March 29, 2015-
    Well, I guess you can call this a "spring break" entry. Not because it is coming from some exotic land (unless you call my office exotic!), or that I will be talking about a recent visit to some exotic land. Nope, it's because I am drinking heavily and plan to pass out before I even finish it! Just kidding. I am not drinking...yet, but I do suffer from both a lack of material to share and energy to dig to deep to find something.
    Real quick. Thanks to all that gave their well wishes with my little medical thing last week. All turned out just fine. The infection was confined to the tissue, did not get into the bloodstream so it was a happy ending.
    I still took it kind of easy this week. Doing a little bit of work in the woodshop, but no snowmobiling. In fact, on Thursday, the good folks from Rt12 stopped by and brought this years demo sled I had back with them. They were up for a late season ride, which made it convenient for them to bring it back. I really do not know if I will even be going for another ride this season, but if I do, can ride the M. So I bid a fond farewell to the Crossfire. She was a fun sled to ride and I am pleased to announce that I will be on another Cat from Rt12 come next season. Only I need to get in touch with them, because I have changed my mind on what I would like to be able to use for next season. I had told them that we could go ahead with the crossfire highcountry edition again, but instead have decided on the Proclimb M with the 141"x2.6" track. I think that will be a perfect boondocking sled for up here and when the snow gets insanely deep, then I will have the 153. Anyone looking for a great used sled, stop by Rt 12 in Arlington Heights IL. I believe that sled had less than 300 miles on it!
    So I guess that about covers it for this one. The weather has been a little
schizo. With some mild air early in the week, allowing Gracie to go and play on her playground...well in a manner of speaking. That was on Wednesday when we hit the upper 40's with sunshine. Then snows of 7.5" fell Thursday, with temps by Friday morning below zero. Yesterday it warmed to the upper 30's with sun and today it has been snowing again. Ahhhh, spring in the Keweenaw. 
    It looks like the schizo weather might not yet be done with us either. Just as long as it does not turn bitterly cold, I am fine.
Good night from the Keweenaw.. 

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March 22, 2015-
    The last time I wrote, we were sitting at 57 degrees and the snow was melting quick. The next day, Monday, saw temps top out in the low 50's, but we also had clouds and a bit of rain that even changed to a bit of snow by late in the day. Then we spent the rest of the week in a holding pattern, with no additional snow loss, but also no additional gain.
    I did start the Laurium Glacier meltdown contest on Monday. It is not as big as in some other years, but is also no slouch either. I think the picture I take of it is always a bit misleading. So much so that in April of 2013, I strapped on some snow shoes and went out next to it so that Nora could take a picture to help illustrate its size. Here is that pic from mid-April of 2013.
    On Thursday I had my pacemaker replaced as the battery was getting low. We actually left town around midday on Wednesday as I had some pre-op tests to get done in Marquette on Wednesday afternoon. The surgery was not until Thursday afternoon, but all went well. Then yesterday the surgical site on my chest got to looking like it had been sunburned (signs of infection), so with the doctors offices closed, I headed into the emergency room. They too thought there was a good chance an infection was getting underway, so they started me on an IV antibiotic and drew blood for a culture. The culture test takes 48 hours to be determined, so we will not know for sure if there is an infection until tomorrow, but I did go in for another IV antibiotic this morning and will do the same tomorrow morning. I will say that the site does not hurt nearly as bad as yesterday and is less inflamed, so what ever is going on looks to be getting better. I am so lucky to have such good medical care in such a small community!
    While in Marquette and before my surgery, I was in charge of taking the pups out to go potty and such and on our morning walk/potty break Thursday, we walked past a maple tree that had lost part of one of it's branches during the winter. Spring is maple syrup season in the Northwoods, as the sap runs up the trees during the warm days and flows back down at night. At times, you can see the sap slowly dripping from a broken branch and when it is cold enough, you get a sapicle
    Also while in Marquette we had some free time, so we did some shopping (as most yoopers do when they go to Marquette!). We had to leave the pups in the vehicle and it was warm enough to leave a window down enough to let them stick their heads out for fresh air and some sniffing. They must have gotten the attention from a fellow shopper, for when we got back to the vehicle, there were these two treats on the drivers door waiting for them. Pretty neat gesture and my thanks to the kind individual that did that!
