November 25-
    Well, well, well. Here we are, the final entry for November. The Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and winter has arrived in the Keweenaw. The snows started Thursday evening and other than a few 10-15 minute spells when the flakes were not flying, we have had snow falling from the sky since the evening of Thanksgiving. We have picked up around 10-12" since then and it has just started to pick up in intensity again and it looks like at least a couple of inches will fall tonight and into tomorrow. More on the way for Tue-Wed, so it is quite possible that the bare ground may be gone until spring. Although there is a warm up coming by next weekend or perhaps the early part of next week, maybe even a bit of liquid precip to boot, so I am making no guarantees that the snow we have now will stick around for the rest of the season, but it sure looks and feels winter-like out there now!
    The week started out anything by winter-like, with record highs made on Tuesday and Thanksgiving Day. Monday and Wednesday were no slouches in the temp department either, with 50's seen as well. I must say that as much as I am loving our snowfall now, I did not mind the mild temps. It made for some nice walks with the pups and even a beautiful sunrise through the trees on Monday.
    Thanksgiving morning we all got to sleep in a little bit and then the girls got busy baking some muffins. First you have to put some vegetable oil in the bowl and then crack a few eggs and then mix everything together. For being only a few months beyond her 3rd birthday, Grace sure is turning into a good cook. She is very good at breaking eggs and is also quite careful when it comes to mixing things.
    In the afternoon, while the girls took a nap, the pups and I headed out for a walk. Since temps were in the mid to upper 50's and deer season keeping us out of the woods, we decided to head to the beach. It was a little breezy, but still a pretty good day for a romp on the beach. Both pups ended up going all the way into the big lake, but thankfully managed to get mostly dry by the time we came home.
    We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner, with the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and then a nice pie for dessert. Gracie and Nora were just jumping to get onto decorating the house for Christmas, so after the dishes were done and the food starting to settle into our bellies a bit, we got to putting up the Christmas tree. Nora and Grace sorted the branches and then put the tree together, then Grace and I did the lights and then the girls put the ornaments on. You couldn't see in that shot, but it has become a tradition for Grace to put the "Texas" ornament on the tree. It is the one we picked up when we had to go down there to finalize the adoption. Here is a slightly better view of it. For a while, both Nora and I were busy enough that we did not see exactly how Grace was putting the ornaments on the tree and in the short time, she had managed to put about as many on one branch as possible. The other tradition is for Gracie to put the star on top of the tree. Not sure how much longer I will be able to help her do that!
    Another tradition is we always play Christmas music while putting up the tree. I have to admit that at first, the idea of putting the tree up on Thanksgiving seemed a bit premature. Typically it has always been the day after Thanksgiving we did it. There was one year about 5-6 years ago in which it was just Nora and I up here and we decided we would not bother with making us a fancy dinner and help out with one of the charitable organizations that makes and then delivers Thanksgiving dinners to folks up here. Our thought was that we would be busy with that for pretty much the entire afternoon and evening and as it turned out, we only had 3 dinners to deliver and two of the folks had changed their plans and were not even home, so we were done with our volunteer work in about 20 minutes and were left with the rest of the afternoon and evening free, so we did put the tree up that Thanksgiving Day too.
    Anyway, to get back to the point, once the Christmas music started to play and the sun set, my feelings changed and it was nice to see the tree going up. Plus not long after we started to put the tree up, the flakes of snow started to fly and that put me in the mood for Christmas even more! 
    The snows fell at a pretty decent clip Thursday night and by Friday morning, we had around 4 inches on the ground and it was still coming down. The pups and I bundled up and headed out into the wintry elements for our morning walk. Upon getting home, I snapped this shot for the Front of House Shot for that morning. The pups seemed just as happy as I was to see the snow falling and I can say that I sure am ready and as an added bonus, we have barely even made a dent in the wood supply for the season.
    Nora did a tiny bit of "Black Friday" shopping Friday in the snow, but only went to Calumet and was only gone about an hour or so. We both went to Calumet in the afternoon to do a bit more shopping and to hunt down some hot chocolate. I could not believe that the 3 coffee-type shops we went to in search of a cup of hot chocolate, all were closed on Friday! No biggie, we did find a cup at the BP gas station and I did get to slip the truck into 4 wheel drive to bust through some snow while in town too. 
