January 25, 2015-
    Well, as I sat down to prepare for tonight's entry, I thought that I had more pictures to share with you than I did. I do have a few, but not nearly as many as I had thought! Oh well, something tells me I will have quite a few next week!
    I suppose one reason why I do not have a lot this week is that the weather did not provide much to photograph, at least as far as snow. If I thought things were pretty quiet the week before, they sure got even more quiet this past week. We even had some sleet and freezing rain to contend with late in the week, as well as temps poking above the freezing mark on Friday. The overall snow depth did not go down much, but the quality of the snow is not where it was a week ago. The trails still have a good snow cover, but the snow is old and could sure use a freshening up to respond to grooming better. The bush now has a bit of a crust on to of a mostly settled 2-3 foot base.
    The warm temps were enough to cause most of my roofs to self clear. That is always a nice relief when they do, as it means that I do not have to worry about them. However, the down side to the clearing of the shop roof was that it took out the pole that my annometer (wind gauge) was on. I had it mounted on a 1 1/2" galvanized iron pipe. I really figured that the snow would just be sliced by the pole as it slid off the roof, which is exactly what happened with the previous two clearings this season, but for some reason this clearing first bent the pip at around a 75 degree angle and then when I looked again, it had snapped in half. Word to the wise... don't stand in the drop zone of a roof when things are melting up here!
    The good news is that it does look like we are in store for some fresh snow this week. Probably not enough to have it coming over the hood in time for the ride-in, but one clipper looks to drop in on Monday and bring a few inches of snow, with another on Thursday and perhaps a third by Friday night into Saturday. The air behind the Friday night-Sat clipper then looks to be cold enough to set the stage for some lake effect snow. So who knows, maybe in 7-8 days it will be coming over the hood, which would be fine by me as I cannot ride until then!
    It was a pretty busy week with the prep and activities for the ride-in. While I am not a world class mountain climber, I have climbed enough bumps in the terrain both here in the UP and also out in CO to know what a "false summit" is. It is when you think what you see is the top of the hill, but when you get there, you see that it was just hiding terrain that was even higher. The reason why I bring this topic up is that the prep work for the ride-in can sometimes feel like false summitting. I get all stressed out about a bunch of things that need to get done by a certain time and feel that stress go away when things are accomplished, only to have the stress return with a new set of tasks and deadlines. Please do not get me wrong, I am not complaining, just like the hard work in hiking up a mountain, there are the rewards too and I do get those rewards as I go through the stages of getting ready for the ride in and I do get to experience the exultation once the event is fully underway on Saturday. Plus, this is all something I have chosen to do and not something that I am forced to do.
    A few months ago I wrote how this was going to be the final event and I really worried that most folks would think it was because it had become to much for me to handle every year. While it is a huge undertaking (pretty much like putting on a wedding every year), I do have some wonderful helpers and the work involved is not the primary reason to make this the final event. The main reasons are that it has been a great run and I REALLY wanted to go out on top, rather than have the event start to go backwards and then wonder how much longer it should go. Also, there are many other fund raising events up here that are fully supported by the awesome community that we live in and I just felt that we had had our time to benefit from that generosity and it was time to step down and let the other events have their time, rather than becoming a nuisance. 
    We have seen the funds raised rise each year since we started doing this and I really never thought that would happen. Last year we raised over $18,000 dollars and I certainly did not think that it would be possible to eclipse that mark this year, but we may just be able to do that. The reason why I have this thought is that yesterday I did my guest bartending at the Bear Belly Bar and Grille in Lac La Belle. To be honest, I do not do that much work. My main task is to be sure I am not in the way of those REALLY doing the work. I do pour some drinks and do a fair amount of bussing tables, but the real workers are these folks: (from left to right) Meghan, Terra, Cathy, Troy and Dave.
    They run their you-know-what's off to keep the patrons well-fed and well-watered and I would have to say that in all the years of doing this, this year was the busiest. We never had a full-on mad rush where there was a huge line, but just about every table was filled with customers all day from when I got there at noon to when I left around 6 hours later. The customers filling those seats were also very generous in their tipping, as by the end of the day, we had collected $937 in tips. The owners Troy and Cathy then more than doubled the total by sending me home with a check for $2000! This was the largest amount collected for this event and was a great way to start the fund raising.