    Like Burt and Baileys, Huck and Mille have pretty wonderful lives. I personally think they deserve every moment of greatness they have in their lives as they pay it back (and forward) 100 time over. None the less, the other morning when I was busy doing my morning work at o-jeze:30, I looked over to my working companion and saw this! Such is the life of a dog at the Dees!
   I guess the biggest excitement was in the sports world up here. On Friday, the MI Tech Hockey Team defeated Bowling Green University 5-2 to advance to the championship game for the WCHA conference. They played Minnesota State-Mankato and lost by a similar score. Their season is not over yet. They will get a bid to the NCAA championship tourney with 15 other teams and will have a chance to win it all there.
   The other, and biggest, sporting news was the Calumet High School Girls Basketball team that won the STATE TITLE yesterday. It was a bit of a Cinderella story. They were a very good team, going something like 24-2 in the regular season. However, they still were not a ranked team. Their title run started here at home two weeks ago and then moved to Escanaba for the regionals. Then last Monday after a pep-rally at the school, the boarded a bus and headed down state with bags packed for a 7 day trip. The trip could have been cut short at any time, but they kept defying those that make the rankings and beating teams one by one. On Thursday they were matched up against the #3 ranked team in the state that I believe had just knocked off the #1 ranked team and were able to beat them. So yesterday at 4 in the afternoon the tip off happened. It was obvious that they were nervous and tight, as the other team got off to a big lead. However, about midway through the second period, they had put the jitters behind them and were knocking down 3 pointers and grabbing just about every re-bound and ended the first half tied 27-27. 
    Not too deep into the first half they took the lead and other than a brief moment when they fell behind by a basket, they led the rest of the game, winning 57-49. I have to admit that I am not much of a basketball fan, but it was one of the best basketball games I have ever watched. To be down by something like 9 points quickly in the game, but never panic and keep playing as a team and helping each other out, it is something that a movie could be made about. No lie.
    This is the first time Calumet has ever had a state champion in girls basketball, the other time going to the quarterfinals in 1977. Most of these girls have been playing together since 3rd grade and were super close. Nora and Gracie are very close friends with many of them and several of them have baby sat Gracie to boot!
    So there is some celebrating going on in Calumet as I write. The team is arriving back in town and there are loads of folks lining the roadway to welcome them back and there is also going to be a homecoming assembly at the school gym today. Nora and Gracie left about a half hour ago to cheer them on as they came into town and then were going to head over to the school gym. As much as I wanted to go too, I sat this one out just to be safe with my infection.
    There is also some celebrating going on at the east end of the UP, as the St Ignace girls team won the class D title. They came back from a 13 point deficit in the semifinal game and from a 20 point deficit in the championship game! As if that was not enough, they went out to meet up with the Calumet girls as they crossed the Mackinaw bridge and escorted them across the bridge along with a bunch of the emergency vehicles from the region. The two teams from the UP returning as champs. How cool. I have also heard that folks in towns like Munising and Ishpeming lined the streets as the Cally girls rolled through their towns to congratulate them. Life in the UP, it does not get any better!
    So there is going to be a group of girls up here who's feet do not touch the ground for some time and it could not have happened to a better group of kids. Congrats!