    Last night, the whole family got bundled up and went out to play in the snow. Grace finally has some good snow boots and a really nice set of snow pants and jacket and she was actually the warmest of us all. She had fun making snow angels and the pups joined in on the fun for a while as well. She told both Nora and I that she really loves the snow and I think this picture illustrates that fact pretty well. A chip off the old block-head!
    At one point, she said she wanted to go see "Old Grand Dad". That is a big old birch tree growing in the backwoods that we hike to from time to time. Neither Nora or I were too fond of the idea of heading deep into our woods in the pitch black of last night, so we told her that we could go see Old Grand Dad tomorrow morning.
    So this morning, after breakfast was done, the pups and I took our morning walk and then I plowed the driveway while Nora and Gracie shoveled the porch and sidewalk and then we headed out into the woods to pay a visit to Old Grand Dad. We made it through, although we have had a few trees come down in the past few weeks. Grace and I were just out there about a month ago and there were two trees that had come down across our trail on our hike this morning. I know it sounds weird, but I get a special feeling when ever we go out to see Old Grand Dad. I suppose it is just because for a birch, it is such a massive tree. Most white birch are what is called a colonizing tree and are many times first to pop up in an area that has been cleared by man or nature. They then grow very quickly, but also die pretty quickly. So this tree is special as it has been around for so long. I hate to sound like a sap, but I think it will be kind of a sad when Old Grand Dad finally succumbs to mother nature. 
    The pups really enjoy our hikes into the woods. They are pretty good about not running off too far, but they also do not sit around or just walk slowly by our side much either. They typically run full speed through the woods, either chasing each other, or some poor critter out looking for a snack. Millie did manage to sit still for a long enough period that I could get a shot of her in the snowy woods, but no such luck with Huck. So Huck fans will have to wait for another entry.
    So I guess that just about covers it. Funny, we have all this snow and I am currently sled-less. The new ride for this season has not arrived from Rt12 yet and last years sled is at M & M in Hancock having some updates done. I was told that the 2012 would be ready by the end of this week, which would good as opening day is Saturday- snow conditions permitting. Nora said she saw a few sleds out today. Not sure what they were thinking as the trails are still off limits during the day until Saturday. There is a 2 hour period at midday too, but these sleds were seen before that midday period was in effect. We are off to a pretty good start and have some more on the way. Perhaps if the sled is ready and we have enough snow, I will head out for a spin next weekend.
    Until then, I will leave you with a shot of a snowy Keweenaw backcountry road that the pups and I took our walk on this morning.
Good night from the Keweenaw..

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November 18-
    Greetings from a pretty mild Keweenaw. We are currently flirting with 50 degrees and have filtered sunshine. Quite honestly, it's a pretty nice day. I know, I know, you all think it should be cold with waist deep snow and still coming down, right? Just like the good old days, right? Well, that is kind of what I was thinking earlier in the week. With the forecast looking very poor for snow and even to hang onto the snow we got Monday, I was kind of down in the dumps and decided to look back through my past journals and see how things were in the "good old days". 
    Turns out, we have lots of years when it does not snow at this time of the year. Sure we have had some doozies, I remember the year Baileys passed away, it was right around Thanksgiving and we had a big storm hit. The fresh show helped cushion the blow of having to put her down. Then there was a couple of years ago when another big Thanksgiving storm hit. Close to 2 feet fell in Calumet. However, the vast majority of years since I have lived up here have had mainly light snows fall in this time period and the vast majority of them have melted. I also looked back through the 70 or so years of reliable data I have for the region and it's the same story. A few years when the second half of November was snowy and the snow even stuck around for the rest of the season, but many more years when only light snows fell and typically melted a few days later.
    Before moving up here, I can also remember looking over the data and coming to the conclusion that in an average year, the snow we have on the ground by December 1st is usually built upon for the rest of the year. Meaning, until around December 1st, the snow generally melts to some degree and even once past December 1st, it is not highly unusual to see some drop in snowcover, just not all of it.
    Now, with all of that optimistic talk done, I can say that we are getting ever close to the point where my hopes of having a record breaking winter will be all but dashed. I think if in a week we have not had some snow, with some decent amounts in the future, then hopes of a record winter (400"+) will be all but given up. That does not mean we cannot have an average (250") winter or even one with 300-350", just that a 400 incher will be pretty hard to pull off and just like the Chicago Cubs, there's always next season!
