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01-25-2011, 03:44 PM
Re: IRACE Cross Country Racing
January 18, 2011
The Monster/IRACE series will be holding 2 Cross Country races in Feb., 2011. IRACE has been promoting Moto-X for 10 yrs. and Sno-X for 8 yrs. With cross country racing growing in popularity and some sno-x racers crossing over into cross country racing, IRACE decided to hold a couple races this yr.
The 2 cross country races will tied into the sno-x season points for those who do both. Anyone who competes in 3 sno-x races and the 2 cross country events will be eligible for an addition award deemed “ The Ironman”. Both races will consist of long races without sno-x jumps. The only jumps/bumps are what forms during the race.
Race # 1 will be held at Summit Lake Game Farm south of Hayward,Wi. On Feb.5. The course will consist of logging roads, fields, power lines which will make up a 11 mile course. Classes will race 1-5 laps depending on the class.
Race # 2 will be held in Mercer,Wi at the Turtle Flambeau Flowage. In the past races were held there and Mercer was one of the favorite locations. Irace will be holding the only cross country races in Wisc. And close to southern Minnesota as well. Classes will be offered for everything from Mini sleds up to Pro. Novice/Trail classes will be offered for those who are new or inexperienced riders and those who want to bring out there trail sleds. In addition, there will be “Sprint” classes offered for race sleds with the smaller gas tanks. These classes will race 2-3 shorter races instead of completing the race at one time.
IRACE will be carrying over it’s “fun affordable racing” theme into cross country. Transponders won’t be required and riders can purchase a daily membership, instead of having to purchase a season membership. Other fees are will be lower to get new people into racing as well. No pre-registration is required, all registration done on site the morning of event.
For more info:
Website: www.iraceatv.com
Forum: www.glqra.com (under IRACE series)
Phone (715)372-8806 - Terry

02-17-2011, 08:35 AM
Mercer race is still ON. The flowage still has plenty of snow and race will all be on the lake. Trucks still parking on lake. Pit parking will be on land though. Racers will be parking on Popko Circle Road and race will be in front of The Hideaway.
Might be the last chance to ride!! Or just come and watch.

02-17-2011, 10:28 AM
So how did the course hold up in Hayward? I dont think my Assault would hang on the ice in Mercer this weekend... but you got me a couple buddies thinking of back in the day of when we had CC racing in Wisconsin, before the DNR & insurance took the fun away.... now if you can just get a couple more CC races we'll be buying some short tracks again!

02-17-2011, 01:13 PM
Course held up fairly well, got rough towards end and some spots with no snow left but there was ice underneath.
Bring the Assault out for the Trail class. Especially if you like it rough. If Mercer goes well we will see about more next yr. Hayward was a little shy of the entries we need to keep it going. I believe there's room for another XC series that runs races closer to Wisc., Mich.
We had some USCC guys come to Hayward and they had nothing but good things to say.
I will hold it if they will come.