    My final bit of news is the weather forecast for us. I cannot remember if March came in like a lion or lamb, probably more like a lamb. However, it looks to go out like a lion. Several systems are seen in the next 1-2 days. One this Tue-Wed looks to bring several inches of snow and another by the weekend looks to do the same and yet a third may swing through the middle of next week. I sort of have mixed feelings about the pending snow. It will not be a problem to move with Big Red laying in wait. However, with my surgery last week and a possible infection going on right now, I may not be able to get out and play in it. The surgeon did say that I had no restrictions and to do what I felt up to doing, but I am not going to sacrifice my health for one last snowmobile ride of the season, that's for sure! A ski or snowshoe will likely happen though, so stay tuned!
Good night from the Keweenaw..
March 15, 2015-
    Wow, what a difference a week makes. Spring sure has sprung! Not just here, but pretty much everywhere in the Northwoods. We still have a fair amount of snow on the ground up this way, with just shy of 30". The trails still have a pretty good base in most spots, but it sure does look different up this way than it did just a week ago. Even hard to believe that it was just a week and a day ago that I took a ride and we still found lots of fresh powder! It's all mashed potatoes now.
    I can remember when I first moved up here, I sure would get depressed when the snow started to go. I was ready for the snow to start piling up after Labor Day and would have been fine had it stuck around until Memorial Day! Don't get me wrong, I still love the snow, but I suppose after the past two winters that finally did not loosen their grip until May, it is kind of nice to see some mild spring temps occur in mid March.
    Early in the week, the pups and I took to the woods for our morning exercise. With the time change to daylight saving time, we were back to being dark until just before 8 am, so we had to delay things a bit, but we were able to get out as the first signs of daylight hit and by the time we hit the half way point, we were treated to a beautiful sunrise over the hills of the Keweenaw. One day was perfectly clear, the other had clouds. I cannot remember which was which, but I believe the clouds were in place on Tuesday. So here is a shot of the sunrise Tuesday, with Millie checking things out. Huck was kinda busy and did not want his picture taken at the moment...if you know what I mean!
    It truly is moments like that when I still have to pinch myself to let me know I am not dreaming, but rather living a dream. To be able to step out my door, strap on a pair of snowshoes and head out into the woods with my two buddies leading the way. Hear nothing but the snow crunching under my snowshoes and the huffing and puffing of my own breath and walk through the beautiful snowfilled woods. I can't help but thinking back to around 16 years ago when I would walk to work from Printers Row on the near south side of Chicago to my office at the south end of the Loop and then spend the rest of the day inside an office building. Two completely different worlds and I sure have landed in the one I love.
    The snow was still powdery both mornings and on Monday we were even breaking trail and that is when the huffing and puffing part kicked in. While snowshoes do help tremendously when waking through deep snow, they do not make it effortless. I was still dropping down around a foot into the powdery snow, although that is better than dropping all the way to my belly like the pups were.
    On Tuesday afternoon, the sun came out and a southwesterly breeze allowed our temp to top out at 57 degrees! I even spent a bit of time outside without a coat on, just a long sleeved shirt. I could not help but think back to how everything is relative. Come July, 57 will feel very chilly and I would be breaking out a warm coat, while here at the end of another cold winter, it felt like we should have the swimming pool up!
    With the air temps in the upper 50's, it was a lot warmer outside than inside the shops, so I opened all the doors to let the warm air IN. I did a bit of spring cleaning in the shops, while the pups basked in the sun outside.
    When Nora and Gracie got home, we had dinner early and then all headed out to one of the back roads of Keweenaw county that had been plowed out all winter, but is a dead end and just two persons live on it, so it gets little to no traffic. That way we can all meander on the road without fear of being run over.
    The rest of the week also remained fairly mild. In fact, the snow never really did set back up, so we went without further snowshoe walks in the woods and instead took to walking the road we live on. Still a very pretty and relaxing walk, but the pups have to be on their leashes and there is the occasional vehicle that will pass by and interrupt the silence of things.
    The warm temps and sunshine did get the roofs to clearing this week. The one side of the front shop was the first to go and let lose on Tuesday afternoon. Others followed as the week went on and so did the melting. Among them was the woodshed roof and it did not collapse, which is always a plus!
