March 25-
    I can all but promise that this will be a short one and I have two pretty good reasons. First, we fell into no-man's land this week, with the last of the snow melting and things being too wet to do much outside. Secondly, even if there had been stuff to do, I was too sick to do it! Yep, a few hours after writing last weeks entry, I hit the wall and went to bed. Woke up on Monday feeling just plain old crummy. Got my morning work done and then went back to bed for a few hours. Did my midday work and then went back to bed for the rest of the afternoon. Nora and Grace came home and I was up for a few hours and then went back to bed. I have not been that knocked down with something in a while. Tuesday was a tiny bit better, but still either slept or laid around or did only the bare essentials for work. Wednesday a tiny bit better again, but still just a lot of laying around. By later Thursday and Friday, I started feeling like I was really on mend and woke up yesterday almost cured! Today also feels good.
    So not sure what I had. The doctors did give me something that I started taking Wednesday, so either that helped or my body just was finally able to get over it, but the bottom line is I am glad to be feeling pretty good. Even the leg has come around nicely in the last week. The pups and I took our first walk in 4 weeks today. It was not the usual 2 miler, just about a half mile or so, but I did not want to overdo the first real exercise on it and it feels pretty good. So tomorrow will be a little longer walk and if all goes well, by Wednesday or Thursday we will be back to the two mile walks.
    But enough of my boring ills. The weather was anything but boring around here for the first half of the week. More record warmth shattering the standing temperature records. We continued to see highs in the 70's up through Wednesday. In fact the low temperature around here on Wednesday broke the old record high for the day! We had 6 days in a row with record highs and fell just a few degrees short of a 7th day on Thursday. 
    The last of our natural snow melted off on Thursday and now we are just left with the piles from plowing or from where it slid off the roof. No telling when they will finally melt off as temps have cooled back down and look to stay a bit cooler for the foreseeable future. We even had some snow flakes fall from the sky today. I thought I saw what looked like a flake or two fall on the morning walk, but figured it was too warm. When we got home, I looked at the temp and it was 35 so though that perhaps it was a flake. Then while making lunch I looked out to see it snowing enough that no questions could be raised. It did not last long and there was no accumulation and with all the natural snow gone, I have to admit I was not too excited to see snow falling. I would just as soon have temps in the 50's and 60's now and get on with the spring. I suspect that April will bring us more snow than March did, mother nature likes to mess with us that way.
    Well, I can sense that I am just rambling to fill space here, so will sign off. Before I do, I have one pic to share and it is of the Laurium Glacier. It was taken on Friday evening and I would say it looks to have at least a few weeks left to it, depending on the weather. Also, no entry next week.
Good night from the Keweenaw..

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March 18-
    First things first. Even though I have already done it privately, I would like to with my beautiful wife a happy birthday! I'm not gonna say how old she is today, but let's just say it's not your average run of the mill birthday. Sort of one of those "milestone" ages, although she said it is no big deal to her and I believe her, because way back when I reached that "milestone", it was not that big a deal for me either. The next "milestone" number might be different for both of us though! 
    She was with some friends yesterday afternoon making candles and they gave her a bouquet of suckers and when she got home, she showed Grace what she had gotten and Grace called it a "Sucker Garden"! Pretty funny and pretty cleaver too. I am just amazed at how creative and sharp this little girl of ours is. Sucker Garden... I don't know too many adults that could have come up with that one.
    Well, other than Nora's birthday, the big news around here has been the weather. Unless you have been living in a cave for the past week or so, I don't need to tell you how unusual the weather has been in the Midwest this past week, but I really struggle to try and come up with the proper words to do justice to what is going on up here. Just a week ago we had around 3 feet of snow on the level and are now down to around a foot or less and it looks like the next 3 days will be in the upper 60's to low 70's, so I would not be surprised to see all the natural snow gone by Wednesday.
    Surprisingly, I am OK with all of this. Sure, I would like to see it more like it should be with highs around the freezing mark and fresh snow still coming down from time to time, but I have to admit, the warm temps feel pretty good and my leg is still in too rough of shape to be doing any kind of real riding on it. So, as long as we are not left in no mans land- with 6-8" of snow in the woods for the rest of March and most of April, I am ok with this historic meltdown we are having right now. Seems only fitting for the unusually mild winter we had.