    As mentioned, we picked up some snow on Monday. It actually changed to snow Sunday night and we awoke to a light coating. It then snowed off and on lightly for most of the morning and early afternoon Monday and around 2:30 or 3 in the afternoon, it really started to come down and we picked up a quick 3-4" in a couple of hours. A bit more fell Monday night and early Tuesday, but by Tuesday afternoon, we were already breaking into some sunshine.
    I did not take any pictures of the snow, as I thought I would have a special surprise to share with you. Something that will be new to the site this season and used off and on throughout the season. However, things were not set up properly and my surprise will have to wait for another time. It's pretty cool and I think you all will get a kick out of it.
    I also did not take many other pictures this week. I was pretty busy with other things and could not get out into the woods. I even had to go to Marquette on Thursday, so that washed out any hope of an afternoon adventure that day. However, the good news is I did pick up a new digital camera while in Marquette and even the new iPhone 5. Both of which I plan to use to enhance my chances of getting some pictures to share with you all. The camera is nothing too special. Just a nice point and shoot Canon with 20x optical zoom. The phone actually has a pretty good camera in it and will increase my chances of getting a picture when I might not otherwise because I do not have my digital camera with me.
    I must say, after 2 years of struggling with my smartphone running the Droid software, I LOVE the iPhone. I know it is different strokes for different folks, but for me, the Apple platform just seemed to be more intuitive to me. Nora has an iPhone and everytime I used it, I could figure out how to do things without much coaching. Plus I already had an iPod that I had all of my music on and the Sirius satellite radio App, so now I will not need the iPod to do those things, my phone will pretty much do it all.
    Another thing I have decided to do because of my new found love of smartphones is to create a mobile side of the site. Now, let me clarify. It will not be an "app". Those are beyond my ability to create myself and after looking into having apps developed for the site, I have decided they are probably not the best idea. Mainly because apps are good for sites that are pretty static, meaning the content does not change much. I was told that every time a new feature is added to an app, there are lots of hoops to jump through. The site does not undergo major changes very often, but the apps would need to be updated probably once or twice a year.
    So what I am talking about is a web address you would go to on your smart phone that would just provide a very simple menu to get you to the more popular features on the site, such as the forecasts, the web cams, the discussion board and perhaps the journal. As for the discussion board, there is a beta version of it being developed that is more smart phone friendly and there is already an app like feature called forumrunner that you can download to make the board more smart phone friendly. I plan to look into forumrunner to make sure that nothing needs to be done on my end, but to tell you the honest truth, I tried the board in my new phone and it seemed to work pretty good. Not as good as on a computer, but I was able to move around and read things fine. Picture viewing seemed to be the main issue.
    So getting back to the "mobile" version of the site. The links will take you to the same forecast pages, NCN's and Journal pages, just the menu to get you to those pages will be more smart phone friendly. 
    Getting back to the weather of this week, we started to warm up as we went through the week and little by little, the snow melted and is pretty much all gone. A few patches of it are stubbornly hanging on, but will be gone before the next snow arrives, which at this point looks to be Friday. Not a ton of snow, but perhaps enough to whiten the ground and provide a nice landing zone for what could be more the final week of Nov.
    Not the same for out west. They got a good dumping about a week or so ago and some areas are getting it good today. Here is the shot from Togwotee taken the afternoon. Looking good! 
    The week here was not totally free from afternoon adventures. Yesterday afternoon, Nora went to a craft fair with a friend and so Gracie, the pups and I headed out for some fresh air. With main firearm deer season underway, we have to stay out of the woods, but there are a handful of places we can go to and have a nice walk. Yesterday, it was my old stomping grounds of Lake Linden we headed down to. The temps were in the 40's and there was little to no breeze and so we did not have to get too bundled up to be outside. Just a warm jacket and hat. One of the nice things when we all go out is that we really do not need to go too far for the pups to get in some good exercise. They take off on their own and run around, playing chase with each other or some poor creature that is not too happy to see them running their way at full speed. I did manage to capture them in a quieter moment, but trust me, they are few and far between, which makes me happy that they are in such good health and love to play with each other. After our walk around the park, Gracie and I went out to dinner together while the pups waited for us in the truck and then it was back to the ranch to wait for mom.
