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03-30-2010, 09:35 AM
This is a short clip of some light carving in an untouched meadow on our way over the top of the Continental Divide - its day 1 and right before the bigtime snow started but you can see the storm rolling in on the video that have the mountains socked in with clouds. We rode from just north of Walden, CO up and over the Divide to Steamboat Lake Outfitters for gas and then came back another way. Took us over 11 hours to do (all backcountry, no trail) - got back well after dark. Anyway, not sure about the music selection from Youtube but thats what fit the short time of the video. Also can anyone turn me onto some good video editting software for working with HD video, most of my clips are to long for Youtube or just need some editting. Thanks


03-30-2010, 01:03 PM
Love the video! Quick question: do you have to have music? Can we just hear the engine noinse (or is it too quiet to be picked up)?

(I've always wondered why so many of these videos have loud screaming audio tracks.)

03-30-2010, 09:58 PM
Absolutely sweet video!

03-31-2010, 12:18 AM
yeah no music want to hear the sled

03-31-2010, 09:55 AM
You have brought up a very good question... I debated on having music with the video's or not, especially after the choices that Youtube gave me. The issue with my video's so far is a combination of to much wind noise and the fact that I ride an E-tec. You may ask what does an E-tec have to do with it? They are freakin' quiet, even at full throttle. Then you ask, why not put a can on it? Well that is actually a good question that I haven't gotten to try and answer for myself. I have had a brand new MBRP can in my basement since early february and I have not tried it on my machine yet, both trips where I was gonna try it on my sled were west trips and I didn't want to have any unexpected problems with either performance or failure. Any dealer I have talked to says do not mess with anything on the E-Tec's and when I ask the question on various forums I get a 75% say don't mess and 25% say the MBRP can worked fine. One thing that everyone agreed on was that the MBRP can is the only one to try. I WILL get it on my sled to see for myself but it won't be this season, my sled is turning into a full blown project custom build.

Now lets address the wind noise problem. After my Colorado trip I noticed that wind noise was going to be an issue and I knew that I was going back out west soon after getting home. I called Vholdr to ask them how to combat this issue and they said either turn down the mic gain or put a band-aid over the mic pickup hole. Turning down the gain wasn't an option so I was gonna try the band-aid thing. Well my stupid a** waited until I was on the mountain, pulled a band-aid out of the first aid kit and proceeded to look for the mic pickup hole. Couldn't find the little bugger anywhere, tried to contact Vholdr the next day and had to leave a message and didn't here back until I got home. The freakin mic pickup is under the sticker on the bottom of the camera toward the front by the LED light, DAH. Under the sticker, no wonder I couldn't find it. Well next trip I will definetly have a band-aid over the pickup and they said do not remove the sticker, just put the pad part of a band-aid right over the sticker and cover up the mic pickup hole area.

I do have some video's were the wind noise was not as much of an issue so if they ever go on Youtube they won't have music over the sled noise. Trust me I would much rather have the Braaapp, Braaaapp on my video's but so far my little E-Tec just ain't got it.

03-31-2010, 11:19 PM
if theirs all ready a sticker cant see a bandaid helping much anyway lets see some vids