    As mentioned, the leg is still sore, but better. I did go to see my Doctor on Tuesday as it was still bothering me a lot and I just figured I would error on the side of caution with it. They did another ultrasound and saw that the hematoma was actually a bit bigger than when I went into the ER a few days before heading out west, but that it had not grown large enough to be of concern. They also consulted with the orthopedic surgeon on things and he said that there was no real concern and that it would probably take 4-6 weeks to fully heal. I am now 3 weeks into it, so another 1-3 weeks to go. It is noticeably better now than it was earlier this week, so I am on the mend.
    The nice weather has allowed us to spend lots of time outdoors with Grace and the pups as well. It is now staying light out until around 8 pm and with temps as mild as they have been, we can do just about anything we want. The other day it was bubble time on the deck. Then when that got boring, we put her to work washing windows! To be honest, it was Grace that was interested in trying to wash the windows. I just hope that interest can continue for another 10 years or so!
    For as much as the pups love the snow, they seem to be enjoying the early spring (or summer for that matter) weather we are having. They spend about half their time exploring the woods and the melting snow and the other half of the time, just lying on top of a snowbank, taking it all in. Huck gave us a bit of a scare yesterday morning. I let them both out to go to potty and when I called them in, Mille came, but Huck suddenly seemed very unsure of himself, almost like he could not see or something. I was able to coax him inside and he still seemed quite out of sorts, so I took him down to the vet. By the time we got there, he was doing better and the vet thinks he might have had a small seizure. He said it was probably nothing to be overly alarmed about and to keep a log of them. If they get worse and more frequent, then there is medicine he can go on to prevent them. It may also be a case where he never has another one. Only time will tell, but no fun to be in that position again. Too early too, but the vet said dogs prone to seizures start to have that show up from 1 year to 5 years old. Nora has a friend who's lab had it's first seizure at around 1 and has been on meds for the past 7-8 years and is doing just fine.
    Today started out very mild, with temps in the upper 40's to low 50's and promised to be another warm and sunny one, so after watching Nora open her presents and our breakfast, as piled into the truck to take a little tour of the Keweenaw. We figured it would actually be a nice day to hit the beach!
    The mild temps and higher humidity levels combined with light winds and a snowcover to create some fog that hung low in our woods this morning. The drive to the big lake also had some foggy areas in it, along with areas that were completely clear. We made it to the beach in pretty good time and as I tossed the ball for Millie and the fetch toy for Huck, I looked over to see Grace playing in the sand with just a light windbreaker and sandals on and thought to myself I bet this never happens again, for Grace to be dressed like that on a beach in the Keweenaw at 10:30 in the morning on March 18th and be comfortable! The pups had a great time frolicking on the sand and in the surf and it was a very enjoyable and special morning at the beach with the family. Just up the beach a bit was an old wooden boat that looks to have been sitting there for nearly a century. As I took the photograph, I imagined the stories it could tell!
    With all the snow melt going on, the water needs to go somewhere and in these parts it means into creeks and then rivers and then the big lake. Here is a shot of the Tobacco River thundering out of the woods and here is a shot of it dumping into the big lake. The waterfalls are also in full form. Here is a shot of the Haven Falls near Lac La Belle. Most impressive today was the Eagle River Falls. I believe that is the second most amount of water going over them I have ever seen. Second only to the meltdown and 4-5" of rain combined in late April of 2001. Based on that last picture, a close second!
    On our travels today, we decided to stop in and have lunch at the Bear Belly Bar and Grille in Lac La Belle. I had the French Dip and Nora had a burrito that had been transformed into a Birthday Burrito by chef Dave.
    With all this talk of historic warmth and melting snow, you would think that all the snow is gone, but as I showed in the picture from this morning, our woods still had about a foot of snow in them to start the day and we will probably be down 3-4" by the time the sun sets. Here is a picture of a logging road up by Lac La Belle and here is the snowmobile trail where it crosses the road by Lac La Belle. Just amazing that even in an off year, with a historic meltdown, there is still snow hanging tough up this way. However, for any folks thinking about coming up to ride, best think twice. Not all the trails are like that, just the ones at the north end and I suspect in a day or two, they will look much different. Same for the woods. It's going fast and while I have some very slim hopes of taking one last ride before the snow melts and after my leg heals, the word slim is probably a bit optimistic!
    Before I sign off, I was hoping to get in touch with these three folks about some details from this past season's ride in;
Peter Christianson, Joseph Halstead and Jason Carne, so if you could please e mail me or if you know any of these folks have them e mail me, I would appreciate it!