    Today was spent mostly in the shop, doing more prep work. It seems like just when I think I am getting close to get going on some of the cabinets for the shop, I find some more setup work and/or re-arranging I need to do. The kitchen cabinets are going to be such a big job, I think I just want to have everything very well setup, so that once I do get going, I do not need to pause to do any setup work. Nora and Gracie took advantage of the warmer weather and took the screens out of the windows and washed all the windows. I also did a bit of outside work myself by putting up the snow gauge in the AL Cam and pulled the ATV plow out of it's summer storage and have it staged to mount to the ATV. I need to put the winter tires on the ATV first and then can put the plow on it.
    I guess that about covers it for this one. Hopefully the next entry will have some snow shots in it and some insight to the potential for more next week. So as the sun sets on this entry, I will share a picture of the sun getting ready to set across the Torch Lake yesterday evening.
Good night from the Keweenaw..
November 11-
    Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours? To me the most haunting lyrics from the most haunting song ever written. There is just something about that song that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up every time I hear it. I suppose living near the shores of the big lake and going down to see her in the midst of one of her autumnal frenzies I can, in a very small way, relate to the conditions on the big lake that fateful November 10th back in 1975. The DJ on the local radio station I do forecasts for always plays that song, but it is preceded by a 5-10 minute taped conversation between captain Cooper of the Arthur M. Anderson and the US Coast Guard station at the Soo. Part of that conversation includes the Coast Guard asking captain Cooper of the Anderson (which was sitting in the relatively sheltered Whitefish Bay) if he could go back out to the last known position of Fitz and look for survivors. There is brief, but deafening silence, and then he struggles to manage to say that he will go back out there. He did bring his ship around and headed back out into the full force of the storm, but all they and another freighter ever spotted was a tiny bit of debris.
    Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Our weather was quite different from 37 years ago. We did have a stiff breeze, but it was from out of the east (not NW as in '75) and only blew at around 20, with gusts to 35- unlike the sustained 50 mph winds, with gusts to 75 mph back in '75. We also had a lot of rain fall in the afternoon, courtesy of a warm front. The weather right now is fairly calm, with some rain falling again. A cold front is getting ready to pass through and the conditions up here later this evening will be closer to those back on the day the Fitz sank, but still far from them.
    Our temp right now is 55, but will be falling 20 degrees in the next few hours and the rains will be changing to snow. I wish that I could say that this is the transition to winter for us, but that does not look to be the case. We might pick up enough lake effect snow to whiten the ground later tomorrow and tomorrow night, but it does not look like it will even stick around long enough to give the hunters their "tracking snow" for the opener on Thursday.
    In last weeks entry, I talked about how this is the time of the year when, if we are going to break a record for snow for the season, there needs to be signs of some meaningful snows on the horizon. None are seen. In fact, other than the bit of lake effect later tomorrow and tomorrow night, it looks like little to now snow will fall through the 20th. Forecast can always change, especially as you go out beyond day 7, but it looks like we might be off to a slow start this year. Thus my hopes for a "record breaker" are starting to fade some, but hopes for a "strong" winter are far from over. That will take another 3-4 weeks to do away with.
    As I also mentioned last week, Grace got to stay home with daddy all week and with Nora out of town for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I was flying solo both day and night. Truth be told, we had a fun week and if I did not have to run two businesses, then having her stay home with me all day would be no problem. Thankfully I get a lot of my work done before she even gets going in the morning, but there are still some moments during the day that are crucial to my work duties and so a few stressful moments were had, but all in all, we did just fine and will face tomorrow with the same attitude. Starting Tuesday, she is back at the sitter. 
    The biggest downside was probably not being able to take the dogs on their morning walk. It sure is a pretty regular thing and it took them a few days to get used to the new routine. We were able to take walks yesterday and this morning and it felt really good to be back out and moving around. Even though yesterday we got caught in a torrential downpour with temps in the mid 30's!
    With working and watching Gracie all week and the weather not being so great for outdoor activity with a 3 year old, I do not have a ton of Keweenaw adventures to share with you. On Tuesday, Grace and I went to cast my vote. There was actually a line, but Gracie did really well. It was pretty neat, somehow she sensed that what was going on was pretty important and she just sat quietly and patiently with me while we waited to take our turn and vote and then she also sat quietly and patiently while I voted. Those that know her know how unusual it is for her to sit still for very long! 
