and pick the ones I wanted to use this week, I ended up with over 20 keepers. None of them are particularly earth shattering, but I think all of them are worthy of sharing and there is quite the variety.
    This week has been a mix of work and play as they all seem to be. It was another very cool week for this time of the year, with temps in the 50's every day and some pretty chilly mornings- including the first frost in spots earlier in the week. Our yard did not have frost, but on the morning walk, we passed through a field that was frosted. Many of the morning walks were taken with gloves on, which is somewhat unusual for this time of the year, but it does look like some warmer temps are headed in for next week perhaps.
    Our afternoon have been a mix of different places for different reasons. I had to stuff to do in the Calumet area on Tuesday, so the pups and I headed down to a road that runs near the shoreline of Superior. No homes are on it and it is not a through road, so the pups can run off leash and I don't have to worry much about vehicle traffic. You cannot see the lake from the road, but a quick trip through the woods and you are on a bluff overlooking the lake. Of course the pups cannot get that close to the lake without running down to take a quick dip. I stayed up on the bluff as I knew they would not want to swim too much. The swim only lasted a few minutes and then we were headed back to the truck to go home and get ready for Nora and Grace to arrive.
    On Wednesday, I headed down to South Range, armed with a new web camera, new computer monitor and hopes to get the trail cam going again. I brought the pups with me and we took a quick walk down the Bill Nichols trail to give them their afternoon exercise. It was a nice walk and the pups really take after their old man as they do not seem to like to be on the trail much and spend most of their time "off trail". Occasionally they will pop out of the woods to be sure they are still close to me and then off they go, back into the bush to play chase or sniff something. We finished the walk and I got going on the trail cam repair. I did get it going and just as I was closing up the housing for it, the first drops of rain started to fall, so it was close to perfect timing. Unfortunately the setup froze about 10 minutes after I left and did somehow end up taking a picture the next morning, but then froze. Then Saturday morning on my way down to the trail work session in Twin Lakes, I stopped by, rebooted the cam and again it froze. So there is some kind of a conflict that is causing the setup to freeze. I think it is the cam as that is really the only new item in the program. The network connection seems to be rock solid, so I will try and get down there this week to spend some more time on it and see if perhaps a driver update or something is not in order. I sure want to get this thing going reliably before winter hits and sure don't want to be trying to get it going when it is bitterly cold out, so hopefully in the next week or two it will be up and running reliably. 
    Thursday morning was a chilly one, so Nora dressed Grace for the cold as they got ready to head out in the morning. She looked so cute in her outfit that I could not help but take a picture of her. Funny how she did not feel much like giving one of her trademark big grins, but it was still early and she had only been up for about 15 minutes.
    Not sure what we did on Thursday afternoon, but Friday was drizzly for much of the day, but that did not stop the pups and I from taking both our morning and afternoon walk. The afternoon walk was in the woods near by and the color show is starting to gain ground up here, although it still looks like we are around 2 1/2 weeks from peak in most places up this way.
    Saturday I headed out early in the morning to get down to Twin Lakes to partake in the final day of their trail work session. They also were working on Thursday and Friday, but I could only get down for Saturday's session. I met up with Richard Krupp and he told me that I would be part of the crew working on a re-route of trail 13. It was only about a 6 mile long re-route, but there were 50 some odd signs that needed to be put in the ground! Up this way, that is a month's work, but thankfully down that way, there are very few rocks and we had the big time help of Dave Sleeman and his bobcat that was equipped with a post hole digger. He had actually been out for several hours before we go to the re-route and already had about 30-35 of the holes dug and his wife Lori had placed the poles to be used for the signs at or in the holes, so all our group of about 8 needed to do was to attach the signs to the poles and secure the poles in the ground. We also cleaned up any trees that were blocking the trail, which ended up being one big birch and a few smaller trees. So needless to say with all the hands around to do work and not a ton of work to be done, the job turned to a government operation, with a few working and the rest supervising!
