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12-15-2009, 01:52 PM
1st Annual Platteville Drift Busters Radar Run
Jan. 30, 2010 Registration opening at 10 a.m.

Racing starts 11 a.m till 4 p.m with 13 classes including kids 120cc and under class
$5 per run or 3 runs for $10 - make as many runs as you want
75% payback
Bikini Powder Puff race at 2:30 P.M.

1/8 mile track – will be prepped to run with or without snow cover

Held at: “The Barn”- 6911 Moundview Rd., Platteville, Wi 53818
Fully stocked bar, Indoor viewing of the racing, Food available: Burgers, Brats, Hot dogs, Chips
-Easily accessible from state trail. Ample parking for vehicles and trailers

For more info go to www.driftbusters.com
Contact Jeremy Johnson at lubeowner@aol.com or 608-778-8531

***Please Racers, No Alcohol until after you make your runs***

Platteville Drift Busters Radar Run Rules:

1. Top 3 fastest sleds in each class must be teched by Drift Buster’s Tech crew. If a racer has a sled that needs to be teched it is the racers responsibility to return to the registration table to pick up a Tech card. Tech Card must be signed by a Drift Busters tech official and returned to Registration before 5 p.m. Tech officials have final say.

2. Racers will be given a Bracelet when they register. Bracelet must be worn and shown to race starter in order to race. Racers with bracelets on will not be allowed to purchase alcohol. Once you are done racing you can remove your bracelet. Be careful not to remove you bracelet to early as you will not be able to get another bracelet, later in the day if you decide to run again.

3. Racers will be given 1 ticket for each run that is purchased at the registration table. This ticket must be given to the race starter. Tickets purchased in groups of 3 must all be for the same class. Racers are responsible for their tickets. Drift Busters are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

4. Classes: classes will be limited by the CC of the engine. Each CC class will have a studded and a non-studded division. Sled modifications limited to clutch and exhaust. There will be an Open Class for sleds with more modification, Nitrous allowed in open class only. Racers are allowed to race in all classes that their sled qualifies for. Classes will be: 500 and under(studded and non), 600 and under(studded and non), 700 and under(studded and non), 800 and under(studded and non), 801 and up(studded and non), Open class, Bikini Powder Puff and 120cc and under.

5. Racing: the track is going to be 1/8 mile, 660 feet single lane track. Racers should report to the race starter, give your ticket and present wristband. The Starter will give the racer the clear to start. Racer can then go when he/she is ready. Speed will be measured by hand held radar gun as the racer crosses the finish line.

6. Starting line: We have made two different starting lines. Platteville Drift Busters has the right to move the racing to the alternate starting line at or before 12p.m. In the event of a starting line change any racer that raced before the move will be given the opportunity to void their runs and rerun them.

7. Track conditions will most likely change throughout the day. Platteville Drift Busters are not responsible for any track changes that may occur.

8. Payout: 50% of registration fee for each class will be paid out to the fastest time in each class and 25% will be paid to the second fastest time. Each racer will only be allowed to use their single fastest time in each class. At 5 p.m. registration will check that winners have tech cards. If there is no tech card that racer will be scratched from the event. Payouts will be made available from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. All payouts not picked up by 7 p.m. will be mailed.

9. Each racer is required to read and sign a waiver at registration.

01-25-2010, 10:23 AM
The track was checked this morning and it held threw the rain pretty well. There are some spots in the middle that are thin. The track is 50 feet wide. I would say the middle 10 feet has the thin spots. The outside 15 feet on each side still has around a 6 - 10" base. With this rain the middle area that is thin has frozen and looks to be very fast for the studded sleds.

The track held a lot more snow than most of us thought it would. The shut down area also held the snow better then expected. Looks to be a great time.

Anyone with any questions feel free to send me an email: lubeowner@aol.com

See you all this Saturday!!!


02-04-2010, 02:58 PM
I would like to that everyone that came to the run. The turn-out was amazing. It was a great time. The track held up awesome. See you all next year, last Sat. in Jan, 2011!!!