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Current U.S. Watches/Warnings


National Weather Service Public Information Statements
(Snowfall and Snow Cover Reports)
Michigan Wisconsin
Wisconsin #2
Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Iowa Illinois Indiana

  N.W.S. Winter Weather Statements
Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio

  N.W.S. Zone (local) Forecasts
Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio

Satellite Imagery
Minneapolis Detroit IR loop over Midwest IR with Radar over US

Radar Imagery
Loop over Cadillac, MI  Loop centered St Cloud, MN Loop centered over Springfield IL Loop of US

Surface Reports
(key for maps)
Midwest N. WI, UP, MN Lower MI Western Canada Eastern Canada US Temperatures US Windchills

Satellite Derived Snow Cover Analysis
Northern Hemisphere USA Alaska Europe/Asia

Snow Cover/Snowfall Data

U.S. Computer Generated Snow Cover Data

Canadian Snow Cover Maps


Trail Conditions / Maps /Info
Michigan Snowmobile Association Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs Minnesota United Snowmobile Association Iowa State Snowmobile Association
Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs
Trail   Ultimate Snowmobiler   Sled City   Michigan
         Northeast WI   Ontario Fed. of Snowmobile Clubs
       Northeastern MN Trail Conditions   Boundary Waters Conditions
MN DNR Site   Sault Snowmobile Association
SooTrails Fourm

Lake Vermillion, MN area
MN Maps Snowmobile Gaylord Marquette, MI Trails Report (WI trail conditions)

Sites of Interest
Dootalk American Snowmobiler Online Snowmobile Comparison Snowest Mi-TRALE Michigan Snowmobiler Science Hill Drifters Snowmobile Hall of Fame
UP Hospitals Midwest Sledders Sledhead 24-7
Winter Driving Tips Safe and Sober


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