    As fate would have it the sheer pin for the auger in Dave's setup snapped and we could not get the holes aligned properly to put a new one in. Then the bit ended up getting bent in the process of trying to remove it, so the final 5 or 6 holes had to be dug using a hand held power auger. All told, it took us about 4-5 hours to get our mission completed and I think out of all the persons in our group, I did the least amount of work! Oh well, I was just resting up for our trail work session in 5 weeks.
   With a little time to spare, Skylar and I ended up taking a little detour on the ATVs on the way home and soon we found ourselves riding pretty much like we do on sleds- out in the middle of no where, where none in their right mind would think about going. But that is what we like to do and had fun. Although this shot does not show it, when I stopped my bike here, I could have rolled it down the hill by lifting the uphill side with my index finger. We got out of all of our pickles and had fun doing it and then headed back to Krupp's Resort for the dinner. They had quite a spread put out for all the workers and while everyone chowed down from a full day out in the woods working (and playing), there was plenty to go around for everyone.
    I had about an hours drive to get back home, so I did not stay too long, but met some good folks who frequent the site and shared some stories and then hopped into the truck and headed home. Even though I did not work too hard, I fell asleep soon after getting home and slept pretty good. As mentioned, the Keweenaw Trails Services work session is October 22nd and 23rd. I know some that were there for the Superior Snowmobile Club's work session will be joining us up north and hope to see some new and familiar faces in a few weeks.
    Today was another pretty chilly morning, so Nora bundled Gracie up pretty good for our morning walk. When I saw all that Grace had to wear, I thought for sure she was going to put up quite a fight, but she was pretty content to be dressed up like Nannook of the North, and she sure stayed warm!
    This afternoon, we did something that I have been looking forward to doing with Grace for a while and look forward to doing it with her many, many times in the future. What is this big event that I am talking about? Taking a walk in our woods with her and pointing out the different kinds of trees and bushes and letting her take it all in. She really loves to learn new stuff and does retain a ton of what we tell her. She cannot talk yet, but fully understands lots of what we say. So it was a lot of fun to head out with her, Nora and the pups and explore "the back 40".
    Now, we don't even own a single forty, let alone more than one that would be known as the back 40, but we joke about the deeper woods of the 10 acres of our property here as the back 40. Here is a shot of her and I in the woods this afternoon. Here she is learning a little about the woods and checking out a sapling. Here she is doing a little learning about a softwood tree. Our destination for the walk was to make it to "Old Granddad". It's an old birch tree that has to be at least 60 years old, perhaps more towards 80 or even 100 years old. The trunk is about 3 feet in diameter and it is still growing healthy. That is pretty rare for a birch tree to live that long. Typically they live 15-20 years and then die, growing very quickly and many times being the first tree to sprout up in an area that was clear cut. As you can see, in this picture of us standing next to Old Granddad, she was pretty impressed with it's height. On the way out, I stopped to take a picture of the colors in that spot. For some reason, they were further along in all other areas I have been in up here. I would have to say that in that acre or so around Old Granddad, they were about 75% changed, most other areas are around 25% or so.
    After the walk, Nora took her over to see the tomato plants and Grace had worked up a pretty healthy appetite on the walk in the woods because she just about polished off one of the ripe tomatoes that were still growing there. She sure loves her fruits and vegetables, which is good because we sure want her to eat healthy and it makes it a whole lot easier when she eats just about anything you put in front of her.
    So that was our week up here in a nutshell. I have a few projects lined up for this week. One of them being to finish up the lean to. I did manage to get it all set up for the metal roof to be put on and the roof arrived Thursday, but I was too busy and the weather did not fully cooperate for me to get it on yet. It should not take more than a hour and a half to get it all put up. The sheets are only 12 feet long and there are only 8 of them. Once the metal is up, then I will add a bit more bracing to the framework and stick the boat back under it. I also need to get ready for the firewood cutting party this Saturday. Not a whole lot to do to be ready for that, but I still want to make sure that when the help arrives, we can just rip through it and be done and not have to do any setup work.
   Once the firewood is cut and stacked, then I think I will be able to take it a little more easy and just take care of the odds and ends that need to be addressed before winter sets in. Nothing to major, but there are the things that have to get done before the snow starts to pile up around here and that is actually one of the things that I think is so cool about living here- that our lifestyle is actually hugely impacted by winter and not just a few snows to whiten the ground from time to time like it was in Chicago.
