View Full Version : Decent people in the U.P.

12-17-2013, 10:22 AM
I just wanted to thank an individual who I purchased a sled from last saturday. I am not going to name him but he is a member on here. The short story is I was up in Houghton riding with my son and a few other fathers and sons and I came across a sled for sale on the side of the road. I agreed on a price and made the purchase, the only problem is I only had a own payment and the banks were closed so a wire transfer was out of the question. Needless to say the seller let me take the sled and trusted me to pay him on monday, which I did via wire transfer. Where I live trust is virtually non existent and up in the U.P., people are definitely more trustworthy and friendlier. Not only did the seller make my trip he made my sons as well. Thanks again. That is one of the many reasons that I love coming up there on vacation.

12-17-2013, 01:07 PM
A mans word is bound by a handshake, that is something that many if not most of us here in the U.P. were brought up to know. Yes, we are trusting people, but cautiously trusting. Glad to hear that your trip was made by the hospitality, friendliness & trustworthy that reside here, just don't piss us off, ;)LOL!-Mezz

12-17-2013, 05:23 PM
In today's age it is nice to be trusted, keep in mind I live in a city with a couple million people. I trust hardly anyone down here.

12-18-2013, 05:29 AM
Now you understand why 25 years ago we fell in love with the place, the UP, and 12 years ago bought a house in the UP. It is not just for the skiing, and the trails they groom every day and twice on Saturday... It is the people... I have my cars repaired there, and rent extra sleds there, and eat out a lot there... because of the people and their businesses... the honestly, the openness, and the hospitality... We feel safe ... and welcome.

My daughter met her husband here and now they both live and work here too. God willing, I will retire here. Not in the land of sun and sand, but here in the land of LES!