Good night from the Keweenaw..
March 11-
    Home sweet home. It's almost always nice to get away for a while, but I say it every time I leave the Keweenaw for a vacation, that I am so glad to be back home. I am so lucky to live where I do. Coming home is like going from one vacation spot to another. It usually hits me at different times and/or places once I am back and this time it hit me when I was driving home from Dave's after picking up my sled. Driving up through the Traprock Valley with the sun shining and the snow still deep on either side of the road just reminded me of how lucky I am to be able to call this area home.
    The trip to Togwotee was great. I actually had a bum leg. I had bumped my thigh on the shake down ride on Feb 23rd. That was not the problem though, the problem was I was not a diligent as I should have been in checking my blood clotting time and my blood had gotten a wee bit too thin. So the bruise in my thigh kept bleeding out and that blood ended up in my calf and then began to solidify. By Wednesday the 1st of March, I could hardly walk with my calf in so much pain, so I went to the ER. They scanned my leg and found a couple of hematomas in my leg, but thankfully none of them were in the veins, so I had no risk of a blood clot traveling to my heart, lung or brain and causing more problems or even killing me. However, the Dr said it would be quite painful until those hematomas went away.
    Things did improve slightly for my trip out west, I could at least walk! However, the leg was really only about 25-30% of it full function and that really limited my riding ability. I could ride down the trail just fine and handle mild off trail riding fine too, but as soon as things started to get pretty technical (which they do lot of the time with our group), then the shortcomings of my leg really started to impact me. My mind would access the situation and say: "Ok, hop from this running board to that board and toss the sled on it's side so you can carve between those two trees and up the hill" and my leg would say: "Yea, RIGHT!". So I found myself in a similar position to last year, sitting out a lot of the action in the play spots. None the less, I had a great time and am glad I went.
    The rest of the gang arrived a day earlier than me and caught the tail end of a good snow cycle for the Togwotee region. They had lots of fresh, deep powder to play in on Sunday. My first day of riding was Monday and the conditions were great for visibility, with blue skies, but the powder was already starting to settle a bit- especially in the spots exposed to the full sun. Here is a shot of the group up on top of photographers hill with the Tetons in the background.
    Our guide for the week was "Lefty". We have gotten to be great friends with him and he with us and it's a ton of fun to go out with him as the guide. He just sort of blends into the personality of our group and for better or worse-becomes one of us. His nickname comes from the fact that he lost his left arm in a motorcycle accident and he was a very good rider the first time I ever met him and now is a great rider. It is just amazing what he does on a sled.
    My mind is a bit of a blur as to where we went each day, but I believe on my first day of riding, we went to a spot called "Carmichael". It is a bit of a haul to get to, but in all the years of going out to Togwotee, I had never been there. We took a mix of trail and backcountry to get there and stopped in a few spots along the way to take a break and play. As mentioned, I did not do much playing in these spots, but did break out the camera to capture some of the action.
    In this particular play area, it was a little jump that became the main attraction. I think just about everyone but me hit it! Here is Mike, he was a new comer to the group, but is well known around here for winning or placing in the hill climbs the past several years. Here is Teddy, Tim, Ken, Ben (another new comer), Mike again, Matt sizing things up and then catching some air. Even Lefty joined into the fun.
    With the avalanche danger being higher than is has been for most of our trips out west, we did not do any of the big hill climbing and high marking. Most of our hill climbing was done in the trees.
    We did manage to get ourselves to Carmichael and the boys broke into smaller groups to play. I hung out in the valley and worked on my suntan as well as took in the views of Mt Leidy
    Earlier in the day, I had told Lefty that if we came across any scenic views of the area that I would like to stop have have a Kodak moment. While at Carmichael, he told me about a nice overlook of the Tetons, so we fired up the sleds and went to head up the overlook. I did not get too far, initially, but eventually found my way to the top. I don't ever remember getting stuck in the flats like that, but I guess there is a first for everything! It was very windy at the ridgeline, so I snapped a few photos and then we got back down out of the wind to play some more. Here is a shot of Dave eyeing up his next run and here he is doing a bit of playing.
    Even though the fresh snow stopped falling on Sunday, there was still powder to be found and carved all the way through our whole riding trip- as Tim demonstrates here. Here is Matt doing a little side hilling. Our trip back found us running low on gas, so we ran mostly trail back. I did pull off to the side of the trail and stop to take a pic of one of the sights you would see just riding the trails out there. One does not need to hire a guide and go off trail so see some really beautiful views. In fact, just about every mile of trail out there will have something different and beautiful to see.
