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12-08-2009, 08:09 AM
Helping Hands for Hannah !!

In the winter of 2008 we had a beautiful 2 month old daughter Hannah. One night in February we got a phone call at 6:00 pm that changed our life forever. At her 2 month check up they did some test that showed her liver levels were high. They told us to head to St. Louis that night for some test. After three days of testing they concluded that she had biliary Artresia. This is a very rare disease of the liver that has a unknown cause. This disease attacks the bile ducts that drain your liver. She went in for a 6 hour surgery and once they were in there they discovered that at one time she had her bile ducts but something had attack them and it was just scar tissue left. They also discovered that her gull bladder was just floating around in there and had never been hooked up. So they did what is called a Kasi procedure. This is were they took her intestines and cut them and looped them up and connected them to her liver. The success rate on this procedure is 1/3 works 1/3 kind of works but still needs a transplant and a 1/3 doesn't work at all. We are lucky enough to be the middle one. They said she will need a transplant sometime between now and 13 years from now. Since then we have had a few problems with the connection between her liver and intestines. They said that's like hooking a sewer up to a medical lab. She is doing as well as can be expected and we take one day at a time. The night she was in ICU and I was looking at her laying there with tubes coming out of everywhere I told myself I had to do something so that other kids and parents don't have to go through what we had to.

We are going to attempt to break the world record for miles on a snowmobile in 24 hours. We are doing this to raise money and awareness for Hannah's disease. We will be holding the event on Feb 9-10 at St Germain Wisconsin. There will be a 6.5-7 miles course set up on Big St Germain. We have rented a cabin called Sandy Shores, we will have our pits set up in front of the house. We also have the ok to use the parking lot at the lodge called Fibbers.

There will be a place for the public to come out and watch and grab some great food. We have many sponsors with our main ones being HMK, Hillers Pine Haven and Happy trails RV. If you would like to sponsor us or donate anything to our auction feel free to call me anytime at 217-821-0480

If you would like to donate to our cause you can send donations to:
US BANK Hannah Shoemaker Benefit 1400 Charleston Ave Mattoon Il 61938

If you would like to talk or have any ideas feel free to give me a call at 217-821-0480 or email me at revguy1@live.com

Check out our story at www.amsnow.com or www.radarracers.com

Look for our story in cool news in next months american snowmobiler


12-11-2009, 05:42 PM
godd luck!!and hope and prayers for Hannah..