    In the week morning hours Saturday, we did get into a bit of light snow and woke up to a fresh 1/2" of the white stuff. It snowed lightly most of the morning on Saturday before finally ending. The snow was a very wet and sloppy kind and the weight of it actually caused the final roof to clear Saturday morning, that being the roof over the screened in porch. More of a slab avalanche really.
    So our first real feel of spring was upon us for this week. Things do look to cool down a bit for the upcoming week and we might even pick up a bit of wet snow later Monday into Tuesday. The western 1/2 of the lake has also opened up enough to allow lake effect to fall. We are getting to the time of the season when lake effect starts to be harder to come by, but can still occur and it looks like later this week it might be cold enough to allow for some LES to fall. No big dumping, but enough to let us know winter weather is not yet done with us.
    My final bit of business is to let you know that the annual Laurium Glacier Meltdown contest will begin tomorrow at 9 am eastern time on the discussion board, so be sure to have your guesses ready to go!
Good night from the Keweenaw..
March 8, 2015-

    Greetings from a much milder Keweenaw! I guess when I was writing last week at this time, it was not brutally cold, but still only in the teens. Today as I write, we are creeping up on the freezing mark, with my current temp at 31.2 degrees and still climbing. Yesterday's high was 30.8 and Friday's was 26. So we have definitely worked our way out of the deep freeze and it looks like we could even flirt with 40 sometime this week. 
    We did have another round of bitter cold that arrived Wednesday and continued into Thursday, including tying the record low for March 5 at -21 at the airport. The airport is not the coldest spot in the winter and some areas near by had readings of up to -30 on Thursday morning. Schools were not closed, but did have a 2 hour delay to allow the bitter cold to ease a bit before sending the kids out into it to head to school. 
    It is looking like we might just be done with the bitter cold for this season. Not that we will not have some cold, but as far as sub-zero lows and highs in the single digits, I think that might just be it. The next 10 days to two weeks does not indicate any bitterly cold air to occur and that gets us pretty deep into March and while we can still have cold and snow at the end of March and even into April, it gets harder and harder to get the really nasty cold down into our neck of the woods by then.
    I will welcome that. I am not quite ready for all of the snow to go away, but am actually looking forward to some above freezing temps and sunshine. It will be nice to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy those conditions. Heck, it is already nice to not have to dress like an arctic explorer just to go to the store or put wood in the wood boiler!
    The pups and I did get out into the woods this week. The only days we stayed in were Wednesday and Thursday.
    On Friday, Nora, Gracie and I went to the MI Tech Hockey game. It was their final regular season home game and was against arch rivals Northern MI University. The game was a sold out, standing room only affair. So we got there early to get a good, close parking spot. The teams were in the midst of their pre-game warm-up when we took our seats and the arena was not too full yet, but got packed by the time the puck dropped.
    It being the final regular season home game of what has been a spectacular season for the team (21-5-2 record, one point off of winning the WCHA), they were asking the crowd to wear the colors of the team (black/gold), especially gold, so before heading into the game, we stopped by the university store and picked up some team colors for us
    There are several nice things about going to a MI Tech Hockey game. One being that you are almost assured to see someone you know, if not sit near-by some of them. Two, while the caliber of play is not that of the NHL, it still is very good and very fun to watch. In fact, there are typically fewer stoppages in play, so that makes the game more fun to watch. Third, the stadium is big enough to create an air or excitement, but also small enough that there really is not a bad seat in the house. We were sitting just about on the blue line, but were in the second to last row of the stadium, but yet we were still right in all the action.
    Gracie had a total blast, which is good to see, as it has always been one of my dreams to go to see the Chicago Blackhawks play each of the original 6 teams in their home venues. It would be neat to make a long weekend out of each trip and be able to see the different cites. I have been to Detroit, New York and Toronto, but have not seen much of Detroit at all and was in Toronto only once about 30 years ago, so even to go back to those cities would be fun and I have never been to Boston or Montreal and would really like to see those two cities, especially Montreal. Of course we would also see the Blackhawks play at home and spend the weekend down there as well.