    The next day found us riding in the direction of Brooks Lake Lodge. It is partnered with Togwotee Mountain Lodge and while I had ridden past it on several occasions, we had never stopped to go inside. That was the plan for Tuesday and it was accomplished, but not before some playing in the powder first. That was Dave heading down after a climb through the powder and here is Matt coming at you in a side hill through the trees. All does not always go as planned sometimes and here is a shot of Skylar and someone else heading up to help someone out.
    I can't believe that I did not take my camera out while we were at the Brooks Lake Lodge, I guess I was just too awe struck by it all and totally forgot. In any case, picture the lodge from the movie "A River Runs Through It", triple that lodge and you have the main building at Brooks. It is made up of huge old logs, both for the walls and the roof trusses and has several fireplaces, one that has to stand 20 feet wide in the main dining room of the lodge. There are also about a dozen or so other log cabins surrounding the main lodge, all with one of the most spectacular views you will ever see. Sure wish I had taken some pics!
    Day three found us goofing around the Two Oceans area. The riding that day was probably the most technical of all the days we were out there and my leg was really feeling it and really handcuffing me. Here is a shot of Dave getting ready to drop into what is now affectionately called "Dee's Demise". It's a nice drop down into a cut in the mountain that a creek has made, with a sharp right hand turn at the bottom to avoid a clump of pine trees and then a pretty decent up hill, off camber, side hill to the left back up and out of the ravine. All was going well for me as I dropped into the ravine, but as good as the power claw tracks are for climbing through the snow, they are bad for breaking in it. So I gained quite a bit of speed and was not able to fully negotiate the right hand turn at the bottom of the ravine. I did not hit the trees (which can't be said for some others in the group), but went in too hard to the opposite side of the creek bank and was not able to get into position quick enough to initiate the left hand side hill up. So I needed a few hands to help me get up and out of the ravine and thus the naming of the area. When out there and riding with Lefty and looking for a bit of a challenge, ask him to take you to Dee's Demise. It's not the worst spot we have ever had to get through, but with my bum leg, it sure got the best of me!
    In all the years previous to this one, I had always stayed up in the main lodge, while the rest of the crew stayed in the cabins. The reason was because I do my work while out there and needed the WiFi in the lodge. They upgraded the WiFi so that you can get a good signal in all of the cabins, so this year I got to hang out with the rest of the group in the cabins and here is a shot of my cabin with the 2012 in front. The cabins are really nice, with all of them being completely remodeled last season. I hear the lodge rooms got the same treatment for this season.
    The final day of riding found us taking care of some unfinished business in the Two Oceans area. Here is a shot of the gang at one of our breaks, enjoying the blue bird skies. Here is a shot of Lefty and Brian taking it all in at a different location.
    On the way back, temps started to warm a bit and areas where the sun hit, the snow started to get a little soft. Tim came across a spot where he thought he would pull a wheelie and then while in mid air, roll the sled to the side and pull a 180. The soft snow had different ideas for him. The boys got him all set and ready to go again and then the soft snow took another victim, this time it was Dave. Meanwhile, while they were getting Dave unstuck, Brian found some misfortune with the mashed potatoes. Amazing how if you are not ready for it, that mashed potato snow can really stop you dead in your tracks!
    Further on down in the way back, we passed an old slide path. It did not look to be too old as it was not covered by much fresh snow and we did pick up around 4-6" on Wednesday. I could not tell if it was a natural side, or had been triggered by a human and the track going up through the middle of it was not put in by any of our group.
    We made it to the lodge safe and sound and all made it back to the Keweenaw safe and sound. A few sleds developed mechanical issues, but nothing that can't be fixed with some duct tape and/or zip ties and some yooper ingenuity:). A great time was had by all and I would like to thank Jeff and his crew at the lodge for all of their wonderful hospitality. I think it says a lot about a place when you can go there 8 years in a row and not be tired of it yet. In fact, I am already looking forward to next year, only I will be sure to wrap myself in bubble wrap starting about 2-3 weeks before we head out, so I can try it in a healthy body for a change!