Good night from the Keweenaw..
September 12-
   Last week it was harrowing stories of life and death struggles to capture the strong autumnal storm we had on the 3rd, no so this week. In fact, up until about 2 hours ago, I did not even have a picture to share with you. Not that I sat around and did nothing all week, but I guess it was just one of those weeks where things were pretty routine and I really try not to have this journal be about the day to day routine things in my life.
    The one thing I can say is that the past week has definitely brought us autumnal weather. Yes we had the big storm on the 3rd, but this whole week the temps have been in the upper 50's to low 60's for highs and lows have been in the upper 30's to mid 40's. No frost in this neck of the woods yet, but it's not something that I am particularly anxious to get anyway. We had some rain on Tuesday and again on Saturday and we are sitting at about 300% of average for the month of September so far. Needless to say, it is perfect ATV weather with the cool temps and no dust- I should really try and get out one of these days!
    No snow in the forecast just yet, but some of the model runs have flirted with the idea during the week of the 20th-25th. The first flakes are always fun to get, but I am not ready for real snow yet and anything before around mid November always melts away anyway, so it's just wasted snow. Even some big storms that have given us a foot or more in spots up here at the end of October have always melted off. So that first snow is always fun to get, but then let it melt off and stay in the 50's until early November and then let it get cold and the snow can start piling up around the 15th of November. Got that Mother Nature?!
    Other than on Tuesday and yesterday, the weather has been just about perfect for walks in the woods and the pups and I did a ton of that this past week and today, Grace and Nora joined us. Grace really loves the outdoors and I am so glad she does, because I sure have a lot of things I was hoping to be able to do with her in the great outdoors up here. In fact, she is now at the point where when I ask the pups if they want to go for a walk, she will run to the door and stand there and hope that she gets to go along too. Sometimes she does and other times she doesn't. Some day, she will be able to go on all of them.
    Grace has also gotten very good at running around. Not walking, but running. It is so cute to hear her little feat make their pitter patter as she runs around the house. Her balance has improved a ton too. It was just two weeks ago that she was falling down all on her own for no real reason at all, let alone having the pups bump into her. Now she is able to even recover from some of the charges she takes from the pups. Her techniques include: the spin move, the split the leg for bracing move and the latch onto a handful of fur to keep yourself from falling move. I am sure there are more, but those are the main three that she is currently employing.
    The leaves are starting to change a bit more, but we still have several weeks to go until the traditional full color season up here and it looks like this season will not deviate from that historical trend this year. I will say that it has been nice to walk around in the woods in the cool temps and see some autumn colors popping up in spots
    Well, I promised a rather uneventful entry and I guess I delivered! Before I sign off, I can make a few announcements. First that the Superior Snow Club will be holding it's annual trail work session this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Sept. 16, 17 and 18). You can go here and here to read more about that. Also that the Keweenaw Trails Services will be holding it's trail work session on October 22nd and 23rd and you can go here for more info on that one. Also, I don't know if I mentioned it in this forum or not, but I will be attending the Milwaukee Snowmobile Show October 15 and 16. It also happens on the 17th, but I will not be there on Sunday. I will be working the booth for the Keweenaw. So I hope to see you all there. 
    Guess that about does it for this one.
Good night from the Keweenaw..

September 5-
    Welcome to September and welcome to autumn! For us, mother nature decided to bring autumn weather right in on schedule. Monday was torturously hot and humid up here, with a high of 95 and a dewpoint in the low 70's. Tuesday was a bit cooler, with a high of 85, but still very humid and Wednesday, the first day of spring run in with temps in the 70's and low humidity. 
    And then, while the nation was busy watching the east coast and all the media hype surrounding hurricane Earl, we had our second hurricane of the season- Eino. The first one was Aino a few weeks ago. I have no idea how many more we will endure this season, but I have a list of names for this season; Aino, Eino, Helmi, Lempi, Mika, Niilo, Onni, Riika, Toivo and Urho. If we go through all of those, I we can go into next years list. 