    She was also pretty good while I was in my busy times at work. Although with my attention directed towards other things, she had to find someone that she could focus all of her energy and attention on and that someone just happened to be Hucky. That guy sure does love his Gracie. He tolerates everything that she does to him. Be it getting covered up with blankies and stuffed animals while laying at my feet while I work, or getting dressed up as a princess. They also have a morning ritual where she will lay with him and have a milk while trying to shake the cobwebs out of her head to get ready for the day.
    I had a bit of an unpleasant surprise this past Thursday. As I noted in my forecast, I had a small plumbing emergency pop up as I was finishing up breakfast. I went to put my dishes in the sink to wash and stepped in a puddle! It turns out the supply line to the ice maker had sprung a leak and that is where the water was coming from. So I spent most of Thursday morning getting a replacement line and filter and hooking them up. All went well, except_ man do we have a ton of stuff stored under our kitchen sink!- and when I was done, Gracie said I needed to get paid for finishing my chores. So off she went and I could hear her piggy bank getting shook up a bit. She came down with 37 cents and paid me for "doing such a good job and finishing my chores". Pretty encouraging signs from a 3 year old I'd say. Although I am going to talk to my local plumbers union rep about that 37 cents. I think it should have been 39.
    While I will miss having Grace at home with me during the day, I will welcome the freedom to be able to head out into the shop and continue prepping it for the kitchen cabinet build. I am very close to having what I need to have done done and then will move onto building a few cabinets for the shop to get all the bugs worked out for when it comes time to build them for the kitchen.
    I was able to take advantage of some free time yesterday and got a second web cam going up here on our property. I have always disliked the place where the AL Cam is, because it is a sheltered area and does not get as much snow as the rest of our woods and also is close enough to the cabin, water line and septic field that the snow melts faster there too. However, it really is my only choice, so have just dealt with it. Up until now. I hooked a web cam up to a computer in the shop and have it pointed in an area that should better represent the snow in our woods. Thus, I have called it the "Woods Cam". You can also find the link to it on the left hand menu and if it is not there, then put your mouse pointer over the menu, right click and choose "reload frame" from the menu that pops up, or from that same menu that pops up, choose "This Frame" and then "Reload". It is kind of hard to read the scale on the snow stick, but the first set of numbers is "12" to represent 12 inches and then the next are for 24, 36 and 48. I was tempted to put a 60 on there, but figure I will put the challenge out to mother nature to go ahead and bury that 48" mark!
    With that thought, I will sign off for tonight.
Good night from the Keweenaw..
November 4-
     There is often a theme to the entries as I sit down to write each Sunday. Sometimes the theme is grand and I am excited to share the story. Other times the theme is more "I have not a thing to say and just want to skip today's entry" and the majority of the themes are neither earth-shatteringly exciting, nor earth-stoppingly boring. Tonight's would be one of those in the middle ground, but is really about the stage of season we are in. It is not quite winter up here, but there are signs all around us that it is getting close.
    The piles of uncut firewood that have been sitting in yards for the past few weeks or months are all being cut off and put in their spots to be stored for easy reach during the winter. Plows are not yet on most pickup trucks, but are being staged so that they can be hooked up to the fronts of those trucks at a moments notice. Summer camps are closing up and some of the more fragile snow-birds are already heading south to over winter in a sunnier and warmer climate.
    Mother nature is also busy showing signs of the season to come. The sun is not poking it's head above the horizon before most folks are already at work for the day and now thanks to the time change, it will have already disappeared below the western horizon before many folks get home for the day. The longer nights are giving freezing temps with regularity now. The ground is not only frozen in the early morning hours, but also managing to stay frozen for much of the day. Puddles are freezing up at night and many of them are staying frozen all day long. All the lakes are still open, but are not giving off their morning steam as they do earlier in the autumn. 
    Most noticeably, at least to me, is the fact that the light snowfalls we have been getting lately are sticking around longer and longer. On Monday, the pups and I took a walk on a quiet Keweenaw County road in the afternoon and in some spots, the bit of snow that fell 2 days earlier was hanging on. Not that it was a solid snowpack, but I was pretty surprised to see any snow still remaining more than 48 hours after it had fallen.
