View Full Version : Clubs that hold Drag Races, please read.

03-03-2010, 02:37 AM
Since 1995 the Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert RacerS, commonly known as the MASTERS Circuit has been running professional, sanctioned Snowmobile Drag Races.

Every year our drivers ask me what the chance is of getting a Drag Racing Series going. I tell them that I simply do not have the time to run more then 4 Drag Races a year.

However, if we were to get the Clubs in the Midwest that already run Drag Races, why not schedule a non-competing Drag Series. Those that are interested would get together in the summer to hammer out a CONSISTANT set of rules, a point system, and form a series WHERE EVERY RACE IN THE SERIES WIN's! We would rotate annually where the End of the Year Banquet and Awards Ceremony would take place.

I want to STRESS that I am in no way looking to take over or add a race to my MASTERS Circuit. Your club or group would continue to do everything you are doing now, we just all would work together for EVERYONE's benefit.

If you are interested, let me know.

Skip Schulz
MASTERS Racing President