    Eino was stronger than Aino. We had sustained winds in the mid to upper 40's and gusts to the upper 50's and low 60's. I picked up 1.6" of rain and the airport almost 1.9". Most of it was lake effect or at least lake enhanced that fell Friday. Had that been snow, it would have been at least 25" of snow, perhaps 30 or 40. I can say that in true wishful thinking as the precip was generated in the same fashion that winter precip is made. I read lots of comments from folks that talk about things like their area seeing 15" of rain in the past 3 months and if that was snow it would be 15 feet. While the conversion is reasonable, the truth is summertime precip is created differently and in a different environment from winter precip. Most summertime precip is created in very humid conditions and via thunderstorms. Both processes do not typically exist in the winter, so it is not a very likely scenario at all to happen. Our precip from Thursday evening through Friday was a totally feasible thing to have happen in the winter and have it all fall as snow. Plus, lake effect typically falls in a 20:1 ratio or higher, meaning 20" of snow for each inch of liquid moisture. At any rate, the storm was a doozy. Not the strongest I have ever seen up here, but a doozy none the less.
    At the height of the storm, Nora and I thought it would be fun to take a drive and see the big lake. Maybe not the safest thing to do, especially with Grace and the pups in the truck as well, but the truck is pretty beefy and I was not too concerned. Most of the roadways we would be on would not be at risk of a tree falling directly on them and we could drive around (or over) any branches that came down. So we all bundled up and got in the truck and headed to the big lake.
    As we came down the hill the lake came into view and I knew right away that this was not the average run of the mill blow up here. Instead of the lake being filled with white caps, there were about 1/3rd of the typical number, but even from a few miles away, I could tell that they were riding the top of monstrous waves. When we got down to the lake at Eagle River, the one thing that really surprised me was how high the water was. Not only were the strong winds creating huge waves, but it was also creating a storm surge of around 2 to 3 feet. Normally this picnic bench sits high and dry and several hundred feet from the water. Not on Friday, it was in the lake. The water was even lapping up against the deck of Fitzgerald's. There is a large reef about 1/4 mile off shore at Eagle River, so it was breaking up the huge waves and only allowing 2-3 footers to make it to shore. During my first few trips to Fitzgerald's, I always wondered how they could get away with having a structure so close to the lake and not have it washed away. The reef is the answer. I bet the dinners there that evening enjoyed their show!
    After viewing the lake there, we decided to head up the road to Eagle Harbor. A reef sits off the coast just about all the way up the northern shore, but places like Great Sand Bay and a few spots closer to Eagle Harbor do seem to have bigger waves during a storm, so we thought we would check it out. About 3 miles up the road, we came to this tree blocking the road. I think it was a combination of not really wanting to turn around and also Nora betting me that I could not drive over it (after I had bragged that we could just drive right over the thing in the truck) that caused me to decide to drive right over it. In any case we did and made it over fine. The main thing I was worried about was a broken off spike from a limb going through the tire and giving me a flat, but the tires are brand new with lots of tread and we ended up in good shape, without a scratch on the truck.
    We got up the road a bit and came to a clearing where you could view the lake again and I snapped this shot, at which point the battery on the camera went dead. So we continued on up to Eagle Harbor and then doubled back to the upper highway and back to the house. I could not let this storm get away without more pictures of it, so I dropped Nora, Grace and the pups off at the cabin, grabbed the good camera and some fresh batteries for it as well as a fresh battery for my smaller point and shoot one that had gone dead and headed back out into the storm. I actually decided to re-trace our previous route and then go to some other spots in Eagle River and up the coast a bit. 
    There really was not a whole lot new to take pictures of until I got to Great Sand Bay and it was at the far eastern end of that beach where some giants were breaking up just off shore. These were still not the monsters that could be seen further out in the lake, but were at least 10-12 footers and very impressive to watch. A little bit up the road from Great Sand Bay the road comes very close to the lake and there is no beach, just rocks and then the big lake. It is all private property along that stretch, but I decided to be a rebel in this one case, park the truck along side the road and I got out and walked through a clearing in the trees to the shoreline, or at least as close as I wanted to get. The conditions right along the lake were just brutal. The wind was blowing so strong that the rain felt like little bb's hitting you in the face. I could only point the camera out into the lake for a split second to take a picture as the lens would get soaked in less than a second. Even so, I snapped this somewhat blurred image of the big lake in all it's fury. Here is another one from that same spot. After that second shot I decided to head to the relative safety of the truck, with my heart pounding and adrenaline surging. It's really something how the body reacts to threatening environments.
