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12-04-2009, 12:05 PM
From my own experiece using vBulletin boards. They are not AOL freindly. Yesterday after hours of attempts and purusing the VBulletin.com forums for answers to get "back on" JD forums I waved the white flag and cried for help to the Administrators.

Success and thanks to the Adiminastrators. So far so good.

AOL user tip. Upon signin check the "remember me" box. By checking this box you are remembered as you click from page to page within the forum. This all has to do with each page having its own address. Should the box not be checked you're not logged in on the page you're trying to connect to and may or may not see that page and/or recieve an error message. As i said, so far ao good for me. This also may help others with different ISPs.

As for today I had to explain to my wireless router that it deals in 1's and 0's not x's and o's. Its listening now. Is'nt the computer age great!