    I got to meet some great friends of the site (those were the "Handlebar Holders") and have a lot of fun. With all the negativity that seems to grab the headlines these days, it really does my heart good to be surrounded by such wonderful folks that will make the extra effort to do things for others. Really helps to restore my faith in humanity and to know that there are still lots of folks that care for others.
    Earlier in the week, I went down to the Mosquito Bar to pick up the restored Polaris to raffled off Saturday and bring it to M & M Powersports. The transfer went well, thanks to some good patrons at the Mosquito that helped me get the sled through the doors and into the back of my truck. M & M has a nice set of showroom doors that make it very easy to get the sled in and out of there, so things went smoothly on that end as well and the pick up to bring the sled to the banquet Saturday will also be made easier with those doors. I will be picking up the sled next Saturday early in the afternoon. So if you want to see it and are not planning on going to the banquet, be sure to stop into M & M Powersports in Hancock, by the bridge, and check it out and buy some tickets! 
    Speaking of tickets, I have a bunch to send out. So if you ordered some online and have not gotten them yet, don't panic, you will. My supply is dwindling and I am not sure how many are left at the Mosquito or M & M, but I figured probably not enough to get us through the sales at the banquet itself, so I ordered up another 500 last week and they will be here by Tuesday. So that means that we are very close to selling the first 1000 tickets for the event! At $10 a piece (or 10 for $90) that puts us very close to $10,000 raised through that effort. Combine that with the 2000 raised at LLB yesterday and the 1150 raised from the Togwotee Trip auction and we are at around $13,000 so far.
    A reminder for those up here next Friday and not attending the Banquet, there is still a way that you can contribute to the fund raising and have some fun. There will be a Karaoke party held at the Mosquito Bar starting around 7pm and running until we are all out of gas. I will be there and will have a designated driver so that I can get enough "liquid courage" in me to belt out a tune or two. Plus they will be having a raffle for prizes there as well. It is always a great time and I have no doubt that this years event will be quite the blow-out!
    So the final bit of info that I have is in regards to the ride-in as well. On Friday I got news that Route 12 Arctic Cat (the same good folks that lend me a sled to use every season) will be donating a brand new Z 120 snowmobile to the event and it will be an item up for silent auction at the banquet on Saturday. So anyone needing a 120 for their little one, be sure to come to bid on it. You do not need to be registered for the banquet to attend to bid on items. The registration is for the meal and shirts. So you can just show up at the banquet, walk in for free and partake on the raffle and silent auction, but will not be able to eat. Which, by the way, the cut-off date for the shirts was Friday and the cut-off date for the meal will be this Wednesday the 28th.
    So I guess that covers it for this one. Hard to believe that the next time I write the final ride-in will be history! I sure am looking forward to seeing everyone!
Good night from the Keweenaw..

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January 18, 2015-
    Running a little late today, so not sure how long this will be, but I guess I can start out by saying that for as cold and snowy as the week prior to my last writing was, this week was almost the exact opposite. Not necessarily warm, but I guess comparatively warm. High temps were in the teens early in the week and then into the 20's and even some low 30's for the end of the week. No nights below zero for lows as well. We did not pick up a lot of new snow, about an inch a day on average, but it was nice to get a bit of a break.
    It is looking like the slow pace of the snowfall will continue for the week ahead. A couple of clipper type systems will bring some light snows from time to time and the lake will toss some flakes at us as well, but I did not have to move snow from Monday on this past week and it does not look like I will be having to fire up Big Red much in the next 4-5 days as well.
    Despite the lack of any meaningful new snow, we did not lose any and still have plenty on the ground. So the snow play was still good and I was fortunate enough to get out and play in it the past few days. On Friday some friends from the site traveled up this way and we got out for an afternoon ride. Nothing too long or too spectacular, but still a fun ride with friends and all sleds and riders came back safe and sound.
    On Saturday, I traveled south and met up with friends and rode the Twin Lakes area. I do like to venture out of my neck of the woods, that way I do not have to play lead dog and just get to follow and have fun. I do get to head south and ride several times a season, but yet I do not pay enough attention to even think about trying to find the places we go. 
    I do know that we had fun riding the back country, from logging roads, to hill climbing through the trees. We even had a chance to do some taking in of the natural wonders of the region. We rode up to a dead end in the trail, the leaders got off their sleds and took their helmets off and started down over what looked like a cliff. Not quiet a cliff, but a steep hill through the trees. Those down before us made a nice butt-slide through the trees and it was fun to take the slide down. Here is Eric, the final slider, coming down the hill.