    I continued up the shoreline and came to Cat Harbor again. This time stopping to take a picture of the beach, or lack there of- due to the storm surge. Normally the lake is about 30-40 feet from that picnic bench. Cat harbor is protected by rocks along it's entire path, so the water was quite calm in the harbor itself and the true effect of the storm surge could be seen.
    After that, I continued up to Eagle Harbor, that harbor is also quite protected from the elements, but I knew that things at the old lighthouse would be a different story, so I took the series of left hand turns to get me out there. I was wearing a gortex jacket with a hood and also a baseball cap, so I got myself all situated to make the trek up to the viewing platform that is there by the lighthouse. I was very happy to be protected by the gortex, but it was still just plain wicked up on that platform. At times the wind would gust so strong that standing flat footed, I would slide across the deck and it was also very difficult to breathe in the air. I guess with the wind so strong, unless you were looking right into it, there was a low pressure created on the downwind side of your head and it made it a real challenge to breathe. I did not last long up on that platform, but in between gusts, I was able snap a couple of shots. Here is one looking east at the lake battering the shoreline. The telephone pole in the shot lends some perspective as to the height of the waves as they crashed ashore. Here is the same shot with less spray happening.
   As I mentioned, I did not last long on the viewing platform in full exposure to the elements, but on my way back to the truck I spied a spot that looked to be a bit sheltered from the storm, so I decided to go there and see if I could last longer and get some more shots. The spot was more sheltered from the winds and rain and so I took some more shots. I really wanted to get one with a wave crashing on shore right near the pole and house there to show just how big the waves were and was rewarded with this shot.
    As I took that shot, I was thinking about how there is no way that you could have got me out on that lake in any sized boat. Well, maybe a super tanker or an aircraft carrier, but that would probably be it. They said the waves out in the lake were 20-25 feet high with occasional rouges of 30. That is tall enough to fully wash over a two story structure. They say spend a night on the big lake in a storm like that and you will come back a religious person- if you already were not one, and I have absolutely no doubt about that. Just standing there on the shoreline was a frightening experience at times.
    Having enough of the elements, I got back into the truck and caught my breath and let my hands stop shaking. I drove up the shoreline a bit, hoping to catch some more scenes of the big lake, but I got to the entrance for Brockway Mountain Drive and had not encountered any such spots, so decided to turn around there. I am sure that being on top of Brockway would have been it's own experience, but one that would have been hard for you all to re-live, so I headed home. On the way up the Eagle Harbor Cut off Rd, I came across this large birch that had fallen on some telephone lines and was blocking my half of the road. Decided not to try and drive over the top of that one and went around. I made it home safe and sound and glad to be back home too.
    Not a whole lot more to talk about. I guess the storm was the big story this week. As mentioned, it did cool off nicely on Wednesday and this morning was a little crisp, with temps in the upper 30's and low 40's. It's strange how things can change so quickly, both in the actual weather, but also in the perspective of what season it is. Last week at this time it still felt like summer in both reality of the weather and perspective, but now it seems like autumn has really arrive. I am sure we will still get some warmth, but I hope we are done with the humidity. I have not removed the A/C's from the windows yet, but I think that has as much to do with being shell shocked from this past summer as it does with my thinking that we really will need them any more. We'll see.
    For as ugly as Friday was, today was just as beautiful. After the crisp start, we have warmed nicely and are sitting in the low 60's with beautiful cobalt blue skies. A perfect day for a walk in the woods, which is exactly what Nora, Grace, the pups and I did. Even need a light jacket, but I did not mind one bit. Autumn has arrived and I am one happy camper!  Good night from the Keweenaw..


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