View Full Version : Bubba and scooper in the yooper

02-19-2010, 07:38 AM
We spent most of the weekend near Crystal Falls wrenching on my darn sled while it snowed all weekend- stopped every day to fish for a couple hours- no bites- call me shlep-rock? Always good times even if only a little riding in da UP, Eh.. Found some time to fish on the Net river, boondockin virgin 2-3 feet of powder back to new lakes pullin the shanty- it makes a perfect groomer path exactly like a cross country ski trail..and heard of a local barrel or 2 fest on a local lake where the dude bought his own groomer from Ski-Brule, to drag his home-made shanty/house onto the lake for about 100+ person gig..gotta go next weekend! WHOOOHa...