    The destination was Shamutt Falls, which when not capped with a coating of ice, is a very beautiful set of waterfalls. We could hear the water rushing under the ice cap, but that was about it. Even though the water was not visible, it was still a really cool place. We slid down one steep side of the ravine and the falls tumble over the other. 
    For as much fun as it was to slide down the hillside through the trees, it was not so much fun to make the hike back up, but the climb back up was certainly no surprise and I would make the slide down again. It's so cool to live in an area where such secret gems exist. I think if you were to ask all the locals around the area if they have been to those falls, 99.9% would likely answer "no".
    After the falls, we played some more and then it started to get a bit darker, so we headed out of the woods and off to dinner and then I had to get myself back on the island before they shut down the Portage Lake lift bridge to all traffic and I became stranded with the other 316 million poor souls on the wrong side of it! I did make it home safe and sound and other than a lot of construction crews out and about, preparing for the shut-down, the bridge crossing was pretty uneventful.
    Today, it was play with the family day. We started out with a nice snowshoe in the woods. Gracie is really quite good at getting around on the snowshoes and has been for 3 winters now. Here is a short little video of her getting around in the woods. We made it out to check in on "Old Granddad" and Gracie and Nora posed for a shot in front of him. It was really nice to be out in the woods with the whole family. The pups have a blast running around in the deep snow and are also good about staying close by us and heaven knows I need the exercise!!!
    After the snow shoeing, Gracie asked if she could go snowmobiling, so we fired up the pink 120 and I let her tool around the driveway for a bit. I had a feeling that she would grow tired of sticking to the driveway and she did. After about a half dozen laps, she asked if we could go riding in the woods. So I took out my sled, ran it around the same area as we rode two weeks ago to pack us down a trail and soon she was following me. She was doing great, so I parked my sled on the driveway and let her take some laps through the woods all on her own. Here is a movie of her doing a little boondocking.
    It was not too long before sticking to the one track got boring and she started to venture off on her own. For the most part that went pretty well, but every once in a while, she would get into a little bit of a bind and need my help. So I would ride out to help her and get things back on track. In one of the instances, she got a little too close to me and pulled a "Lassila". I am sure that the majority of you are wondering why I call that a Lassila. It is because it is the exact same thing that a riding buddy of mine did a few years back and his last name is Lassila!
    It was fun to watch Gracie go. I even followed her at the end of the riding session and she really was getting the urge to take her sled into the untracked snow. I swear I did not coach or coax her into do it, but was amazed at how appealing it was to her to get off the beaten path. It did not take much imagination to see what we will be doing in another 7-10 years!
    So I guess that about covers it for this one. You have less than one week to register for the ride-in and still be able to get a shirt. That day will be the 23, which is this Friday. The final day to be able to register and have a place set for you at the banquet will be the 27th, which is Tuesday of next week. So now would be a great time to head over to the registration page and get signed up so you can be part of the 10th and final event! For those up this way next weekend, be sure to stop in at the Bear Belly Bar and Grille in Lac La Belle to say hi and have your tips go towards the fun raising effort for this year!
Good night from the Keweenaw..
January 11, 2015-
    Greetings from a cold and snowy Keweenaw. Since I last wrote, around 35" of snow has fallen and temps have been no warmer 15.7 and that was actually just a few hours ago. We did not get super-bitterly cold, with most lows in the single digits below zero. The big lake is still largely ice free, so with the air traveling over it, it got modified (warmed) some, taking the deep and bitter chill out of things.
    The lake also did not stop producing lake effect all week. We did have a few hours here and there where it did not snow, but every day has seen at least several inches of snow and that is the reason for the nearly 3 feet of snow having fallen since last Sunday.