    At any rate, I think Gracie got the biggest kick out of the MI Tech Pep Band. Before the game starts, they come into the arena single file, drums beating and then work into a snappy tune and Gracie loved dancing to them every time they played. Here is a short video of one of her dances. In fact, she loved the band so much that ended up spending the entire second period standing down by them, which was not all that bad as it put us right down by the goal defended by NMU for the period and saw lots of action, as the shot count at the end of the 2nd period was 42 for tech and 10 for NMU! The final shot count was 52 for Tech and 21 for Northern and the stat that counts the most was a 5-1 victory for Tech. It was a home-at-home weekend series and they also won in Marquette Saturday night 3-1.
    Ok, so that was my sports writer career in a nutshell. It sure would be cool to see Tech go all the way to the Frozen Four and even take that. We'll see, they sure have the talent and going into the weekend were the #4 ranked team in the nation.
    Yesterday I got together with some new found riding buddies. I had actually been invited on a few rides earlier this season, but either a busy schedule or illness kept me from getting together with them, but yesterday I finally got the chance. 
    I had never ridden with any of them before and actually only knew one of them before the ride even started, but snowmobilers seem to have a nice connection to one another and they welcomed me into their pack and made me feel at home right away. 
    We took off from one of the riders camp up here in the Keweenaw yesterday morning. They pretty much do all off-trail riding and many have grown up here and know the bush pretty well, so it was a very fun ride for me, as my favorite thing to do (by far) on a snowmobile is to explore. And explore is exactly what we did. It is amazing to me how I can know so much of the area up here, but yet spend almost the entire day riding in spots I have never ridden in before. I was even able to show them a few spots they had never been to before.
    The weather and snow as perfect. Temps were in the upper 20's, with only a light breeze and after a fresh inch or so of snow in the morning, the sun even popped out by later in the afternoon- helping with the navigation. One of the first stops of the day was at a friend of the groups camp. I did not feel it right to display a picture of the camp, but there was a scenic old log structure near-by that proved to be a nice photo-op.
    Most of the riding was done on small two track type trails. Some a little grown in, but still fully navigate able. Around midday, we stopped under the shelter of a grove of hemlocks and built a little fire to roast some hotdogs on for lunch. I was also shown to one waterfall that up until yesterday had remained undiscovered to me and many others. It will be neat to head back there later this spring and see the water flowing over it, as it was completely frozen over yesterday.
    We also made it to one of the high spots in Keweenaw County (no it was not the off-limits Mt Houghton) on our exploring and the conditions proved to be quite good for viewing things like Superior both to the west and east of the peninsula, Mt Bohemia, Mt Houghton and even some notable spots south of the bridge like Whealkate Bluff. All told, we put on about 60 miles in 7 hours and all of us were pretty whooped by the end of the day. Even though we did not do anything extreme, my arms are feeling it today from all the fun had yesterday. I am already looking forward to the next get-together with this crew!
    So that about covers it for this week. It looks to be an even milder week ahead, with just about every day making it above freezing and no new snow to speak of. As mentioned, I am not quite ready for all of the snow to go, but am looking forward to spring riding/skiing/snow shoeing to commence and am also more confident that the remaining wood in the woodshed will be enough to get us through the rest of the heating season. I figure I have gone through about 4/5ths of what I had to start the season with. There is still around 7-8 weeks left, but the amount of wood used on a daily basis is dramatically less from here on out as it is in the dead of winter and this past November was more like January, so unless we have something highly unusual happen, I think I will make it. 
Good night from the Keweenaw..