    On Tuesday, the weather was fair and I had one last outdoor project to get done, so I spent the afternoon with the pups playing concrete contractor. Not a big project by any means, but I did manage to mix 10- 80 pound bags of concrete mix, one by one in the wheelbarrow, dump them into the spot they were needed and then was able to bring up just enough cream with the trowel and then put a brush finish on it and 2 hours later, my little apron for the sidewalk was done. Like I said, not a big project by any means, but my first concrete job from start to finish and it will make a big difference when it comes time to clear the snow from that spot.
    Wednesday was Halloween of course and thus the forecast for the late afternoon and evening hours held a bit more importance than it typically does on an average day. That forecast called for a few isolated snow showers in the morning to end by mid-afternoon and even partial clearing late. Well, the isolated snow showers ended up being an inch or two of accumulation and persisted through most of the day. Usually snow falling is a pick me up for me, but since I had basically told the population of the area in my morning radio stint that things looked cool, but dry for the trick-or-treating period, I was pretty bummed to see it still snowing at 4 pm.
    The snow falling outside did not dampen the spirits of Gracie to head out and accumulate as much candy as possible. Here is a shot of Nora preparing Gracie for her costume and here is Gracie as Pippy Longstocking. Having a costume be able to keep a trick-or-treater warm goes without saying in this neck of the woods and it is also fairly wise to have a costume be able to handle a bit of snow as it is not that uncommon in these parts on Halloween either. Grace's costume was pretty well laid out for her to trounce through the wet coating of snow that was on the ground for trick-or-treating Wednesday night. Her feet did get wet and then cold, but we made a quick return trip home for some dry and warmer socks and slipped her feet and socks into some plastic bags to keep them dry for the remainder of the night.
    For the record, the snow stopped falling around 4:30 and by sunset, the clouds were breaking up as well. So the forecast was not totally correct, but also not way off the mark. Mother nature just decided to slow the whole process down by around 3 hours or so.
    I had a doctors appointment Thursday afternoon, so no adventures could be made with the pups that day, but on Friday, the three of us headed into the high country of Keweenaw County to do some exploring. Once again, it had been nearly 48 hours since the snow stopped falling, but we found ourselves in a snow covered woods, walking on a snow covered logging road. Those frozen puddles I was telling you about earlier? We found a few of them too. I have to say that I was enjoying my little walk in the snowy woods Friday afternoon. We had the entire place to ourselves. Not a sign of man or beast. Just the woods and the wind and two smiling labradors.
    This is also the time of the year when I start to look for signs in the weather pattern as to if this is going to be a record breaking year for snow. It is still a bit too early for it to be falling and sticking for the rest of the season. I suppose it has happened a year or two in the past, but typically the ground does not stay white around here for good until we reach the end of the month. However, in the record breaking year or years that were close to record-breakers, the snows came early and stopped late. Makes perfect sense if you are going to accumulate close to 400 inches of snow in around 5 months time that you have to start hard right out of the gate and keep going at near full throttle through the entire season.
    That "out of the gate" period is typically the last week or two of November and while we are still only in the very early stages of the month, the models do go out 16 days and thus I am starting to keep more than a casual eye on what they say for that time frame. While I am not bursting with excitement, I am also not unhappy at all by what I see. Perhaps I will be able to experience a record setting winter while I am still living here on this planet in this place, perhaps not...but this is the time when I start to look for those signs in the computer modeling.
    So I guess that about covers things. In the last entry I talked about how the restored vintage Skidoo TNT 340 that will be raffled off for the ride-in proceeds will available for viewing at some selected businesses in December and January. I was able to secure the final spot(s) it will be at for the second half of January. For sure one of the spots will be the Vansville Bar in Phoenix and the other spot that it will be at (as long as we can figure out how to get it inside and back out) will be the Gay Bar in Gay Michigan.
    My final bit of news is that the snowfall forecasts will be starting up tomorrow. There does not look to be a ton of snow to forecast for in the Midwest, but enough for me to fire up the boilers and get the site running at nearly full speed again. You may have to bear with me a bit as I will have an assistant with me all week this week. The woman that we take Grace to every day to be with during the work day house is out of town and so Grace will be staying home with dear old dad all week. Just to make things even more interesting, Nora is also going out of town early Tuesday morning and will be gone until late Thursday night. Should be an interesting week to say the least! I better get to bed now!
(PS. for those that pay close attention to the picture numbers, there is no number 7. I messed up in the renaming this week!)
Good night from the Keweenaw..



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