    We never had a huge dumping of snow occur for any one particular day, but we did have some periods where it was coming down pretty good. Winds were westerly for much of the week, which is the best direction for areas of the Keweenaw from around Houghton or Calumet north. The much loved (by me anyway) Bayfield Bomber tried to get going a few times and looked to have briefly materialized. For those of you who have not heard me use the term Bayfield Bomber before, it is when an area of converging winds causes a band of heavier snow to hit the Keweenaw. The convergence is many times initiated by the winds hitting the Bayfield Peninsula and then is typically further enhanced by a bit of a land breeze on the south shore of Lake Superior from around Ashland to Ontonagon or a bit further NE up the coastline from Ontonagon. I have personally seen snowfall rates of 4-5"/hour occur in some instances and if the banding holds together long enough, it will produce feet of snow, not inches. None of the banding this week lasted long enough to produce feet of snow, but we did have periods when it was coming down at the rate of 2-3"/hour. Here is a satellite view of one of the periods this week, taken Monday afternoon. It shows pretty clearly the initial convergence of the winds (seen in the cloud patterns) off the tip of the Bayfield Peninsula, with further help from the land breeze off the shore of the western UP.
    While that satellite image may have looked somewhat serene, on the surface things were quite a bit different. We had some very strong winds blow off and on all week and with the cold temps, the flakes were easily picked up and whipped around and at times the visibility was down to just a few hundred feet. With all the cold and strong winds, I was doubly glad to have the heated cab on the tractor, although I was a little more uneasy about being out at the road, for fear that the poor visibility out there could lead to someone hitting me.
    Things were not any better "in town". I had to run to Calumet Monday afternoon and could not go much faster than 35 mph the whole way. Driving through downtown Laurium was pretty neat though, with all the old buildings coated in the wind whipped snow. It looked (and felt) more like a town deep in the middle of Siberia than the Keweenaw.
    The cold and winds combined to close schools up here both Monday and again on Wednesday and it was a very close call on Friday. In fact, they probably could have been closed on Friday as well, but the closures on Monday and Friday probably increased the pressure to keep them open on Friday.
    I had some friends from the Chicago area come up late Thursday and ride both Friday and Saturday. With the temps hovering around zero and winds gusting to 35 mph Friday, we brought all the sleds into the shop to prepare them for the ride and things looked like a cat den.
    Despite the nasty conditions, we did venture out into the cold and snow after I was done with work on Friday. I have to say that I was surprised at how warm I was able to stay. I wore several layers as well as a lined coat. I skipped wearing gloves and opted for mittens and the only thing that got a tiny bit cold while riding for several hours was the tips of my toes, but even they were not frozen or too uncomfortable. The combination of the cold, plus the fact that the US National Cross Country Ski Championships were being held at MI Tech Ski Trails this week and all the skiers had a lot of the rooms in the are booked, made for a quiet week on the trails. The groomers still got out and did their magic all week and we were treated to pool table flat trails everywhere we went. Off the beaten path and in areas that were more sheltered from the winds and the woods were coated in a thick frosting of snow.
    So despite the cold temps and winds, Friday's ride went very well. Saturday morning I had an appointment to keep, but as soon as that was over, we all hurried back and got ready for another afternoon of riding. The temps were a little warmer Saturday afternoon, so I wore gloves for most of the riding, but kept the mitts in the tunnel bag just in case my hands did get cold. It snowed most of the day Saturday and things were getting deep out there. Shoulder to head high banks in an area of the woods that had been kept open for logging. We managed to find a nice sheltered area from the winds and took a break and admired the woods all flocked in Keweenaw Kamo. I could not help myself from taking a shot of the Kamoed sled in the Kamoed woods. Saturdays ride also went great, with great conditions everywhere, no sleds or riders damaged at all and a beautiful setting sun for the ride back to the ranch.
    The week ahead looks warmer, with the snows taming down a bit, but still falling from time to time. I know I am going to welcome the warmer temps. I have been looking forward to taking some skis and snow shoes through our woods and to pack down a trail that Gracie, Nora and I can take on skis or snow shoes. Gracie has also been asking when is the next time she can go "boondocking".
    Although the pups cannot speak words, if they could, I am sure that they would be saying they are looking forward to the warmer temps so they can spend more time outside too. Many of our morning walks did not happen this week, as the temps and winds made things too nasty. The pups also celebrated their 6th birthday on Friday. I picked up a pair of salmon steaks and some doggy ice cream to help them mark the occasion. I ended up going to dinner with my friends on Friday, so I missed giving them their ice cream, but Gracie was happy to oblige, as well as to sing them a chorus "Happy Birthday". The funny thing is, they both licked at the ice cream in their bowls, rather than bite it and ended up pushing their bowls under the Christmas tree (it will come down soon, I promise!). Huck ended up doing some pretty serious bookdocking himself! We also ended up putting off the salmon steaks until tonight, but as soon as they were brought in from the grill, they both took one sniff and knew what was coming!