March 1, 2015-
    Welcome to March! and guess what we have falling right now? A little bit of lake effect snow! Yep, some flakes started flying around 10 am and have been falling since. Not heavily by any means and I was not able to tell they were LES in variety until I came in from the outside, but after one look at the satellite, it is true. Actually more like lake enhance snow, as there is a weak cold front pushing through, but the front is not really producing much snow shower activity and I can see some streamers coming off some open water off to our west. There is not a lot of open water, so we are not likely to see any meaningful LES from what is out there right now, but it's a start and I am probably just as excited that the lake can produce some clouds and snow showers as I am on the idea it might help modify any more arctic air that drops south.
    After being sick 2 weeks ago, then Nora being sick last week, Gracie being sick this week and all the cold, cabin fever was really starting to take hold of me. Especially by Thursday, I was just chomping at the bit to be able to get outside to do more than get into the truck or load wood into the boiler. It did remain too cold to get outside on Thursday, including a new record low at the airport of -25. Schools were closed a couple of times this past week due to the cold and wind chill as well. 
    It is always amazing to me how we can become somewhat acclimated to the cold though. Not that I was enjoying the below zero high temps and the lows in the 20's below zero, or even that it did not feel very cold, because it did. However, come Friday, when the sun was out and temps warmed to +10, it felt downright good! I am not one to take too many "selfies", but the sun and +10 degree temps felt so good, I just had to. And now you know why I do not take too many selfies!
    The selfie was taken just before the pups and I headed out into the woods to do some snow shoeing. It felt so good to be able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors again and I am so lucky to be able to strap on my skis or snow shoes just outside my front door and head off into the beautiful woods. 
    Even though with the lake frozen up pretty tight, leading to a pronounced absence of snow, the snow in the woods was still quite deep and also quite fresh. In fact, the trail that had been blazed a few weeks back was completely covered up and the pups and I had to blaze a brand new one. A bit more of a workout than I had planned on, but it did help to get the blood pumping and its not like my body had been taxed heavily by a bunch of exercise in the previous 2 weeks anyway! Plus, I got to take in lots of mother natures handiwork
   After the snow shoe expedition, it was too nice of a day to go inside, so I eyeballed all the snow on the lean-to, as well as a layer of ice underneath, caused by some heat bleeding from the supply lines as they run between the shop and lean-to and decided to do something about it. So grabbed a shovel and snow scoop and climbed up there and got to clearing the snow off. I took my time and enjoyed the sunshine. The pups watched from below and must have thought it looked like fun, because as soon as I had piled enough snow up under the eave of the roof, they used it to climb up onto the roof to join me. I think that they really enjoyed the different perspective of being up on the roof, because they both ended up staying up here and hanging out with me until I was finished.
    Not long after I finished with the roof, Nora and Gracie got home from school and we all got ready to join friends for dinner and then take in the start of the CopperDog sled dog race in Calumet. Here is a shot of all the girls waiting for the race to start. It was cold once the sun set Friday evening, but thankfully most of the businesses in Calumet stay open through the start of the race, so we were able to duck inside a few times to thaw out.
    The start of the race is really cool. We usually start out watching the race about midway down the main drag in Calumet, but then as time goes by, some of the primo viewing spots right at the start open up and we shuffle down there to catch the action. I believe I have mentioned in the past how these dogs really are professional athletes. They do not get paid multi-million salaries, but they are just as pumped up before the start of the race as any professional athlete is before a big game. Here is a video of a team being loaded into the starting gate and the dogs getting fired up to head off into the race. The other cool thing that the race organizers do is to play a song for each team heading out and the song is chosen by the musher.
   We did stick it out through the cold and watched the final team head out and then took in the fireworks show they do after all the teams are out of the starting gate. It was then time to head home and climb into a nice warm bed and not have to get up at 5 am to catch a plane to head out west to snowmobile. Not that I am complaining at all about being fortunate enough to be able to go out west for so many years and fly to boot! However, it does feel really good to be able to stay home with my family.