    As mentioned, it was great to get back home and especially great to see Nora, Gracie and the pups. I sure did miss them and rumor has it they missed me a bit too. While I was away, spring arrived. I left last Sunday with cold temps, snow showers and lots of fresh powder on the ground and came back to settled snow and 50 degree temps. The warm temps look to last through the next 10 days and it's not totally out of the realm of possibilities that we could see some 60 degree temps by the second half of this week and into the weekend. That may very well stick a fork in trail riding in many spots and will really change the woods riding as well.
    The mild temps have made it nice to be outside. We have been spending a lot of our free time outside playing with Grace and the pups. The snow is so setup in the woods that she can just walk right across it. She decided she wanted to to and play on her playground to swing. When we told her the swing was buried in the snow, she took matters into her own hands and dug out the swing a bit (no joke) and then finished the job by pulling it up and out of the snow. Here she is on the seat. I don't think she will be the kind of kid that needs a ton of encouragement to do something!
    The pups were very glad to have their daddy home. I arrived around 1 am on Saturday morning and Nora let them out to greet me as I got out of the truck. I thought Huckie was going to pop right out of his fur! It was almost like he could not even believe I was home. Millie was overjoyed as well and it took me about 5 minutes to get them to settle down enough that we could go in the house and not wake up Gracie. They also seem to be enjoying the arrival of spring and can walk around on top of the snowpack as well as roll around on it.
    It is now approaching 60 degrees up here as I type and a bit earlier while still outside, Grace was able to be outside without even a jacket, hat or gloves on.
    I have to admit that with my bum leg keeping me from wanting to ride for probably the next week or two at least and this winter being what it was, I am about ready to bid farewell to it. I guess the only thing I worry is that we will melt all but the last 6-12" of snow from the woods in the next 10 days and then go into a holding pattern for the next month after that. It has happened before and really is a pain as there is not enough snow to play in, but too much to do non-snow related activity. I guess I always have the workshop!
    Well, I guess that about covers it for this one, I leave you with one final pic of Gracie playing tug of war with the pups after dinner last night.
Good night from the Keweenaw..
March 3-
    Writing a rare Saturday entry as I had lots to talk about and will not be around to write tomorrow.
    Wowza! This wimpy winter has decided to fight a little before going out. The last 10 days of February brought us 36" of snow and then overnight last night, we picked up 4" of new snow and since the sun has come up, we have picked up another 2-3". We are also at our deepest depth of the season at 36" on the ground, which is also the most snow we have had on the level in about 3 years. That last fact in itself is a rather incredible feat. To not have more than 3 feet of snow on the ground in the past 3 seasons is a real trick. When we move up here, I was looking forward to the day that the snow stick is nearly buried. I have seen it almost that deep up this way.
    We were not the only ones with big snows this week. Northern WI was smashed with 1-2 feet of snow in most areas and then last night, areas of the eastern UP and northern lower MI also picked up around 12-18" of snow. The local schools had their first "snow day" in 3 years on Monday as we were in the midst of a decent snow. Then had another on Wednesday and again on Thursday. So we go three years without a snow day and then have 3 in 4 days this week! Needless to say Nora was not complaining about only having to work 2 days this week and I was happy for her.
    Watching the band of heavy snow head towards us on Wednesday was sort of like watching a tsunami coming towards us. Reports of 10-15" of snow were already coming in from northern WI and the NWS in Marquette was putting out all sorts of special bulletins, talking about snowfall rates of 4-6" per hour in the south central UP. I do some forecasts for some of the local radio station up here and really hyped how bad things were going to get Wednesday afternoon, so once the band of heavy snow hit, I was especially happy. I got to watch it dump and also had the forecast verify nearly perfectly.
    We did not have snowfall rates of 4-6"/hr, but did realize 2-3"/hr as I went into the shop just as the snow started to fall and came out an hour later to 2-3" of fresh snow having fallen. This is a picture of the front of the house during the heavy snow Wednesday afternoon. I did disregard my own advice though and headed out into the storm Wednesday afternoon to go to the bank and post office. Here is a shot of conditions at the highway with a car only around 50 yards away. I wasn't the only one out in those conditions. It was pretty much business as usual at the Mohawk PO. Speaks to how used to snow we are up here.
    By Thursday morning, things had quieted down, but the roads out in the country were still a big mess with 4-8 foot drifts blocking some of them, so that is why schools were closed on Thursday as well. Nora and I spent about an hour clearing our driveway and it is neat to pull onto it from our road and see the 3 foot+ banks cut into the level snow. This morning while clearing the snow it was finally up over the cutting bars on the snow thrower, first time in a long time I have seen that.
