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Family Trip January 6-12, 2008

We left home at 6:20 AM Sunday January 6th and arrived in Houghton MI 7.5 hours later. Great drive, no problems and only one fuel stop. Amazing!

Day One - Monday:

Doug and Jim take Doug’s sled over to Keweenaw Motor Sports for a new trailing arm; he ends up with TWO new trailing arms.

Jim comes back to the hotel with lots and LOTS of new parts! He decided to trade his ’01 Renegade 800 in for a ’07 Renegade 1000 SDI. O M G! WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!? Marty is a really good salesman! I asked 10 million questions and he had an answer for each and every one of them! Thanks Marty!


I’m pretty impressed that Skylar and Joe caught on right away, I would sometimes put the 2 and sometimes put the 3, that was accidental, kinda!

Okay, so FINALLY we get to hit the trail. All of us are up on a sled. Dustin and Dylan on their 340 Ovations, me on my Rev, Jim on his NEW 1000, Doug on Revegade, Katie on Rick’s 700 (we borrowed it), Amy on Doug’s 800 with the new trailing arms.

We are on the access trail that runs from the hotel over to Dan’s Polaris which is one mile from “highway” 3. It’s hard packed, and someone had run a 4 wheel drive vehicle down it, so it has really BIG frozen ruts in it. So, needless to say, it’s a challenge. BUT we prevail!

We get to the road crossing – right across from Dan’s Polaris, Jim gets Dustin across, we get the girls across and I get across. Doug is getting ready to help Dylan across when Amy leaps off Doug’s 800 and screams IT’S ON FIRE! Smoke is ROLLING out from under Doug’s hood! Jim runs over and flips the hood open, MORE SMOKE and it’s making this HIGH PITCHED squealing sound. He hits the kill switch – NOTHING – he pulls the tether – NOTHING! He pulls the wires off the plugs – finally the sled stops running – then all of the sudden the sled starts to puke GREEN! O M G! It’s WAY OVER HEATED! Not sure if we fragged the motor or not! Doug has crossed and is about ready to go over and get Dylan when he sees his sled smoking and puking. He runs over and he and Jim start the triage.


Everyone is together in the ditch across the street from Dan’s Polaris.


Jim and Doug are performing life support on Doug’s sled. Checked the plugs, they are not wet – THANK GOD! In the meantime, Katie and Amy have gone over to Dan’s to pee and buy some antifreeze. They come back with one quart. Yeah, not enough. And holy crap it was EXPENSIVE! Doug goes back over and buys more. Fills up the reservoir and the start it up – antifreeze goes EVERYWHERE! They check the hose – OH CRAP – it is MELTED at the T. Doug’s sled is toast, but fixable… says Jim.

Well, we are done for the day. Have to go back to the hotel get the truck and trailer and come back and get Doug’s sled. But it’s down in the ditch; we gotta get it closer to the side of the road. Dustin volunteers to tow Doug’s sled with his little 340 Ovation. So they strap it up and take off the belt. Dustin TOWS the sled over to the side of the road. He gets his little sled stuck on the burm so Jim ran his 1000 over to finish the tow job.

The whole time we were waiting, I took pictures of the boys and Jim and the girls made a snowwoman. I had the camera in my HANDS when Dustin was towing Doug’s sled, but NO I didn’t get pictures of Dustin owing – I have a senior moment and totally forgot I had the camera IN MY HAND!

Once Jim and Doug got Doug’s sled all parked on the side of the road, they road SIDE BY SIDE on Jim’s 1000 back over to the ditch. AGAIN a MISSED KODAK MOMENT! They looked so funny side by side on that sled!

Now, it’s time to head back. Amy doesn’t have a sled. Dylan is in NO MOOD to ride back, so we make Katie take Dylan’s Ovation and Amy rides Rick’s 700 back.

We get back to the hotel, Jim and Doug fix Ol’ Red. No one had the parts necessary, so the mechanic at KMS told them to go to the hardware store and get the hose and T thingy. He said for them to get the T thingy in brass so it won’t melt again. They got all the pieces parts, performed surgery well into the night and the sled came through with FLYING COLORS! Including green.

They take it out for a test drive and all is well.

Ahhhhh, Day 1 comes to an end with Sloppy Joes for dinner and a good evening swim!

Day 2 - Tuesday:

Tuesday is totally FOGGY! Jim and Doug take a scouting trip to the south. See what the trails are like down to Twin Lakes. Dylan loves to run in Krupps field, so they go check it out. The kids and I don’t ride that day – too foggy – not safe. So it’s POOL DAY! YEEHAW! We had it all to ourselves all day! I worked on the camera issues – big fun!


Dinner Tuesday was Beef Stew – OHHHH YUMMY!

Day 3 – Wednesday:

Dylan wanted to ride in Krupps field, but he did not want to take the trail all the way down here. So, to make it enjoyable for him, Jim loaded him up in the trailer and took him down there. They parked at the BP and rode the short distance down the trail to Krupps.