    For as nice as the day was on Friday, it was even nicer on Saturday, as the sun still shined brightly and the temps warmed into the low 20's! Pretty much the perfect day to head out on the snowmobile, so that is exactly what I did was a buddy. It was probably one of the best rides I had of the entire season so far. The weather was absolutely perfect and we did a lot of exploring uncharted waters, which is my all time favorite thing to do on a snowmobile. 
   We found some nice play spots and enjoyed stopping to take a break and sit in the sun and enjoy the wonderful weather. I even managed to pull such a huge wheelie that my gas cap could not even stay on! Well, it probably had more to do with the fact that I probably did not tighten it enough after filling up at lunch time, but it was a pretty big wheelie and the cap did come off and was lost. Luckily we both came fully prepared with all the back country survival tools. Toilet paper, a plastic baggie and some zip ties and I had a fully functional gas cap for the rest of the afternoon.
    Other than the lost gas cap, no other carnage was done to sleds or bodies and we both returned to the Dee compound with big smiles on our faces. I pulled the sled into the garage and Huck took to making sure the EZ Ryde Carve was all cleaned up for the next ride. He says the snow tastes better off the suspension than the other parts of the sled!
    A nice homemade dinner, back to bed and then up and Adam today for some more fun. It was cloudy today and as mentioned, we have had some snow showers, but the temps were still quite nice, with upper teens to around 20 degrees. The pups and I took to the woods again for a snow shoe. Even though they are a little over 6 years old, they still run around like they are 2 or 3 and it sure is great to see them being able to do so. Poor Burt and Baileys sure got the short end of the stick when it came to joint problems. In any case, here is a quick little video of the type of horse play the pups do the whole time we are out exploring.
   After the snowshoe, we took care of a few more chores and then headed over to watch the sled dog teams head back to Calumet. They cross right on our road about a half mile away from our house, so that is where we went. There were some volunteers there at the crossing to help with things and before long, Nora and I had been sworn in as official volunteers for the race. Nora filled out the time sheet for when each team crossed the road and I helped to keep an eye out for the next team to come, so we all could form a "human chain" to help keep the dogs on track and also stop any vehicles that might be coming as the teams were crossing. Gracie had fun watching the teams pass by as well as building her snow-snowmobile. I must say, the dogs looked a whole lot more tired today than they did on Friday night! For good reason obviously, they were on about mile 140 in a race that started less than 48 hours previously! Here is a video of a team coming to the crossing.
    So the only other excitement since the warm up came was to get the addition roof shoveled off. They had not been cleared all season and while some areas did naturally clear back earlier in the season with the brief intervals of above freezing temps we had, there was still a lot of snow up there and some nice hanging drifts and they needed to come down. So while I was out playing on my snowmobile yesterday, a couple of local boys were up on the roof clearing it off for me! I did do one (out of two) of the clearings last winter and I suppose I may do another one of these years, but as long as there are healthy high-school kids wanting to make some money, I will make use of the situation!
    So the roofs got cleared, which led to another issue, that being all the snow piled up where it was cleared from the roof. However, that is why God made people that know how to make a tractor that can make pretty quick work of piles like that. The backhoe came in quite handy to dig into the pile as well and I even got a little creative, making a little archway for the fun of it. As tempting as it was, the archway did not stay. Too much risk of it falling on one of the pups or Gracie, so I took it down and we can now see out of all of our windows again and I seriously doubt that we will have to worry about clearing the roofs for the rest of this snow season.
    We are in store for some snows on Tuesday, as is much of the Northwoods. Not a huge storm, but enough to have to move around and also enough to make a difference in the snow cover. Then a quick shot of cold air for Wednesday, but not as bitterly cold as we have seen. Plus some strong winds with the low that brings the Tuesday snow will likely lead to some more ice loss on the big lake, which could help to temper the cold, then back to the 20's for the end of the week and weekend. Conditions are awesome and only look to get better for snow play!
Good night from the Keweenaw..


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