View Full Version : July 4th on North Shore

07-07-2009, 08:44 AM
Spent the week of the 4th at the cabin near Finland. Had a great time, did some hiking, lounged around, cut some fire wood, etc... Best thing I did though was put up the last pc of trim in the cabin. It is now done after 4 yrs!

Here's some pics of what we did.
We went to judge Magney State Park north od Grand Marais and hiked up to the Brule river Falls and Devils Kettle. Just an awesome hike and beautiful area
View of Brule River falls
/image{Brule River falls}
Close up of the falls
This is the Devils Kettle. If you look at the water on left, it drops into that hole and they don't know where it goes or reconects with the rest of the river.
/image{Devils Kettle}
We hiked up to Caribou Falls one day as my kids love to go swimming there.
/image{caribou falls}
This picture is of Shovel point in Tettagouchee State Park. We took it from Palisade Head
/image{shovel point}
Kids and I on Palisade Head
On our last day we went kayaking on Lake Superior. We started in Tofte and paddled down to Temperance River State park.

We also spent a day down at Gooseberry Falls but forgot to bring the camera that day. Our summer waterfall tour continues. So far we've been to Illgen Falls, High falls, Pattison Falls, Willow River Falls, Copper Falls, Brule River Falls, Caribou Falls, and Gooseberry Falls. Still planning a trip in mid August to Taqheman (sp?) Falls in the UP