View Full Version : UP 1-18 through 1-22

01-23-2011, 11:17 PM
Put on 670 miles in 3 days.

Trails were great all across the area from Lake Gogebic to houghton it didn't matter which direction u went the trails were flat everywere, and the groomers really did a nice job. Especially the keeweenaw groomers there by far one of the best out there by far trail 3 is awesome all the time u can just smoke all the way. Excellent conditions and very cold temps u can't ask for a better combination. THINK SNOW! Can't wait to come back up in mid febuary.

01-23-2011, 11:24 PM
more pics

firecat boy
01-24-2011, 08:56 AM
nice pics soon there will be four sleds in there and weres dale

01-24-2011, 09:32 AM
Nice pictures I can't wait to get up der in da UP 10 more days.

01-25-2011, 08:51 PM
The big LG,wow I remember the first time on that pond about 4 yrs ago,that thing is crazy big-pined 4 what felt like 20 minutes !...nice pics - nice cats !

01-26-2011, 04:00 PM
Thanks Think SNOWWWWW!!!

01-26-2011, 07:51 PM
I would say you are totally right about the trails. My friend and I were up and did a backpack trip from Gogebic to copper and the trails were smooth. We hit 5 miles of minor stutters and that was it. They have been doing an awesome job of grooming. Not many people with the games going on.

01-27-2011, 12:24 PM
Yep, can't wait to go back up in mid feburary the trails should even be better than.