View Full Version : St. Germain Drag Racing Jan 23, 2011

01-07-2011, 06:53 PM
We are excited to inform everyone of the latest happenings with the January 23rd drag race in St Germain,WI on Little St Germain Lake. Skip Schulz of the MASTERS racing series is going to announce that the St Germain race will be joined in his series as the second of now four races! The first is taking place in Merrill, WI January 8, 2011, followed by St Germain, then Sidnaw, MI Feb. 12 and then Munising,MI March 6. The St Germain race will be the only ice race, the rest packed snow races. Details can be seen for those other races on www.mastersracing.net . As of now, if you are racing for points and payout at the end of the season, we will hold back 30% of winnings from those participants only. All others will get 100% of winnings. Keep track of registration requirements and rules. MASTERS does have some additional rules and generally run 500-525' tracks, St Germain Will problably run 660'. Tethers will ALWAYS be required, snell 2005 or european equivalent will become requiered and safety vests, well guys and gals, get em, they will be required. If you show up without a WORKING tether, sorry. Not our rules, insurance rules.
Those going to Merrill Saturday, good luck. Registration at this point is Friday night at 7 pm only and Skip will cut registrations off at 15 per class. NO registering on Saturday of the race in Merrill (except maybe vintage). Heard the track is good, they heaped all the neighboring snow on the track last week while it was raining and then it froze! should be interesting! (May need to cart sleds over some bare ground). Hope to see you there!

Still looking for who is thinking of coming and looking for more sponsors, from money to gift certificates.
Again we follow the St Germain Radar Racers radar run friday and saturday, www.radarracers.com with a bikini run for breast cancer proceeds and a grocery cart race. E-mail any questions or reservations to the drag race at stgermaindragracers@yahoo.com.