    The snow has been dropping off the roofs quiet regularly this year because we have had so many thaws. Because of the steep pitch of the cabin roof, it typically slides off soon after falling, but the shop has needed help in clearing since being built. This season has been the exception, with the snows sliding off with vigor at times and at a glacial pace others.
    It is also nice to drive around town or the countryside and see everything buried under all the snow. I was beginning to think we would have to wait another winter to see the unusual snowscapes that occur in this neck of the woods, but nope, they are least for now! Speaking of a snowscape, I came across this one the other day in my travels. For those of you that want to make it a screen background, here is a larger version.
    With all this fresh snow, I bet you all are wondering if I have gotten out to play in it? The short answer is yes, the longer one is yes, but not as much as I wished I could have. I did get out for a ride on Monday in all the fresh snow. I hooked up with Dave and his Daughter Jenna, Brian and my cardiac rehab professional Greg. Dave, Brian and I were all getting ready to get our sleds ready for the altitude out west and with the fresh snow, decided to take one last ride, before doing the clutch work for out west. Greg met me up here and then the two of us headed down into the valley to meet up with Brian, Dave and Jenna. We spent the entire afternoon down in the valley, playing in some fields as well as in the woods. Here is a picture of Dave and Jenna carving the back-up sled. Here is Brian on his sled. After watching both of them, I decided to show them how it's really done, so I got out there and laid 'er over real good...and then picked 'er back up! Here is a shot of a little logging road we happened across while out on Monday.
    So after Monday's ride, I headed to town on Tuesday and picked up the weights for the primary clutch, slapped them into the 2012 on Wednesday and then drove the sled and my gear down to Dave's on Thursday so they could be loaded into the trailer to head west on Friday. The crew left yesterday around midday and should be arriving as I type this. In fact, I keep checking the Togwotee webcam to see if they have arrived. Skylar and Joe arrived about an hour ago and called me to let me know they were there. I fly out on the early morning flight tomorrow and will be to the lodge by 1.
    Last night was the start of the CopperDog 150 sled dog race in Calumet. Last year we went downtown to catch the start of the race, but this year we were invited to a road crossing that one of Nora's friends was stationed at to help with the crossings. It's pretty neat what the volunteers do at the crossings for the busier roads. The local fire departments put a piece of equipment on the side of the highway both above and below the crossing and turn their lights on to get drivers attention. Then when a team is getting ready to cross, they temporarily stop traffic and volunteers form a human chain on either side of the highway crossing to keep the dogs from taking a detour down the highway. We did not have any safety vests on, so Nora, Grace and I just watched from the sidelines. There were 42 teams that were in the race and they are separated by 2 minutes. Grace was having fun, so we stayed to watch all 42 teams cross. 
    The race uses the snowmobile trails for almost all of their race and we do not close the trails. Last year when the race was being organized, I was concerned about having dog sled teams and snowmobile on the trails at the same time and we were going to close the sections of trails for the short periods of time that the sled dogs use them, but was told that the sled dog teams do great with snowmobiles on the trails and that at all the other races, they have never had any problems. Last night, I witnessed that first hand, as several times the teams and snowmobiles passed each other on the trail with no problems. My congrats to all the snowmobilers that rode through our crossing with great care and responsibility. Not a single yahoo or knuckle head in all of the riders that came through.
    This morning it was back to moving snow. So Grace, Nora and I suited up and the pups did what they needed to (basically nothing) to go out into the elements. Here is a shot of Grace and I on the ATV, getting ready to make a run up the driveway to move snow. Once the plow work was done, I broke out the snow thrower to cut back the banks and Grace and Nora went in to play in the shop.
    Besides plowing snow and taking in sled dog races, Grace has been having fun playing with the dogs. The other night she though Huck needed some glasses, so she took my reading glasses and put them on him. He is such a good boy, lets her do just about anything she wants to. Millie not so much! But Millie does love to lick Graces face when it has some left over meal on it, and the two do play fetch with the ball quite a bit.
    Another milestone was reached this week. Up until this point, Grace has been rather indifferent to talking on the phone. Well, that all changed earlier this week and she is now quite the gabber. I can only begin to imagine how much more gabbing will be done in the years to come!
    So I guess that will cover it for this one. I can't see why I will not be writing next week, as I get back into town late Friday. So until then...

Good night from the Keweenaw.. 


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