Doug, Dustin, Katie, Aimie and I rode from the hotel down to Twin Lakes. The trails were FAB! AMAZING! They were flat, white and fast! In the beginning they are a bit hard packed, but as the day went on they loosened up and were in my opinion PERFECT! We made great time over the access trail and down trail 3 to Twin Lakes. Doug ran point, Aimie was behind him, Dustin and Katie followed and I ran drag. The girls rode like champs! Amazing how well they did!

The video camera didn’t work on the trail – figured out later it was because I had the NIGHT SHOT activated! DOH! But I got some digital snap shots once we got to the BP and met up with Jim and Dylan.


After we had a break and put fuel on, we found some power lines to run for a bit. Dylan was all in and wanted to go home. So Jim took him back and Doug and I took the girls and Dustin back up.


On our way back, we were making great time, so we stopped at the Cozy Inn and had some snacks and headed back to the hotel.

We were back on the access trail to the hotel from Dan’s Polaris. There is a small woodsie area around a small field so Doug thought it would be fun to go back there. Dustin was behind Doug, the girls were behind him, I was in the back of the pack.

Back behind these trees and in this little field, the snow was deep, crusty on top, wet and heavy underneath. Doug made a sweeping right around a grove of trees, Dustin followed in his track perfectly. Aimie was next, she was riding Revegade and went wide and slow, Katie was right behind her just as wide and just as slow! Both girls got stuck and were tipping to the left, the low side. Both of them put their foot down on the low side and attempt to push the sleds up, no luck. I wasn’t moving fast enough to get past them without getting stuck – I am afraid I am going to hit Aimie and I stop, my sled sinks. Oooops.

I try to yell to Aimie to put both feet on the high side. I am not sure if she hears me, but FINALLY she gets both feet on the rail on the high side and she sticks her butt out as far as possible! She’s trying to get Katie to go past her; Katie is screaming I CAN’T, I’M STUCK! We heard that perfectly fine!

I waved back to Doug – I was laughing so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants! Aimie standing on the right rail, both feet with her butt sticking out – she even throw her leg out for good measure!. Katie sitting on the right edge of her sled, leaning as far over as she could. The look of terror in her eyes!

My sled was stuck deep. I gave both girls the signal to STAY PUT! I inch my way out and back up on top of the snow, while Doug walks down to Aimie and gets Revegade unstuck. If she had just pushed the throttle just a little she would have walked right up and out of there – she was scared to death it would tip over. Turns out she was up on a medium sized rock!

Aimie goes back to Katie and pushes the sled up right and down on both skies. They do the ONE TWO THREE GO a couple of times and they get the sled unstuck and on top of the snow again.

They did a great job – their first attempt at “off trail!” NO – I didn’t get any pictures, amazing how I forget to take the camera out of my pocket at the perfect times! They both loved it and wanted to do it again!

It was a great day! Dustin did a great job!! He rode like a champ! I am so proud of HIM!

Dylan did a great job riding in the field and on the trail to get there and back. He's just so nervous about being on the trail. He does much better when he's in a controlled space. He gets so afraid on the trail that he will only go 10-20 mph. So if open fields are his gig, then he gets open fields. He's so cute on the sled and very cautious!

Back at the hotel we have Chili for Dinner!! Then hit the pool for some water play!


Day 4: Thursday – Copper Harbor Run

We made our annual Copper Harbor Run - we trailered over to the Ramada and took off from there. 108 miles round trip! 1 tank of fuel round trip! Not sure how that happened, but it did! We left Ramada at 10:00 AM, filled all the sleds at that trail side Marathon. We arrived at the Mariner North at 12:00 Noon, there were no other sleds there! We had lunch, Doug and I shared some deep fried mushrooms and French fries, he had hot wings and I had chicken strips. Jim had a burger and fries. We left there at 1:30 – a bunch of sleds had arrived while we were eating.


When we got to the overlook, we had a few Kodak moments. Thanks to the group from Detroit that took our picture!


We left there at 2:00 PM. Arrived back at the trail side Marathon and filled up the sleds again. Got back to the Ramada, loaded the sleds and arrived back at our hotel at 3:45. That is the FASTEST TURN EVER! We didn’t even push it! Normally we are breaking our necks to get back before dark – this time, not even an issue! We had time for several trail pee breaks. No pine needles in my undies this time!

The trail was SPECTACULAR!!! I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL it was!! It was flat, fast and SNOW WHITE! Getting out of Houghton Doug's sled got a little hot and coming back in it got hot, but that was the only time. I had a blast. They had me take point so I could go on ahead and they could blaze the trail or drop off and play and catch up with me. They wanted to make sure I was ahead of them so they could find me! I would just stop the stop signs and wait for them. They were never far behind. On the way back they went ahead of me because of the increased traffic and I just had fun running and catching up with them. I am not into the high speed on the trails anymore, especially with the kids riding now! I also prefer the off trail stuff now too! That is so much fun! GOD IT WAS FABULOUS!!!