    Today provided more snow. We awoke to the flakes flying and they proceeded to come down all day long. At time, quite heavily and with the flakes as big as silver dollars. That snow is super fluffy, so it tends to pile up quickly, but then also settles quite a bit. All told, it looks like maybe another 4" has fallen for the day so far. The woods around the house sure are beautiful, the proverbial winter wonderland
    It did end up warming enough for all of us to get out and enjoy the outdoors this afternoon. The pups did their usual chase and tug of war, while Gracie had fun playing on the banks of snow around the parking area. I did a bit of playing as well, but also did a few chores. The snow has really been piling up on spots of the roofs. Here is a shot from the underside. So I spent some time this afternoon raking some of that snow off the roofs. I think it will be time to put in a call to some of the local boys to have them come over and do a more thorough job of snow removal from the roofs.
    So things are a beautiful winter wonderland up here and only look to get better in the next 10-14 days. That will put things in great shape for the final ride-in! Yep, you did not think I was going to let you get through this entry without me plugging it and reminding everyone to get signed up. The cut off date for registering and getting a shirt will be the 24th of January. You will still be able to register after that, until the 28th, but will not get a shirt, as we are not going to do a second run of shirts for folks that did not register by the 24th cut off date. A reminder that I will also be guest bartending on the 24th at the Bear Belly Bar and Grille in Lac La Belle. So if you are up this way that weekend, be sure to stop in!
    I guess that covers it for this one. Talk to you all next Sunday!
Good night from the Keweenaw..
January 4, 2015-
   Welcome to 2015! I don't know about the rest of you, but this winter is flying by. I can all but guarantee that the rest of this month will fly by for me as I have a very full dance card, preparing for the final Ride-In on the 31st. Plus, it looks like I will be kept fairly busy moving snow much of this week and possibly into next.
    Speaking of the ride-in, I am going to start hammering it home to register before it is too late. I will be finding out when the last day to register and still get a shirt as well as the last day to register and get dinner at the banquet. If you are in the area on the 31st and want to come to the event, all will be welcomed and can participate in the silent auction and raffle, but only those registered will be able to eat. So please take the time to register if you have not already. It is really shaping up to be a dandy, perfect for the final one!
   Also, I will be up at the Bear Belly Bar and Grill in Lac La Belle to do my "guest bartending" from noon to 5 pm on the 24th of January. So if you are in the Keweenaw that weekend, be sure to stop by the Bear Belly Bar and Grille to grab a bite to eat and leave a generous tip, as all the tips for the day will be going towards the funds raised for Make-A-Wish. I might even be able to coax some local entertainers to do some picking and grinning for us all too.
    Finally, the Mosquito Inn in Toivola is currently hosting the restored Polaris vintage sled that will be raffled off for the event. It will be there until around the 16th or 17th and then will head to M & M Powersports in Hancock until the day of the event. On the 30th, there will be a karaoke party and all around good time at the Mosquito Bar in Toivola from around 7 until they kick us out. I already have at least one song picked out and if I get enough liquid courage in me, I might be able to do two! They usually have a raffle at the karaoke party and I will be bringing some goodies to be raffled off. So there is another one to put in your appointment book!
    So getting back to the events of the past week. 2014 will be known for being one heck of a winter. It went full speed ahead starting in January with the cold and snow. The lake froze up pretty good by the end of the month, so the LES diminished. but the snow still found a way to fall and we had good riding into the first week or May and riding could still be done the second week of May. That's nuts. Then November came in like a lion and roared all month. Most of December actually was quite sublime, for the Keweenaw anyway, but it still had one final hurrah as it closed out on the 31st. A cold front pushed through and behind it, the stage was set for some pretty healthy LES. Things really got ramped up by around midday as this shot of the front of the house shows. Our house is nicely situated in the woods, so we are not as impacted by the winds as other areas are, so I am always amazed at how different things can be out by the highway. I did have to make a bank run in the afternoon and between the falling and blowing snow, I could not travel more than 25 mph the entire trip. All told, we picked up around 10-12" of snow out of that activity on the 31st. 
