View Full Version : Canyon Creek, Montana, 1/25-26/08

02-04-2008, 08:01 AM
My first trip West and it was a good one. Unfortunately we saw zero wildlife but the snow ghosts made up for it.

I recommend the area and if you stick to the Canyon Creek area you probably could go unguided, especially if you have avalanche training.
Trails are signed good for location but don't have much as far as turns and such. Traffic was light to none.

They have some odd laws with regard to licensed guides, only one permit each for Fed and State land and the two rental places in the area hold them. It keeps traffic to mostly locals which was a good thing.

We were the only guests at the lodge we stayed at which was nice. Top notch service that way and we had the use of the shared main lodge in addition to our own cabin.

For your next adventure West, keep North Western Montana in mind.