This shot was a frame from the video camera! I figure it out!!!

We saw three sleds going up to the Harbor. Coming back we saw a few more sleds and two groomers. The Trails coming back were great as well.

When we got back to the hotel, Jim and Doug took Dustin out for a little spin. Apparently he did really well on his homework so he got his toy reward AND he got to go out for a ride in the woods. He was all geeked!

Turkey and noodles for dinner tonight! Mmmm mmmm good!

Day 5 - Friday

Jim, Doug, Dustin and I hit the trails, Dylan didn’t want to go so the girls stayed with him.

We trailered 5 miles to the Wildlife Refuge Cabins - THANKS FOR LETTING US PARK THERE! Jim, Doug, Dustin and I took off from there and headed to the Twin Lakes BP to put fuel on. Then we went along the power line, found some GREAT off trail winding through the woods. DUSTIN has this NATURAL TALENT that just scares the CRAP out of me!


Here are a couple shots that are frames from the video camera. I’m so glad I figure that out!


Jim, Doug, Dustin and the girls are NIGHT RIDING! Yes, you read that right. I let them take my BABY out on the trail in the DARK! OMG. My undies are in a bunch. Totally. We checked the DNR site the only thing it says about kids under 12 is that they cannot cross any street or road. Nothing on there about day or night. SO I had to give everyone the speach about taking care of my boy. Undies are in a HUGE BUNCH!

They just got back from their night ride and Dustin did GREAT! He said his most scary moment was when the trail turned and he thought it went straight! He said it was so dark that it was spooky! They went to the bridges south of Krupps and turned off their sleds... they said it was pitch black!

He said the fun part was when they put fuel on at the BP. He got to be the “sled valet.” He pulled the sleds up to and away from the pump. Even got to move the 1000!! Apparently, someone recognized him at Parkview and gave him a big thumbs up!

That 9 year old boy put on at least 75 miles just today! WOW! He's a little worn out! What a day for my boy! Another thing – he rides STANDING UP most of the time! For what ever reason, riding standing up is way better – so he says!

Dylan and I were at the pool and we had it all to ourselves!! He was showing me how to put my face under the water. He would laugh when I couldn't do it! So he said "baby steps Mom, just start with your chin, then your mouth, then your nose, then your eyes! I'd get to the nose and could not go further... he would laugh and tell me I was silly!

So today was ANOTHER fun day of riding! I'm glad we stayed, I'm glad we came up here! I loved the hotel. All in all it was a PERFECT TIME - even without any new snow!

Left overs tonight for dinner – what ever they can find to eat and finish up. Time to pack up and get ready to leave. I can’t believe it’s over already!

Saturday morning, We left Houghton at 8:00 AM and arrived home at 4:00 PM. We had a bizarre stop in Wauzau… tried to find the Culvers off Exit 193 – yeah, there isn’t one! Nothing like driving a semi truck through a residential area with one way streets!!

Well, that’s it. Some of it is repeated from the thread – but that’s okay, cuz it was originally part of this journal! Now that I have the video camera and digital camera stuff figured out – I will be READY for Hulbert/Newberry!

REV IT UPx3!!!


01-13-2008, 06:02 PM
Nice job Juls! Love the pics- but it would have been a total hoot to see Jim and Doug on the sled together! ROFL

Glad you had a good time!

And you got the cameras figured out - Newberry here we come http://www.johndee.com/discuss/clipart/happy.gif

01-13-2008, 07:56 PM
Ive never seen krupps parking lot or the bp station without snow!!I hope the got some more soon...

01-13-2008, 08:00 PM
Great pics Julie! Looks like everyone had a good time! So, how does Jim like all the horsies from the 1000? <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> is good to see Revegade back in his natural area. He was bought new at Keweenaw Motorsports ya know!

After seeing the picture of big red, we did pass you when you guys were on your way up. I believe it was just a couple of miles south of Twin Lakes when I saw you.

Dustin looks like a natural!

01-13-2008, 10:28 PM
Too Cool Jul. Thanks for sharing. Tell Jim I said hi. Nice chatting with both of you Saturday Morning. We just got back today, but are heading back up this Wed.Had too much fun, with very little traffic for Saturday and Sunday.

01-14-2008, 07:27 AM
Great job Juls!

01-14-2008, 11:05 AM
Hey Juls,

Were you pulling out of the BP at Festival Foods around 8:45 on saturday with Big Red?

I was on my way to Snowmobile safety with my youngest.


01-14-2008, 11:26 AM
Jimmy did run up and get fuel - not sure where he got it from though. We left the hotel at 9:00 AM Eastern - so that may not have been us... not sure!

Thanks again for all your help with the camera stuff! I FINALLY figured it out - YESTERDAY! Works great! THANK YOU!



01-14-2008, 12:14 PM
Great job Julie! Thanks for sharing. Glad you all had a good time.

01-14-2008, 02:48 PM
Awesome journal and pictures Juls! Everyone seemed to have a blast! Thanks for sharing!