    It continued to snow into the new year, but at a more relaxed pace and temps were not too cold, so the family decided to break out the cross country skis. It had been quite some time since Nora and my skis were used. So long that one pair actually had spider webs on them! We shook the cop webs off and got skiing, did a tiny bit of practicing on the driveway, but then it was off into the woods for some bush skiing. The bush skiing turned out to be a bit of a challenge for poor Gracie as we were making first tracks, going around and sometimes over fallen trees. She spent a lot of time on her backside, but still had a blast and cannot wait for the next time. Actually, I think the next time we will use snowshoes to pack a trail down and then the skiing will be a little more easy.
    After the skiing, we stayed out and Gracie wanted to have a snowball fight. The temps were too cold to be able to pack the snow very good, but we still managed to get each other pretty good and Gracie even ended up taking some evasive actions by hiding behind a tree.
    The pups had fun with us as well. They romped through the woods while we skied and played tug-of-war with a stick during our snowball fight. Then Nora started tossing snowballs for Millie to jump up and catch. Huck did not quite grab the concept as each clump of snow ended up smashing on his face and he did not like that game so much. I was playing around with some of the settings on the camera and noticed it had a "slow-mo" mode for shooting video, so I shot this little video of Millie catching a snowball in slow motion
    We played around a bit more and then the cold started to seep in, so we went in to warm up and look at the pictures we took as well as the video. Gracie got a real kick out of watching Millie catch the snowballs in slow motion, so she asked Nora to shoot a video of her while she pretended to do the same thing. I figured it was just cute and silly enough to be included in the journal.
    A little while later, we went back out and fired up Gracie's snowmobile and let her take some laps around the driveway. She was outfitted nicely for the occasion, thanks to a Christmas present in the form of some Klim gloves from Paul at Sled Solutions a year or two ago. She really got the hang of controlling the sled quickly and almost seemed to be getting a little bored just tooling around the driveway, so I broke out the RT12 sled and took off into the woods to make a little trail out there. I made a little lap and then returned to the driveway, only to find Gracie had watched dad and then tried to so the exact same thing, only with different results. I was pretty impressed with her lack of fear as well as her attempt to get over that bank all on her own.
    I made a few more passes of my own over the bank and through the woods to pack down a nice trail for her and soon she was out there, following me around the woods and a boondocker was born. When we finished up an asked her what was her favorite part of snowmobiling, she exclaimed BOONDOCKING! It won't be too many years and I will have a built in boondocking partner.
    Yesterday was a great day for outdoor activity. Temps rose into the mid 20's and the winds were fairly light, so while I actually went into the woodshop to get started on a project, the girls went out to meet up with friends for a ski and snowshoe playdate. Nora said the girls had a really fun time skiing and snow shoeing as well as playing on the playground that was half buried in snow.
    Today we awoke to temps of only 6 above and they slowly fell all day. The cold air combined with the big lake to produce lake effect all day. There was around 3-4" new at daybreak and we have picked up around another 2" today and it is still snowing. Rather than move the snow in the morning, I decided to wait until almost dark to move the snow, just in case it came down with enough vigor that it would have to be moved again in the evening. I really am enjoying moving the snow with Big Red. Be it a wet and heavy snow that gets picked up and tossed out of the way with the greatest of ease, to staying nice and cozy warm on days like today with temps hovering around zero and the winds whipping the snow around. I sure as heck do not miss having that snow slap me on the face while I sat on the ATV or walked behind the blower. Here is a shot from the cozy cabin as we headed back home after clearing the neighbors driveway. Just to prove how cozy it was, here is a selfie of Gracie and I inside Big Red with the temperature zero outside and NW winds of 35 mph.
    So that just about covers it for this one. The final thing I have is the answer to last weeks cloud question. I don't know if it stumped lots of folks, or it was just not interesting enough to compel many to answer, but there were a handful of good guesses posted to the board. In fact some that actually had part of the correct answer to them. So what caused that narrow area of cloudless sky in the picture? It was caused by the ice crystals from a condensation trail (contrail) from a jet flying above the clouds. As the ice crystals then fell through the layer of clouds, they acted as hygroscopic nuclei- basically a fancy term for an object that attracts water vapor (such as in a cloud). Those ice crystals did such a good job of attracting the water vapor in the cloud layer that it removed all of the cloudiness in that area and created a strip of blue sky. Thanks to those that played along!
    So now, I guess that really does do it for now.
Good night from the Keweenaw..


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